Home Abs Workout Blitz!! – Part 4 – Get 6 Pack Abs

Home Abs Workout Blitz!! – Part 4 – Get 6 Pack Abs

25 thoughts on “Home Abs Workout Blitz!! – Part 4 – Get 6 Pack Abs

  1. Thanks man! And it's just the start….big things coming to AthLEAN-X which means even bigger things for you guys watching. Stay tuned and thanks for the post

  2. Athlean-X is also a 90 day program, however, this program is geared specifically for the guy who wants to get that athletic, ripped lean muscle look that some of today's top athletes and actors have. Having trained these guys on a professional level for years, I know exactly how to create this type of body without adding the ridiculous looking and unfunctional bulk. P90X is not this specific. It is a good program, however the AthLEAN-X program is easier to follow and more fun.

  3. @Kleina15 seriously ure seeing results by following dese videos each week please reply bck to me as soon as possible im so desperate to get abs i know alot of scams out there

  4. @Kleina15 so if i follow these videos like do week 1 ab excersises for 5 days combinded with a healthy diet and also combinded with weight training and 40 mins of cardio on top of da ab workouts i should see results from following part 1 week one 2 to week 12

  5. Alright guys just finished my last exercise for this week. If there are any doubters this is going to be a good week for you, your lower abs will kill you the first couple of days, but they won't at the end which shows you the amount of muscle you build!

    Keep doing your job guys, hard work pays off 😉

  6. Hi Jeff,
    I am did the work out a few times this week and now my abs are killing me and can't work out.
    if you have any suggestions please

  7. @elidan66 Wait until the soreness subsides to allow you to get started again, and then back off to just 1 day a week until you are able and strong enough to do more. Don't let it discourage you enough to stop completely though. This is normal for those just getting started!

  8. @nite0wing The genera rule of thumb is under 10% to really start to see a difference and noticeable abs! Keep on keeping on!

  9. @VonDagger You're lower abs aren't strong enough to support the weight of your legs when they are straight out and this is causing your low back to arch. The solution is to keep your legs straight out but elevated off the ground about 60 degrees or more. This will keep the low back in contact with the ground and with maximum support.


  10. @Alexitony35 Yes….under 10% you should see the outline of your abs for sure, provided they are developed and strong from the workouts!

  11. Man i felt so pumped hearing that music and seeing Jeff just getting pumped. Btw anyone know what this song is called

  12. Hey Jeff,

    I have been doing your athlean x program and this ab blitz and am starting to see results in my upper abs but not in my lower abs, is there anything i can do to make my lower abs more defined

  13. Hey Jeff,
    On the last workout, rolling planks, it says to do "12 somplete rolls" does this mean that you roll to each arm 6 times or roll to each arm 12 times?
    Loving this 12 week abs workout by the way, i'm seeing great results so far. Keep up the good work.

  14. i wont have the things to do hanging windshield wiper and tubing punch and crunsh.
    what can i do instead, and instead of the medicine ball i use some wheights, does that work:D

    BTw love ur videos, just hoping it will give me some result, in what week do u think i should definetly see the results on my stomack?

  15. Hi Jeff – love your videos, thank you. If I already have fairly defined abs, and usually work abs every other day, will this routine work if I just use them one at a time, every other day (ie abs part one on a monday, part two on a wednesday, etc.)? I was getting bored just using the ball for my ab routine and this really seems to shaking things up and getting some interesting places sore.
    Thanks again.

  16. should i wait till i'm strong enough to do all these exercises before moving on to the next week? and if its okay to stay where i'm at, how long should i be giving myself and how many times a week? everyday?

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