GLORY KICKBOKSER Esma Hasshass bijna DOOD door ongeluk 😱 l De Gym Van l Afl. 3

GLORY KICKBOKSER Esma Hasshass bijna DOOD door ongeluk 😱 l De Gym Van l Afl. 3

I couldn’t walk. I had open wounds on my legs. I had scars on my face. I had to start over. I was ten years old when I started with kickboxing. I was a problem child. But not really a problem child. But more like a difficult one. So my father told me to get kickboxs lessons. So I could get rid of my energy. The gym was big, so I also got some streetdance lessons. That’s what I wanted then. But my brother told me to get some kickboxing lessons. I fell in love with kickboxing when I had my first lesson. I have three loving brothers. They always have my back. Also during my trainings and matches. And my sister also has my back. They love what I do. A lot of friends ask them about me. How I am doing and when I will have a match? That makes them happy. Also when they see me on the television. I’ve always told them: Look dad, one day you will see my fights on the tv. Instead of those people you are watching now. He would laugh at me. But look at me now, a few years later. I’ve been a lot of times on tv. In the past there were no women at Glory. I was the first women who faught at Glory. After Esma started with kickboxing, she stopped after three lessons of streetdance. Three months later she had her first kickbox fight. I was ready. They have taped me in. I had my shorts on. But my opponent didn’t show up. The match was canceled. After that they had a new match for me. I was nervous, so I lost the match. But that girl was older and had more experience. Since then I won almost my matches. And I also got only older opponents from then. But that didn’t bother me. Age is just a number. I have never been afraid. My father always asks me why ain’t afraid and if I am a girl. He would say that only boys are never afraid. And that I try everything. But when I had my accident I would get more afraid. Also driving a car. I used to drive fast. And he would always warn me to not drive fast. And small mistakes can have large consequences. Since the I’ve became a lot more careful. 2016 Esma made her debut at Glory when she was 18 years old. She had two weeks to prepare herself for the match. I had in this gym a match against a girl from Hemmer Gym. That would have been my last B match. Before you become a prof boxer. I won the match in the second round. Then Glory told me the would start with women fights and asked me if I would like to play a match. They put me on the spare list. Somebody else would fight the match. But the woman canceled the fight. So the last two weeks I had the chance to stand in. I fought the match, but I lost it. But on the other side I had fought good. I was just eighteen years old. It has been always my dream to play a match like this one. So when I got this opportunity, just eighteen years old going to America for my debut. You can’t wish for better. I started the fight with full confidence. Until I got the uppercut. I still had a lot of confidence. I immediately rose up. People also said that they didn’t what was more beautiful the uppercut or that Esma immediately rose up? The flight back to the Netherlands I started crying. I wanted to fight the match again. In the end I accepted the loss.And I am the youngest of all the opponents. The champion Anissa Meksen is 32 years old. So I have the confidence that some day I will win the belt. I was just 18 years old and already ranked 4. So I still have all the opportunities The 22 year old Esma became three time Dutch champion WFCA and she also won an European title. Unfortunately seven years ago she lost all her prizes due a fire in her home. I lost all my baby pictures due the fire. After the fire in our house we became homeless for a while and lived in the meanwhile at our neighbors. Until we had our own house. I lost all my kickboxing gear. But it hurts me the most that I almost lost all of my cups. I’ve tried to rescue a view of my cups. When we were able to enter the house after the fire. I had a trophy cabinet. I always felt proud when I looked at the trophy cabinet. And I am sad that I don’t have it anymore. Every match teaches you a lesson. Whenever I saw a trophy it brought memories of the match up. And it taught me something about my performance. For example this belt. I can visualize the match. I can remember this day like it was yesterday. I’ve won that match in the second round. My opponent had an eye wound because of me. I was happy that I won the match. There were not al lot off female opponents at glory at that time. So Esma decided in 2016 to fight in Moldova. She supposed to fight in 2017 for her world title, unfortunately it didn’t happen. I fought at that time three or four matches. I’ve won them all and I became a populair fighter. I also won the tournament. I was supposed to fight for the world title after this tournament. But a week after the tournament I had a car accidence in Holland. I was sad I couldn’t fight anymore for the world title. The accident was traumatic. I drove 130 kilometers when the car flipped over. I almost died. I am lucky I survived the car accident. I wasn’t able to walk I had open wounds on my legs. I had scars on my face. I had to start all over again. I couldn’t stand on one leg. I couldn’t walk fast. So I really had to start all over again. The revalidation was a hard time. Because the car accident was very traumatic. I’ve spent almost three months in my bed. I wasn’t able to go outside. It was a difficult time. I spoke a lot with psychologists at that time. But I couldn’t express myself because I never learned to do that. They were asking me weird questions. But it only got me more mad so I would leave me mad going home. So I decided not going anymore. But I regret that I didn’t went there anymore. Because at this moment in my life I feel that I need those conversations. So I can talk about what I feel. Because I was bottling it up until I burst. At one moment I thought my career was over. I thought that I almost achieved my dreams, but before it became reality it was already over. But I changed my mindset. So I went for hundred per cent for my goals. Because I know I am able to achieve it. The doctors told me that I needed two years of revalidation. But I told them that two years is too long. So I decided to prove them wrong. I would call every day the rehabilitation center to tell them I was coming. And they would tell me to stay home because my appointment was the next week. But I did not want to listen to them. I wanted them to make an appointment. Because I wanted to became as soon as possible a top athlete. I didn’t want to spend any more days in bed. They would get crazy from me. Within a year I was able to do everything. I f you look at me you will see that it makes me mad. Because I could’ve been there, it’s sadly. I’m able to find peace with it. But sometimes it’s hard to find peace. Because I always think of it. People always ask me how I am doing after the car accident. And the I realize again what happend to me. Every morning when I watch myself in the mirror I see my scars. It hurts me because before the accident I didn’t had scars in my face. Everyday I got them as my reminders. Also when I exercise my back hurts. My fighters mentality brought me this far to be able to do everything again. A lot of people in this situation would have give up. And I didn’t quit. And I would never give up. I will quit if I got the world title on this side. After her revalidation Esma fought in 2018 for her Kings Of Kings world Title in Moldova. Unfortunately the match didn’t end like Esma wanted it to be. I fought the match with 60 per cent. I’ve won the fight, but I didn’t got it because my opponent was from Moldova. They were playing favorites. That’s why she won. People on social media also find that she wasn’t the winner. Nobody wanted take a picture with her. She also felt that she didn’t really won the fight. Despite I wasn’t hundred per cent ready. I wasn’t able to do a lot. Because it was a world title I had to fight five rounds instead of three. So it was very intensive. But I took the opportunity like I always do. I fought the fight with full confidence. I actually won the fight but it didn’t got the belt. I’ve cried. They told me I was right and I would get a rematch. But ‘Ive already won because I was standing in the ring. And the second won is that I fought five rounds. Those were already my big achievements. It only would have been better if had won the world title End of 2019 I’ve signed a contract at Glory. They gave me one year to recover from my car accident. And then they promised me to give me a contract if I would recover. Meanwhile there were more women fighters. I hope the next two years I will fight a lot of matches at Glory. At the moment I need to lose ten kilogram. For my next fight. One of the hardest things is losing weight. You don’t eat a lot. Because of that you won’t have a lot of energy to train. But you need to achieve your potential. For two months I wasn’t allowed to drink coke. No sugar. Only water and vegetables. And some chicken filet. Everything steamed. It was nasty. After two months you will appreciate a coke more when you are not allowed to drink one. And the deserts even more. I would get happy if they served me a desert. Because normally I wasn’t allowed to have one. Nobody was allowed to take away my dessert. It is the best feeling you can have. I really missed it. Esma didn’t fight for a while for Glory. But she is turning back. She set some goals to become better in 2020 than she was in 2019. 2019 wasn’t my year. I fought two matches and won them. But I found it not enough. I would rather have done more. I hope I can do more in 2020. I wrote down my goals for 2020. One of the goals is that I will try to become world champion within two years. The current world champion is very strong.She is really a monster in the ring. But I am sure I can stand with here in the ring. And that I will fight with hundred per cent. My goal is also to have my own gym. I want to teach everything I’ve learned as a kick boxer to children. I will be happy if I can help little girls or little boys to become world champion. Amira is a winner. We’ve trained together. And she will get to the top. Because she has a lot of talent. She reminds me of me when I was younger. In Sha Allah she will become a winner.

