Maciej Zochowski, Minikox. Probably this is the episode that all been waiting for, or the majority of you. Today we’re gonna discuss the growth hormone. In the beginning: Is the growth hormone in fact so fucking awesome? IT IS. But under the condition – and even few of them. If you know how to use it. If you think that you will get fit-athlete or crossfitter due to usage of growth hormone while being a fatass, then no – it doesn’t work like this. If you think that it will work in magic way, then fuck no. You gonna be disappointed and think that someone has ripped you off. Let’s start with pros of growth hormone that I noticed. To be honest, it’s been a long time since I’m using the growth hormone. And I had a break…maybe two, three…or four breaks, 2 months each within 7 years. Yes, 7 years. First of all, much better regeneration, better pump, it burns fat. Gaining fat is really difficult. Regeneration of skin, nails, hair, organs, joints, cartilages. Fucking everything. If you inject it in correct age you will grow up. So the growth hormone has many pros, but… It has cons. If anything has pros, then it has to have cons. What cons did I notice during this amount of time of taking the growth hormone? First of all: this happened to me maybe twice in my life, that I took bigger dose during one-two weeks. And believe me – side effects were so big that I was not fucking able to withstand. It was impossible to function or get through the day. Here’s the thing: First of all: your wrist, joints swell. Water gathers inside of them. This water can keep pressure on nerves. There is even something called carpal tunnel syndrome. Your fingers go numb, even to the elbows. They radiate, the nerves pain. Your wrist is straight and when you bend it, you feel the electricity going through your hand. You watch TV, while lying on the bed. If you take your hands and hold them behind your head – after 5 minutes you won’t feel them. It’s all due to the fact that your nerves are oppressed and the blood stops, yeah, stops flowing in some parts of your body. It goes fucking numb, your hands, your fingers. In the morning when you wake up, on the bigger dose of hormone…even not bigger, but majority will feel it in the beginning. Fingers will be oval, wrist will be swollen. Your feets may get oval. I had it once, before competition, I took bigger dose of growth hormone. For 2 weeks. My feet was fucking oval. I used to stand like a duck, I couldn’t fit my feets into shoes. Imagine that…I couldn’t fit them into shoes… And I’m not the only example, many of my friends had the same problems What’s more…blood pressure, due to big doses – high blood pressure. But the biggest side effect that I noticed, was the joints swell up. It was fucking unbearable. Imagine that, I get on the X-trainer, I ride for 2 minutes, my hands on the handholds. My hands after 2-3 minutes were so numb that I was getting so pissed off…so pissed off, I had to straighten my hands because it was unable to function. What’s the smallest dosage that’s effective? I’ll discuss case for men. I started with 4 units in the morning. If the hormone is very good, if it’s chinese, then start with 4…3-4 units If it’s from drugstore, then you can start with 2-3 units And I’m not talking about that you start with such doses because someone doesn’t have a lot of money. It’s because you will react very strongly to growth hormone, similar to other steroids. Your body is not used to this. That’s why when you start the testosterone cycle, first cycle – you gather so much water. Growth hormone is similar, there is no need for big dose to react strongly. I have friends that are such vulnerable, when we go check level of growth hormone and I’m not talking about blood test results. You’re gonna comment that it’s not relevant. But listen…I inject 10 units, he injects 10 units…after 3,5-4 hours we go together to test the result. Results: he has 30 and I have 15 and what’s the reason of this? I take the growth hormone for long time and over the time the vulnerablity decreased. My friend took half the amount that I take – twice bigger – the results are the same. And believe me, over the years – the vulnerablity to growth hormone decreases. That’s why women can take half or even one third of the men dose and the results will be big. Because they are so vulnerable to growth hormone. So listen, we start with 3-4 units everyday. Don’t do any breaks, in my opinion, the 5 days on 2 days off rule was invented by people who suffers lack of money, and they want to save the money. We take growth hormone EVERYDAY. If we do the break, then be off for 1 or 1,5 or 2 months or how long you want to. How long the growth hormone cycle should be? Everyone says half a year…for fuck sake, who said that it has to last for half a year or 3 months cutting and 3 months bulking? That’s fucking bullshit. You can take growth hormone for one month, for two months or the whole life if you use your head. Everything depends on what are your expectations. If somebody want’s to cut, then you can take it for two months. 