How the Australian business community is responding to the NBN review

July 3, 2021 0 Comments

Business analysts are struggling to come up with a consensus on the NBN’s future, but many are calling for a fresh look at the rollout of the fibre-to-the-node network.

Key points:Businesses are divided over the NBN and how the rollout is goingThe community is divided over how the NBN should be runThe report has warned the NBN will be “worse than a failing system” if it’s left without any supportThe report by the Australian Communications and Media Authority (ACMA) has identified the needs of the Australian economy as “fundamentally different” to the country’s current infrastructure and recommends a fresh review of the rollout.

Key factsThe report identifies two areas of concern: the need for a robust infrastructure plan, and the need to invest in broadband, the NBN said in a statement.

“There is an urgent need for more investment in broadband infrastructure to enable businesses to provide a robust and seamless customer experience, while also supporting growth and jobs,” the ACMA’s chairman, Chris Packer, said in the statement.”[The] infrastructure and support needs of businesses must be addressed to meet the needs and challenges of our digital age.”

If we do not invest in the infrastructure and digital support needed to support our digital economy, then businesses will not be able to compete in the digital economy.

“Mr Packer said there were many examples of businesses struggling to attract customers and that there were “significant challenges in the delivery of the broadband and wireless infrastructure”.”

In many cases, these challenges may have been solved with the deployment of a fibre-optic cable or fibre-based telecommunications infrastructure,” he said.”

This is not the case with the rollout and rollout of broadband.””

This has a negative impact on business and is also a potential cause for concern as to the long-term viability of the NBN.

“The report’s recommendations include:A full review of all existing and future infrastructure and service, including the rollout, and of the delivery and support of broadband and communications services.

A full audit of all NBN projects, including any costs associated with the cost of infrastructure.

A review of how the Government’s NBN policy is impacting on the delivery, delivery and service of the Government-owned NBN, and its plans for the future.”

The Government should ensure the Government has a plan for the rollout that addresses the needs, challenges and opportunities of the future, in a manner that supports the Australian community, the economy and the broader Australian community,” the report said.

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