How do you Change your brain and change your life // 5 simple steps to rewire your brain

How do you Change your brain and change your life // 5 simple steps to rewire your brain

today you’ll learn five simple steps to
change your brain so that you can start living the life that you want hey there coach Tyler here from now in addition to diet and exercise the mindset is one of our core
pillars at Warrior Made you see in order to transform your body you need to take
inventory and control of your thoughts which is why today is all about your
brain and did you know that your brain is like plastic and because of something
called neuroplasticity you’re able to rewire your brain to think new thoughts
and to form new habits let that really sink in for a moment your thoughts and
habits aren’t fixed which means out with the old and in with the new now in order
to change your unhealthy thought patterns and behaviors first you have to
understand your brains relationship to stress you see when stress enters the
picture your body produces extra cortisol also known as your stress
hormone now cortisol triggers your limbic system and the limbic system is
the part of your brain that signals your fight flight and freeze response which
when activated causes you to make choices that make you feel safe and
comfortable but which may not be the healthiest for you for example
overeating drinking alcohol and binge watching TV can feel soothing but when
you use them as regular coping mechanisms they can lead to weight gains
and even health issues down the line so how can you change those old patterns
and make better choices when stress shows up I’m glad you asked let’s dig
into five simple steps to rewiring your brain step 1 identify your triggers okay the first step to changing your brain is
understanding what stresses you out as you build an awareness of your stress
patterns start small and try to think of something simple in your life that gets
that cortisol flowing maybe it’s sitting in traffic or a messy
house step two how does the stress feel in
your body next just notice how your body feels
when that stressful event occurs I bet even just thinking about it for just a
moment will give you some insight here do you feel your chest tightening do you
feel like you’re freezing up anything you discover is okay just notice how the
stress presents itself in your body but don’t let yourself get stuck here just
notice step 3 identify how you respond to stress all
right now think about how you usually react when this stress arises do you
lash out in anger does your brain fill with negative thoughts *negative thoughts* okay again just keep noticing these habits because they are the ones we’re
going to re-wire step 4 choose a new way now here’s where your true grit
comes in because to change your old habits you need to choose healthier ways
to respond to stress but when those grooves in your brain have done
something over and over again the same way for years shifting gears take some
real awareness and discipline the goal here is to pause for long enough in the
situation that you can deactivate your fight flight or freeze mechanism and
make a healthier choice from your prefrontal cortex the part of your brain
that’s responsible for making clear decisions so maybe if you’re frozen with
overwhelm in front of those dishes you can do something a little different than
you’ve done in the past and wake yourself up a bit
in order to make healthier choices step 5 practice that new way
which leads us to the last step practicing the new ways you’ve created
now you don’t have to spray yourself with cold water each time you want to
change your unhealthy habit but really practice that pause and examine what
healthier choices do exist for you also don’t be hard on yourself if you can’t
quite take a new path every time it’s a process which over time will lead to
making better choices that are aligned with meeting your body transformation
goals and staying on track to living a sustainably healthy life all right with these
five simple steps you’ll be on your way to creating a new brain one that’s more
aligned with who you’re trying to become now if you’re looking for other ways to
access the healthier version of yourself click the link below we can learn more
about the diet and exercise program that we’ve created to help you live a
healthier life and while obviously partial to the system we’ve created we
really just encourage you to find whatever healthy habits in addition to
brain retraining that work well for your body now if you want more of these
healthy lifestyle tips via YouTube be sure to hit the subscribe button and
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ours comes out also feel free to drop us a comment about your experiences
retraining your brain in times of stress thanks for watching and I’ll see you

7 thoughts on “How do you Change your brain and change your life // 5 simple steps to rewire your brain

  1. Excellent video!

    This is generally so overlooked in diet and exercise channels.

    I am a classic "comfort " eater. It's my go too when I am stressed.

    You a dead right, that "PAUSE' is an essential and you have just reminded me how much hitting that mental reset button is.

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