3-4 units added to testosterone T3 or clen and after two months he goes off. And what, growth hormone won’t do the job? It will. What does it mean…sometimes I hear that growth hormone kicks in after 2-3 weeks? And what, if you inject the first dose then it doesn’t fucking work? What? Because I don’t understand…it fucking does. Same as every other steorid, when it’s injected – it has it’s own half-life. It’s about achieving the appropriate concentation in the blood. We inject the growth hormone to raise the IGF, because it’s the precursor. And the IGF starts to raise after 2-3 weeks and people start to see the first results. What to expect in the beginning: you’ll gather the water in your body – under the skin, in your muscles. The workout pump will be much better, Much more glycogen in your muscles, much more strength, more will to do, you’ll regenerate much better. And what’s most important you will progress in every possible direction. On condition that you’ll inject the true growth hormone. Does the growth hormone increase the effect of other steroids? If we combine it with for example T3, testosterone, insulin – it will help us to increase production of IGF and the IGF is needed to grow. It’s needed for many many things. Let’s say it easy way – we take stuff to make the IGF fucking explode so we can grow. What’s the best to combine the growth hormone with? Of course, you can take growth hormone solo, I see no reason to deny it. The best way is to combine it with testosterone and to add any anabolic For example testosterone and short deca. Testosterone methanabol, testosterone winstrol, testosterone boldenone. It’s better to take long esters…fuck it, it doesn’t matter. Short esters will be good too. And to indulge by using them, growth hormone goes together with testosterone which has to be changed every once in a while. We can add T3 but we don’t have to. We must check if we have insufficiency or hyperparathyrodoism. We have to control this. You shouldn’t take these supplies by taking your friend’s word as faith. It’s your fucking body, your fucking health and you have to take care of it. Insulin, that’s important topic. Should we take it in pair with growth hormone? Now listen…Until a certain amount of growth hormone there is no need. How big is the dose? Everyone has other limits. I can take 10 units per day and my blood sugar is on normal level. You have to test your blood sugar while being on growth hormone, because it’s very very very important. You have to fucking test the blood sugar. If your blood sugar is too high then you have to add the insulin and drop it to the normal level. Blood sugar has to be tested in the morning on an empty stomach. You can read about it on the internet. Ok, listen now. Dosage of 3-4 units for the beginner…you don’t have to take insulin, you don’t have to take T3. BUT…you must control your blood sugar and thyroid hormones. As the dosage raises – you have to control it more often. If you take it together with insulin and T3 and your target is bulking, then you will see much much better effects because IGF level will be bigger. Do GH (growth hormone) let’s us stay in better form? Yes, absolutely. GH helps in keeping lower fat-level and that makes fat gains much harder. Absolutely, everyone has his own predisposition and if I can take 5 units and eat big jar of nutella everyday and I won’t get fat. Everyone has different genetics. One may take 20 units…30 units and eat rice with chicken and grow in fat as fucking pig. But will it be easier to make good form? Yes, it will be easier. Will it be hardere to gain fat? Yes, it will be harder to gain fat, but everyone of us is different so you have to test it on yourselves. Is it mandatory to take breaks from taking growth hormone? Yes. For me the break is to lower the dose or being off for month or two. That was the longer time I was able to tear myself from GH. It’s so good to be on the growth hormone. About the dosage, about the limits of dosage. I started with 3-4 units in the morning and if I started to divide portion into two doses… So for example if I took 5-10 units per day and I divided it into two times 4 units or two times 5. So I was taking one in the morning and second before the workout or after the workout. But as of today, if I have to tell you how to