HOURGLASS AB WORKOUT – 3 Exercises for a small waist

HOURGLASS AB WORKOUT – 3 Exercises for a small waist

– In today’s video, I’m
filming from the beautiful Votsalaki Resort in Mykinos, Greece. I’m gonna be showing you
the three best exercises for a small waist that you can do at home with no equipment. I’m also gonna be showing you the amazing healthy breakfast that
they have made for me so you can see how I stay
healthy when I’m on vacation. (upbeat techno music) – [Holly] Okay guys, welcome
to the top three exercises to get a smaller waist. So the first that we’re going into is the classic but the all time favorite. The vacuum exercise. So for this movement, all you wanna do is you wanna inhale as much as you can. Really suck that navel into your spine. And then you wanna exhale
out very, very slowly, pushing out your stomach as you go. So what you wanna do, you wanna breath in, nice and slowly. You wanna contract those muscles. And then you wanna exhale, again, nice and slowly, and
slowly stop contracting your ab muscles. Now what this is gonna
do, it’s just gonna help to really get into those
deep muscles in your stomach, which is gonna help to get
you a nice small waist. So we’re just gonna do a couple of reps together here, guys. (upbeat techno music) So breathe in. That’s it, as much as you can, really suck that navel in. And then you wanna exhale nice and slowly. In, and then nice and slowly out. (upbeat techno music) Let’s inhale in… And then exhale nice and slow. (upbeat techno music) Inhale in. And exhale. (upbeat techno music) Do that again, inhale. And exhale. Excellent guys. Now for the next move, one of my favorites is we’re just gonna be
turning to the side, and we’re literally just
gonna move our ribcage back and forth in a diagonal position. So you really wanna make sure that you’re not moving your hips and you’re just literally
moving your ribcage. Let’s switch sides. Let’s do it again. So keep that navel sucked in, only move that ribcage. Keep those hips nice and still. (upbeat techno music) Excellent. Let’s go back again. So, one, two, three, four. That’s it, guys, keep going. (upbeat techno music) Let’s switch sides, same movement here. Just move that ribcage. (upbeat techno music) Fantastic work, guys. Now we’re gonna come down onto the floor and we’re just gonna
do some side crunches, but with something additional extra. So all you’re gonna do is you’re gonna be laying
slightly twisted on your side, legs crossed over, and you’re just gonna crunch up, so down, and up and down. Up, down, really make
sure that you are really crunching as you come up. Make sure you’re keeping those
muscles nice and engaged. Now you’re just gonna
switch over straight away and work on lifting those legs up and down. For balance and support, bring
one hand in front of you, the other hand nice and stretched out. Repeat again, so crunch
up, down, up, down. That’s it, keep going. We’re just doing 10 of these and then we’re gonna go
back to those leg lifts. (upbeat techno music) And then leg lift, two three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. Amazing work, guys. Let’s switch over straight
away onto the other side. So let’s start with those side crunches. Ten of those again. So you wanna come crunch up and down. That’s it, keep going (upbeat techno music) Make sure to exhale every single crunch. (upbeat techno music) Let’s go into those leg lifts. So up, down, up, down. Make sure you have some additional support with that hand in front. Back to those crunches, guys. (upbeat techno music) And then those leg lifts. (upbeat techno music) Amazing work, guys, and
well done for completing the three exercises for a small waist. I hope you really did enjoy this. And don’t forget I would start up again with about 12 to 15 reps per exercise and work your way up. – So if you guys liked this video, and the beautiful view
from the Votsalaki Resort, then don’t forget to hit that
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check out the quiz below. Now I wanna turn it over to you. Which one out of these three exercises did you prefer the most? Let me know in the comments below. (upbeat music)

100 thoughts on “HOURGLASS AB WORKOUT – 3 Exercises for a small waist

  1. Boy oh boy!…. don't I love your body Holly😍👌….. I'm currently working on my waist actually….using your three day challenge video…. I'll incorporate this one as well see how it goes…..I love what you do😘

  2. You are in heaven ah!
    Nice routine, thank you very much:)
    Hey beautiful I’ll be there next week,can’t wait 😊 to enjoy this incredible place.

  3. those leg lifts are harder than they look! I've been working out 5-6 days a week for 8 years, I have done Zumba and currently pilates is my fave. my point is the struggle is real w those leg lifts people! 😂

  4. Very good session today. The last exercise with the side crunch and the legs lift was the best. The one I couldn’t do was the first breathing movement, couldn’t figure out when I should breathe or contract, maybe you can do a video only on those with more detailed instructions. Thank you.


  6. Ahhh in love with your videos! Looking gorgeous as ever! I know it’s different for the individual, but can anyone recommend me about the number of workout videos a day I should do to see results? I’m 5 foot 2 weighing 110 pounds. I’d like to just tone up a bit more and get more lean.

  7. Hey againnn❤️I would like you to show us a workout routine for inner and outer thighs, underbutt!!!I would really appreciate thatt💖Have a nice dayy:)

  8. I want who ever needs to hear this to know, no matter how much some of us will never look exactly like her, and thats okay! Everyone has different body types and that shouldn’t be your goal. Your goal should be to have the healthiest body most beautiful body YOU can have and still love yourself remembering looks can only take you so far and last for so long. Be happy with the amazing person you are today!

  9. Hi Holley ! Thanks so much for this fantastic video from Greece !
    To answer your question I liked all the exercises ! And an upper body video would also be great !💕

  10. Im trying to get into shape before I have shoulder surgery. I've lost 10 lbs already thanks to your videos. ❤ I just wish I could do more of your ab workouts, a lot of them require functioning arms.

  11. Thank you so much for the tips Holly!! You and your workouts helped me to de-stuck my body from losing old fat (gained years ago)
    C’mon guys!! It’s hard but doable!! (If I could, anyone can, seriously)
    I followed only Holly’s workouts since March, and they WORK

  12. Really like the side crunches but I was told that will make your body look boxy? Your waist is so small your pants don't even hold at the seams…. great video

  13. Hi, you have a lot of ab videos for what I guess could be called normal situations/conditions. I have diastasis rectai (umbilical hernia) from the birth of my second child. Would love to see a safe ab exercise video for this kind of condition. 😉

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