How Often Should You Take Breaks From Working Out? – Workouts For Older Men

How Often Should You Take Breaks From Working Out? – Workouts For Older Men

Hello, Hello, Hello, guys! Welcome to this
live broadcast. Welcome to Workouts For Older Men LIVE. I am Skip La Cour. I’m so
glad you are here joining me. Hey! When you come on to this live broadcast, make
sure that you say hello. Tell me where you’re watching me from. I want to
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during this live broadcast, certainly afterwards, whether it’s a couple hours
afterwards, couple minutes afterwards, or a couple days or weeks, I always want to
acknowledge you for being here. I feel so privileged and I’m flattered that you
would even take the time to listen to what I have to say. If you are watching
me on a replay version, maybe on my YouTube channel, that’s great too. Post
your comments, your questions, your suggestions down below. We’ve got so
many new subscribers to my YouTube channel…welcome! Welcome. And one thing, I
know that when you’re on YouTube, you’re scrolling for answers to your questions,
you see a great title on one of my videos and then you see me talking like
this, right “hey, just came for the answer”. I get it you’re searching on Google,
you’re searching on YouTube for your answers, hey this is a show that I do and I
want you to come along too, in addition to just get the facts, get the answers to
your questions. Hey let’s connect. A lot of times whether it’s with our training
in life, we know what to do, it’s just we got to have our mind right. We’ve got to be
motivated to do what we know and this is why I do this show. This type of
connection, just two men going through the journey of life, a little bit older,
right putting fitness more of a priority, a higher priority in our lives and
it’s just going through the journey. Just this continual connection and that’s why
I do these lives. I’ve got plenty of ‘just the facts’, ‘just the answers to your
question’ on my youtube channel, so you can scroll
down there too. Again, don’t want to get you frustrated if you came here just for
answers, scroll ahead and you’ll get to the answers to the topic that I’m
talking about. In this video, I want to talk about how much rest you should take,
how much as far as like days off, and then you go for a stretch of time, maybe a
week off of training to rest, recovery. We hear about how rest and recovery is so
important, especially when you’re a little bit older.
Right, the training tips that I give, the advice, the mindset, training, eating,
the total package. I really specialize in helping you if you”re a
little bit older, got a busy, productive life, putting it all together. It’s a
different mindset as you know we have a different mindset at this age than when
we were younger. And a lot of information that we’re that we’re getting
out there, it’s designed maybe for those men who are all in, they’ve got all this time
is dedicate to their fitness, a little bit younger. It’s a lot different for us.
I cater to you and me. Here I am at 56 years old. I’m catering to the way WE
need our information delivered to make it work for us. Again, I’m so glad you’re
here. In this video, I want to talk about how much time you should take out of the
gym to rest and recover because we hear that’s so important. All right, hey this
weekend I want you to reach out to me. If you’ve been watching my live videos,
maybe my recorded videos, and this message is connecting with you. There’s a
real good reason why I spent so much time connecting with you. 10, 15 minutes, I
talk to men just like you, a little bit older, busy, productive life, all
throughout the day, all throughout my week. That gives me the topics to talk
about. Helps me connect with you know, maybe the way I’m looking at it is much
different than yours. Helps me better be a better a teacher and a coach and helps
me connect with you. 10 or 15 minutes, you going through these challenges, right?
You’re going through all the information, so much information overload, so much
confusion, so much conflicting information! Look, I’ve been in your shoes.
I am in your shoes. I’ve got a different way of looking at it. I get it. Right, I talk to
men just like us! You’re going through it alone. Use me! Right, I can give you
clarity and confidence moving forward and make sense of all this in probably 10 or 15
minutes. So I want you to reach out to me. I have a link down below:, that link is down below. I want you play all out.
I want you to tell me where you are right now. What are your biggest challenges?
What do you want to accomplish? What have you tried in the past? Tell me how it all
blends in with your busy, productive life. Because it does. It does all tie-in.
Play all out. When you fill that out, I’m gonna reach out to you. First by a text
because I want to call you on the phone, I want you to know that that call from
the 925 area code, that’s from me. So I’ll start off with a text just to let
you know. And let me know a good time to talk to you. And then I’ll set that up, 10
or 15 minutes, I do this absolutely free. I want to help you break through your
confusion, frustration and overwhelm. So fill out that questionnaire, play all out.
If I see that you play out, I’m gonna reach out to you, all right? So fill out
that questionnaire, that link is down below. Also thank you so much, we started
a little journey together, right? I know you’re getting this information,
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Make sure you ‘like’ that Facebook page too. Thank you so much, I want to supply
ALL your needs, your health and fitness needs, hell your LIFE needs, right the
mindset is so important. So thank you so much for going to, and supporting
my efforts here. Again, I want to help you become the total package. So let’s talk
about this! All right how much time should you take out of the gym? You’re
working hard, you know you, look I understand. We have busy, productive lives.
We’ve got more things on our plate than just training and working out,
although we’re passionate we want to take our fitness to a higher level at
this age, we MUST do it at this age. Right, but we’ve got a busy, productive life. I
really specialize, I cater to you, if you got a lot of things on your plate. I have
a lot of things on my plate, I think if you’ve been watching these videos you know
that too. Right, how much I show up. Right, there’s a different mindset when you’re
managing a lot of things, you’re busy productive life, your business, your
family, right? So I know that a lot of times you’re in your patterns and you
just don’t want to take days off. You want to just keep on going.
You have your structure and that’s great too if that’s sustainable for you.
Sometimes you can’t even get going, “yeah days off? Skip, I can’t even get in a
pattern at all!” All right, well a lot of times when you want to go forever and
you don’t have scheduled breaks, that can make the the whole challenge
overwhelming. When do you start and when do you get off? All right, what I suggest is that
you take a complete week out of gym. And I know some of you guys going “what are you
talking about? The gym is my therapy, right it’s my structure!” Right, but you want to go in
sprints right rather than an endless marathon. You want a scheduled time out
of the gym, no matter how great you’re going or how inconsistent you’re going.
I suggest every 8 to 10 weeks all right now let me explain this to you. You can
take a complete week off in week 8, 9, or 10. Any one of those are great.
Because I know you have business trips scheduled, you get off course, you got
your family or some things come up. And I want you to feel like you’re winning. You’ve
got to setup the game like you’re winning even with scheduling these days
off. A system that works. A system that you know you’re winning. All right, so if
you’re training hard and it’s you’re coming to that finishing that 8th
week off and you want to keep on going, that is fine too. Go to week 9, go to
week 10, but make sure you take a week off and you you recharge. I’m coming off a period where I’m recharging and and I needed that. You need that too, no matter
how structured you are in your pattern you’ll you’ll understand that the harder
you go it’s gonna wain. You want to take those days off, I know for some of you
that’s that’s tough, for some of you it’s really welcome. But you can win whether
you take it on week 8, 9 or 10. Each one depending on your life, you
want to have some flexibilities, right? That nuance in life, right? Sometimes we
can’t go black and white getting some of these black and white answers out there.
But you want to take that time off and if you’re saying I don’t deserve time
off I can’t even get structured, right? Right? Well, sprinting to week week eight
or just lasting “if I can just go two more weeks” it’s coming in with a plan
and not just making an endless marathon when it comes to taking that time off.
You want a sprint, rest, sprint, rest and not just rest your body, which is so
important when you’re a little bit older. You also want to rest your mind, get your life
organized because it all ties in. Alright if you’re loving this information, you’re a
little bit older, right and you’re loving this information, I want you to fill out
that questionnaire with that link that I have down below at That link is down below. Fill out
that questionnaire, I want to talk to you. Play all out, fill out that
questionnaire thoroughly. I read literally hundreds of those. I know who plays all
out. If you want to get that text and then that phone call from me then I want
you to play all out. This is serious. Right, in these 10 or 15 minutes I could set
you just clear and focused if you’re loving our continual connection and the
little bits you’re getting from our live videos in this connection.
Alright, so fill out that questionnaire again thank you so much. Visit the website. Hey, place your order for creatine monohydrate Malformation Labs’ simple, pure, effective, proven, creatine monohydrate helps you
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I always want to give you more value. Again, and also
make sure you ‘like’ the Manformation Labs Facebook page and that’s at, all right guys all right so that’s gonna do it
for today. Hey we got to take on the day with a sense of urgency we
got to take care of our health our fitness, the training, eating but also we
got to take care of our family, we’ve got to produce for our business, we got more
time behind us than we do in front of us at this age. We’ve got to just lean in! Live with
that sense of passion, live with that sense of urgency. I want to go through
that journey with you that’s why I have these live broadcasts all the time.
Again, more time behind us than we do in front of us when we are a little bit
older. Gotta live with that sense of urgency. All right, so have a great day, have an
outstanding day, have an awesome day! Think big and think bigger than getting

