How The Dutch Giant (7.2 ft/2.18m) gained 70 kg in 8 years

How The Dutch Giant (7.2 ft/2.18m) gained 70 kg in 8 years

You are so small next to him! – Another one? Awsome. Yes. No problem. I’m Olivier, nice to meet you. Can l I try to lift you up? You are so tall. It’s unbelievable Did you get it? Could you lift me up? – Sure. On my shoulder? Can I feel your arm? Oh my God! Jesus!

100 thoughts on “How The Dutch Giant (7.2 ft/2.18m) gained 70 kg in 8 years

  1. Just imagine the length of his penis. I mean Im 6 foot 11 and my ex girlfriends called me White nigger. So he must be monstrous, I wonder if women find that attractive?

  2. I am 6 foot 10 and the women love it.
    Im about 100 KG.
    I used to feel akward but for me it was similiar as for him.
    Since I gained muscle I also gained confidence and get perceived very well by the females. The males however often get intimitated and jealous. All the tall People, get your Body healthy and the women will love you. =) I can also do splits and Dance very well, so I really am in super shape.

  3. Hasn't any doctor picked up on the fact that this guy has marfan syndrome? The photo of when he was 19 is classic. He needs to be scanned for heart defects immediately. I once asked a surgeon if body building would help my chest deformity and he said he had no evidence either way but though it could make it worse. Years later I started exercising and my chest improved dramatically.

  4. This guy just reminds me of the golden era of bodybuilding…
    Where bodybuilders used to look like Greek gods instead of muscle monsters

  5. This guy i eat 200 gms of chiken 100 gms of vegetables
    Me : 😋 this tastes good this is my morning breakfast for today

  6. His constant commenting on “ I have to eat Again” seemed quite caveman like. I know it is not the case, but I wouldn’t want my entire day to be about eating, perhaps gaming,,,lol

  7. Tenía que ser holandés se especula se dice que es la gente más alta del mundo 😱😱😱😱😱😁😁😁😁😁😁

  8. sorry..just a question did ya eva hit your head over the door bars..maan i think u better put some foam or sumtin am pretty concern bro….and whats you age bro? love & peace from malaysia

  9. i have to say at the fist clip showing people passing by, there seem to be alot of tall people all around him, they are all dwarfed by him but still most of this dude's there look like 6'3 6'5

  10. 25 pounds per year.. for 7 years… steroids? If so. He is bad example. Ask Rich Piana.. leading thousands to destroy their hearts and livers.. their health. Creating false expectations. We work out four health. Don't we?

  11. Do not get up at night to eat something like cottage cheese or anything. At night your digestive enzymes not working im the middle of the night also if you are sleeping dont force your self to get up just sleep try to recover and save the food in the morning and for the rest of the day.

  12. It's true, i am 205 cm tall and own a Chevrolet Captiva. Bigger SUV's and huge pick – up's are too small inside, since they have e.g. a huge hydraulic control box under the steering wheel, so no leg – room.

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