100 thoughts on “Hamstring Exercise WITHOUT Weights – BULLETPROOF YOUR HAMSTRINGS!

  1. Your exercise is flexing the knee, the hip stays in neutral position with the trunk throughout no hip extension or trunk extension, why is this considered the real function of the hamstring. You are flexing the knee concentrically and eccentrically. Can you explain your exercise further? I know this is a good hamstring exercise based on studies but your point was knee flexion vs hip extension. Thank you for response/and video.

  2. Hi Im in to a retail job where I have to stand the whole day for 10 to 12 hours which results in body pain specifically my lower back , what exercise do you recommend to get rid of this complication sir??

  3. Thank you so much this is perfect way for the gluts to contract the muscles and build. For ACL hamstring strength would type of equipment should I use??? would Great video keep it coming.

  4. I've performed this exercise before. You feel it in your hamstrings, calvrs and glutes. Its seems to be a compound exercise. I love it. You will be able to eliminate the ball after awhile.

  5. Hey jeff.I havent fully recovered from a hamstring strain from 7 months ago.should i start doing this exercise in order to recover faster;

  6. I've been having trouble in full knee flexion for a while now (sharp pain on the inside of my knee but not meniscus), is it possible that this is a hamstring problem? They are flexible but not very strong.

  7. I have a labral tear, ligamenteous teres injury and Gluteal tendinopathy!!!
    Need to strengthen the legs? I am a dancer so need strength, speed based exercises. Have you got anything to strengthen the Hips!!!!
    Many thanks

  8. Is it a good idea to work specifically the hamstrings, and the other muscles used to run to become faster at running? Or is it better just to run if I want to get better at it?

  9. Hi. How can I do hamstrings exercise without rest my knees in the floor? I was a knee surgery recently (acl replacement and meniscus reparation) and I can't yet put my knees on the floor. Thanks.

  10. I just tore my hamstring yesterday 🤦🏻‍♂️ how quickly can I start doing these exercises ?

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  13. *I'd just do the exercise in Bulletproof Your Hamstrings – simple and works for good.*https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7W2yI4DW66M

  14. I needed this workout, back in my 20’s because my hammies were truly underdeveloped but now I am here, working my hammies (they’re not as underdeveloped now) the correct way.

    Where are you located, if you don’t mind me asking?

  15. this blew my mind. your arms are just backwards legs. same mechanical setup. bicep = hamstring. tricep = quads. forearm = calf. palm = heel. even the hinges are on the same side. there's bone on one side of your forearm just like your shin is on the opposite side of your calf.

  16. This video is 8y old and you are now bigger and leaner and a lot older…hm hm hm…i wonder if you drink the juicy juicy.

  17. Glad I watched this. I've been trying to incorporate these into my leg day, but using the swiss ball for support might make these a little more effective for me. Thanks Jeff!

  18. Thank you. I have ALS. But i found 2 exercises from you. that attacks my weakest muscles of the body. Thank you so much. Hopefully i can delay it as much as possible. Keep moving

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