19 thoughts on “How Often Should You Take Breaks From Working Out? – Workouts For Older Men

  1. with all due respect could you please go straight to the point?, you do the same in every video you upload,say the same things and leave the information that you advertise to the last few minutes.i know you mean well but that is a little bit annoying.I value the tips you give anyway.

  2. Good morning! Listening your information and trying to get back in shape. Do you usually do triceps and biceps on the same day? Or triceps with chest? Have a great weekend!

  3. Paul from South Bend, IN. Skip thank you for the call, the inspiration and the tips. I’m down 36.4 pounds and about to see the 200’s for the first time sense college! I’m β€œthinking big and thinking bigger!!”

  4. Good video Skip . Would you recommend looking at your mass machine workouts or manformation workouts?
    Also , is training a muscle group once a week enough to grow and see results ?
    Thanks for all the helpful videos πŸ‘

  5. Hey skip I’m 56 years old and I had a triple heart bypass 18 years ago (2001). Never hit the gym cause my doctor told me not to. But I reached a point were my body is screaming β€œworkout!” dude get fit. For the past year I have been hitting the gym with light full body and isolation workouts alternately. I see very little improvements in muscle growth is there a workout routine that you can suggest? I’m not aiming at having huge muscles like your just hard and fit. I know that I cannot lift heavyweights cause that could lead to a heart attack or cardiac arrest. I a skinny guy 5’8 150 lbs.

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