Grocery Shopping with Pro Bodybuilders | Victor Martinez’s Grocery Run

Grocery Shopping with Pro Bodybuilders | Victor Martinez’s Grocery Run

hey whats up everybody Victor Martinez here
we’re gonna start today by going through my daily food shopping regimen I go to
three markets I’m very particular where I get my stuff and right now we at
Trader Joe’s and this is what I get from Trader Joe’s come on let’s go see
now I get my bananas here because it’s the organic just like Whole Foods
but fraction of the price again only thing is sometimes a little beaten up
over here I don’t know they mistreat bananas so I’d like to report an assault
on aisle number one for bananas but these are good though this is a bit like the
Gala apples for the crunchiness I eat by texture not gonna eat no soggy Apple crunchy one of these is ready to eat
so I’m gonna take these eventually they’ll ripen up so of course
I’m gonna love pears too green must be green it’s a little scratchy but it’s a
pear it’s a little different not like the apples where they get mushy these are not the
best shape pears but these are definitely the best tasting pears again
because of the crunchiness oh aint that a beauty look at that nice peach it’s
great it’s probably the best time to come here cuz everything is still pretty
much organized you can still grab the best fruit so I’m running with it right yeah
good enough right some potatoes again this is a 399 I think about $4.99 at
Whole Foods so we’re gonna grab these here why not again gotta have strawberries come on guys
he’s gonna buy fruits and not get strawberries these perfect strawberries
sometimes the best time later on only the beaten up ones will be
there gonna get mangoes I only get one pack because if I get two I eat two
if I get three I eat all three so I only get one eggs are the best these are the
like the extra-large you know a week I think I go through about man I’ll have the same probably close to three $400 a week
okay so this is one thing I don’t get in Trader Joe’s
I get the $30 grapes at Whole Foods hey the best grapes come on guys you cant
even deny it just the crunchiness you actually put them in your mouth and they
just pop inside that crunchiness you don’t know never try them you won’t know you
won’t understand you don’t understand again forget the price it’s about the
taste and quality okay guys you know me I’m Dominican you know you gotta have
some platanos all right you know I’m gonna show you I’m gonna do later
for my show promotion for DR Code of arms I’m gonna have to take a couple
of Platanos with me because this one’s gonna be called
hit em with a platano don’t show up to code of arms I’m gonna hit you
with a platano okay I got the russet potatoes again
this is just doing white over here you have the only Whole Foods has them the
White Sweet potatoes and can’t buy them too big because they take longer to cook so I
always look for the smallest ones get atlantic Simon get a three point
six right so two pieces in New York no that’ll be it
thank you thank you – okay there you go it’s $6.99 at Trader Joe’s another
piece of chicken the thin slice was $5.99
I mean sometimes Whole Foods they get they get this this was $4.99 so I’m
taking it aint too much fat so you can see there’s not much fat on the
chicken you don’t have to cut so many out of it I don’t know what the Irish did to
oatmeal but definitely the Irish got some good tasting oatmeal so I like I
know people go to BJ’s and those big wholesale clubs
I don’t like walking in the mall to go shopping I like the smaller shop and
again I don’t think they have easily the stuff I have acquired a taste for one
more this is artificial shopping now this is where I get my Splenda occasional diet coke drinker hey guys
this is the last of the three supermarkets that I usually make my
rounds today took a little while longer again because I’m being very informative
to you guys and usually it takes about 30 minutes to cover all three this is my
artificial food shopping now everything that’s artificial I get from here
let’s go this is quick I make sure I get what’s best for me price was best
for me everybody needs a biscuit I give myself a biscuit when I do good when I
work hard so those old-school crackers that I ate since I was I don’t know 10
and gatorade this is just again the artificial stuff this is what I have
after legs you know after back workout usually have the when I do arms I have
the g2 I do legs back I like having my regular Gatorade and of course Diet
Coke yeah this is my grocery shopping again
artificial stuff is not every three days like like my meat or anything else this
is probably maybe once a week Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods is definitely the
two times a week shopping this is once a week let’s keep rolling is what I do is
what I do all year around all right guys this is it this is a shopping again this
is probably 30-40 minutes of my day two times a week sometimes sometimes three
but usually two times a week

100 thoughts on “Grocery Shopping with Pro Bodybuilders | Victor Martinez’s Grocery Run

  1. 300-400$ a week? Hahaha bro thats what I shop food for in a month xD I domt know if food is expensive in America but yeah about 350-450 USD is about a month worth for me in sweden and I eat all fresh, no processed food 😛 still tho this dude is like 120 lbs heavier then me so he has alot more to fuel up I guess.

  2. For those saying if victor martinez is going to be at the Olympia he can’t he needs to qualify by winning a show since he doesn’t have enough points and doesn’t have an Olympia title. So unless he wins a small show this year, he can’t be at the Olympia. He’s got time though a couple months.

  3. After watching a couple of videos like this, I'm wondering why they don't go to places like Sams club or Costco? They can get lots of protein for the same price and produce too.

  4. Skin quality on this fella is amazing. He is one of the few abusers that really looks good for his age. Genetics and whatever formula hes doing is right

  5. Finally a bodybuilder who eats fruit and tubers instead of grains and refined sugar for their carbs. The potassium, magnesium, vitamin B9, vitamin C, and wide range of phytochemicals will support efficient carbohydrate metabolism by reducing insulin requirements since fructose does not require much insulin to metabolize and potassium can take over some of insulin's functions.

  6. 400 dollars a week only for food? Normal people need to survive with 350 bugs the complete month and pay from these 350 bugs new clothes, bills, other stuff – so only about 70 bugs are left and thats not even enough money to have a little bit of food for about 2,5 weeks. You only can do bodybuilding and eat to get big if you are rich or having over 1200 bugs per month. Females and males with 350 bugs per month can eat or buy almost nothing.

  7. grabs extra produce bag pauses… throws that shit haphazardly on the shelf like a boss hahaha I love it.

  8. lol these assholes love hormone-free animal products, antibiotic free products but munch down hormones, steroids and peptides themselves

  9. victor I'm addicted to mangos too…its ok…I'll pound 3 bags of flash frozen dole mangos in one sitting…

  10. fruit is natural sugar and carbs….I eat it mixed in my oatmeal instead of pouring sugar in it…also I add peanut butter

  11. Why these body builders are out of breath. This one is just shopping and he is out of breath at check out. Living on steroids.

  12. Just curious how much does everyone here spend on food? I been natural bodybuilding for 13 years and spend about 200 dollars a week on food

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