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  1. Weyooooooow ik had nog nooit van haar gehoord. Maar respect hoe ze in haar schoenen staat na dit allemaal wat er met haar is gebeurd. MASHALLAH InshALLAH win je alles wat er op je pad komt. β€οΈπŸ™πŸ”₯

  2. Meskiena ik herken haar van die vlogs. Incha alah ga je mooie comeback maken.kreeg wel traantjes toen ze over die ongeluk sprak. Alah i shafiek

  3. Jullie zijn zwaar gemeen, zij is altijd al skinny geweest en een beetje extra staat haar ook hartstikke goed. Ze ziet er nog steeds beter uit dan jullie bij elkaar

  4. Valt echt mee hoor… ze is niet eens zo dik doe even normaal man ze is echt super mooi jullie zijn zo gemeen.

  5. Zij was vroeger idd paar maten kleiner, wat overigens niks uitmaakt. Van elke dag sporten naar opeens niks kunnen doen valt echt zwaar. Je mindset is top en dat is het begin van alles. Jij komt er wel strijdster!🦾

  6. ✊ respect ga zo door! Alles wat je in je leven heb meegemaakt moet je meenemen als ervaring en motivatie! Nog harder gaan, je kunt het!

  7. Ze heeft fuckin mooie lange haren en btw ze is prachtig hoe ze is ze is lekker haar zelf en lekker sportief i love this girl als Esma dit ziet girl i love you ❀️.

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