How I learnt the Muscle Up | Basic Strength, Progressions and Transition

How I learnt the Muscle Up | Basic Strength, Progressions and Transition

Hey guys, welcome back to another video. Today I will share with you how i learned
the muscle up. If you have been watching my other videos
closely, you will see that I have gone from not doing a single muscle to doing eight of
them within a year. So I think I have some insight into how to
progress quickly in this move. Most people think that they cant do a muscle
up because they don’t know how to do the transition. But that is not true, for myself, I only trained
specifically for the transition when I was trying to learn the false grip muscle up and
the ring muscle up. For beginners, you should focus on pulling
or kipping as high as you can so you have enough momentum to skip the transition entirely. that is exactly what i did during my first
muscle up. The real thing that you need to worry about
is whether it is strength or skill that is keeping you from doing your first muscle up. If you can already do 20 pull ups in a row,
then it is skill that’s keeping you. To put things into perspective, I was only
able to do 10 pull ups when I did my first muscle up. So 10 pull ups is a good place to start. If you still cant do 10 pull ups, I suggest
you do the every minute on the minute method to increase your max pull up to 10 reps. In this method, you do 2 pull ups at the start
of the minute and rest, and another 2 pull up at the start of the following minute. Do this until you reach 30 to 40 pull ups. And you can do this on a daily basis. I used exactly this method to increase my
pull up from 3 reps to 8 reps. For those who can already do 10 pull ups,
you should stop training your max reps because getting from 10 pull ups to 15 or even 20
pull ups is a matter of endurance. To do your first muscle up, you should be
training your power and not your endurance. So how should you traing for the power needed
for a muscle up? The answer is High pull up, and I mean high
quality, high pull up. And they are pull ups that reach at least
your chest. And more importantly, your last rep should
ideally be as high as your first rep. I found 2 reps per set the optimal number
for training high pull ups. Rest for 3 mins per set and do 5-7 sets of
these high pull ups. There is no point doing 8 high pull ups in
a row when you can barely touch the bar with your chest on the 4th rep onwards. Once you can confidently do two chest to bar
high pull ups, it is a sign that you already have enough power to attempt the muscle up. This is where you will need some kipping skills. Here is the progression I suggest you follow. This is an explosive knee raises. Swing yourself forward and when you feel you’re
about to swing backwards, do a knee raise as fast as you can. The more explosively you are the higher you
can shoot yourself upwards. Make sure your feet are always in front of
your hips and aim to do 5 to 7 reps each set. Now do the same thing with a semi pull up
with bent arms and u should be able to pull yourself even higher. Try to imagine urself doing a lat pull down
instead of a pull up. Now try to hop on the bar and pull as hard
as you can and you should be able to do your first kipping muscle up 🙂 So thank you for watching this video. If you like it, please dont forget to subscribe
to my channel . You can also check out my instagram where I post my workout routines
and programs. See you soon.

20 thoughts on “How I learnt the Muscle Up | Basic Strength, Progressions and Transition

  1. Thanks for this Jamie! My current pull up rep max is 6, so I'll start working to get it up to 10 and then move on to high pull ups.

    I have a question. How long did it take you to get your first muscle up?

  2. I don't know mate, I can do 13 pull ups in a row and I can pull up till my lower chest but I can never find the right moment to do the transition and if I do I end up doing a chicken wing muscle up with one hand first, I reall don't know what to do.

  3. Nice video bro! 💪 I struggle to believe that the voiceover is your voice though 😅 haha maybe it's just me!

  4. I was stuck at trying the explosive pullups over and over again, but this video give me a hella lot of motivation to mastering the muscle up this summer!! How many times a week do you suggest to train explosive pullups?

  5. Great video! I'm 3 months into a bodyweight program I've gained a lot of strength and muscle. Month 4 calls for muscle ups and i thought maybe im not strong enough, but your video gave me assurance. I can do 10 pull ups no problem now. I realize its my explosiveness and skill that needs improvement. Thanks keeo up the quality content!

  6. Thanks for putting this together! I have been looking forward to it since you mentioned it was in the works. Definitely going to try these methods and let you know how it works out. Keep up the great work!

  7. Hi, very good info on the emoms. I got 1 question u recomend to do these 2rep high pullups emoms everyday before the workout? I train everyday basics sometimes endurance sometimes weighted .I can do the kip muscle up not the strikt one.

  8. Hey I cant do more than about 4 good form slow pull ups to my chest and i can do the chicken wing muscle up. I wish I could do 10 perfect form controlled pull ups.

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