dosage the growth hormone – if you have single dose then take it 1,5 to 2 hours before the workout. The workout is so fucking different…and it doesn’t matter if it’s 3, 4 or 5 units. You take it two hours before the workout… You take it two hours before the workout and the workout is totally different. Believe me. If you have GH and you take it before the workout… If you have GH and you take it before the workout. It’s the best preworkout that I ever took. So when to take growth hormone if you want to regenerate joints, cartilages or in the post-injury time. My maxim is…growth hormone has it’s peak after 4 hours. So after 8 hours, theoretically, it should be gone. If the day has 24 hours, divide it into three…so you take one dose every 8 hours. IF you want to regenerate your knee or anything after surgery. So for example 2 units every 8 hours. Thanks to this, the growth hormone still goes through your veins and the regeneration is quickest. That’s the best way in my opinion. You don’t have to take it like this, you can do however the Mr Smith wrote on the internet… and he advises to take one dose in the morning because he has read on the internet forum. I tell you what I would do, what I notice and that’s my recommendation. That’s my opinion, The Good-Advice Uncle. So now the tabu topic…do organs grow due to growth hormone? Due to just growth hormone – no. But thanks to IGF – yes. Growth hormone increases the IGF. And the biggest amount of IGF receptors are located in intestine. If you have GH and you take it before the workout. It’s the best preworkout that I ever took. So yes…due to growth hormone our organs grow IF we take too much. As for me, I’ll tell you by my example. I take growth hormone for a long time and in big doses. I take it…yes, long time. We can say that it’s a very long time. But I never overcame certain doses – I try to not go over 10 units of chinese, not the pharmacy one. CHINESE. The reason is to control the IGF. Once a month I test the IGF and I try to keep it on a level of 400…maximum 450 But no…I set the maximum upper level to 400 to not overpush my guts. I do have sticking out belly, but the reason is not the insulin, not the growth hormone but I have very serious lordosis. Ronnie Coleman also has deepened lordosis and look how his stomach sticks out. That’s my defect and I won’t fucking do anything to deepen it. So if you stay on low doses of growth hormone for a long time – you can feel safe. And I say so by my example. I was taking growth hormone together with insulin just once in my life so are the guts fucking pushed? I won’t tell you by my example. But as I know – guts will be fucking pushed. Additionally – hands, feets grow bigger. My bones are very thin, I used to wear my watch bracelet tight and nowadays I stretched it out to the maximum. Hands…you can see – they are not small. But you know, it’s better to have hands like a man rather than pussy ones. My feet did not grow – maybe 1 centimeter, maximum. Corpus cavernosum…it grows…Everything grows…if you will take a lot of growth hormone then everything will grow. Your head, bones, everything will grow. So if you take it then set a maximum level at 10 units of chinese stuff. Then you can take it. 5 to 10 units of chinese stuff is more or less safe dose. Whom can I recommend the growth hormone and whom I would advise against? I recommend it to anybody. I advise against to noone. I advise against to these idiots that want to lose waight without going to the gym, without diet and they think and they think that they fucking take growth hormone while sitting on the couch and in a moment they would start in competition. I advise against such people. But for people passionate about sport, which know what’s the diet, workout and they want to improve their results. Absolutely, growth hormone is something for you. In the end, I’ll tell you about the costs of growth hormone in Poland. In the drugstore – 1200-1500PLN for 36 units, that’s an abstraction. Currently, there is a lot of good growth hormone on the black market, that comes from China. It works. I’ll record a special video about how to recognize the growth hormone thanks to very simple method. So you won’t get cheated. Because majority of you is fucking tricked… And now…more or less – you can get the 100 units of very good growth hormone for 600-700PLN. It’s one of my favorite topics. If you ask interesting questions that I didn’t discuss in this video I’ll record second episode about growth hormone And in the meantime, Greetings, Maciej Zochowski, Minikox – if you don’t trust me then trust my hand. Greetings and subscribe my channel!


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