What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, So on this Washboard Wednesday, a little bit
of an embarrassing story I’m going to let you in on. Let’s flash back – I’m going to date myself
here – 15 years ago, early 2000s. Usher. Everyone’s talking about him. He’s one of the top artists and everyone talks
about his abs. Women talk about his abs. So he goes on MTV and I’m watching as they
actually used to play music videos, believe it or not. They’re talking in an interview and he says
“The number one secret to my cut abs is my ab scissors. That’s it, man. If I could just do ab scissors, that’s all
I have to do.” Now, here I am, a physical therapist in training. I know that probably one exercise is not going
to do that. I certainly know – even back then – we
all know that cut abs don’t come from doing an ab exercise. They come from knowing what to put in your
mouth at the right time. But the ab exercise itself, I was so damn
intrigued that all I would do after that was ab scissors in my ab routine. I never missed a day. Now let’s flash forward a little bit. I still like the exercise. It’s good, but there’s things that you can
do to make it better. It doesn’t just have to be an isometric
hold for your abs while you’re doing hip flexor dominant movements, or even just hip abductor
movements. We can make that better by adding some rotation
in and we can also make that better by adding in some flexion of our spine so we know we’re
working a little bit more abs, and not just in an isometric way. So I put that together for you, hopefully
inspired by Usher way back when, refined here by ATHLEANX, and now challenging you to start
trying some different variations of ab scissors. Here you go. So there you have it, guys. Some new ab scissor variations for you. Above all else, I’m going to help you get
cut abs. You aren’t going to do it just by doing those
exercises. Remember, if you want to get the complete
picture then you’ve got to be willing to put in the complete effort. That’s nutrition, training, and ab exercises. If you want the whole program, guys, I put
it all together for you already. Step by step. It’s over at if nothing else,
you’ve just heard “Yeah” for the first time in, probably, 15 years and a little bit – I’m
sure a few of you guys – were kind of bouncing and dancing a little bit along with it. All right, I’ll see you back here again in
just a few days. Let me know what you want to see. I’ll cover it in a future video here on this
channel. All right, guys. Later!

100 thoughts on “Get “Cut” Abs (USHER’S TOP AB EXERCISE)

  1. Give Jeff an exercise and he tweaks it so it's x1000000 harder. 😉 Jeff, I want to see Madonna on your channel hehe. Maybe break down celebrity workouts for blockbuster Hollywood movies?

  2. Jeff, what food should I be eating if I want to get shredded and gain muscle at the same time, now I have around 10% body fat and I want to go around 3-6% body fat

  3. Jeff, could you please make a video explaining in which cases and movements is necessary a scapula retraction, and why?Cheers.

  4. living with my family, it's fuckin tuff to eat healthy for a nice physique. eating in a nutritious way is far from my brother's mind. always bringing tempting good round me!

  5. Thanks Jeff a lot for the video. I have a herniated disc and a weak back. what type of exercises should I do to work out my abs? which ones to avoid ? many thanks in advance

  6. i am trying to gut the guts can i do ab exersises and get good strengh without hyperdraphy response? Because i am trying to decrese the size of my belly thanks in advance.

  7. Hi Jeff, love your videos man!
    I want to ask if you could make video on how to warm up the knee probably, especially if you have a bad knee, before a leg session.
    Hope you will make a video on it

  8. Hey, Jeff, I've been doing ab exercises lately, and I'm running into a problem. Each morning when I wake up, I have nausea that seems to last until around 11 am. I used to have more intense and diverse gym routines a few years ago, and I never had this issue. I'm just doing some ab roller workouts now, and its becoming a real nuisance.

    I thought it was because I wasn't replenishing any electrolytes, since I always took a bottle that had 1/4 Gatorade and 3/4 water when I worked out, but I tried this now, and its not working. As I said, the feeling goes away around 11 am, but it makes my morning routine of getting ready for work a real hassle. Does this sound familiar at all to you?

  9. Can you make a video about guys who smoke tobbacco and training on the gym? I personally would apreciatte it so much man.Thank you and congrats about the channel i love how you explain things

  10. Hey Jeff I'm 8 weeks into athleanx lately I've run into trouble while trying to balance nutrition and work and I'm always on the go hours at a time. Do you have any any favorite "on the move" snacks or meals that are Ab friendly? I'd love to see that in a video thanks!!

  11. Anyone including you jeff that could help a fella out?
    i've trained for 3 years now, i'm totally saticfied with my progress, doe i'm well aware of the facts what effort is needed for natural body building, but i've got 1 problem that's been haunting me for years, my LEGS!
    Yep, thats it i've got huge legs compared to my upper body, and the problem is, it's not even looking good with clothes on. Now i'm completely natural from all testo and other increase performance suppliments, i've just been eating my daily source of protien, carb, fat and nutrition. I've tried among many of your exercises but nothing seem to give me a good proper symmetry upperbody to lower. i've tried to lose fat and done much more cardio lately, but it seems that my legs just stay forever big. i wouldn't necessarily call it a gift, duo to my legs despite size, being really weak.

  12. Hey Jeff, I just recently tore my bicep and underwent distal bicep surgery. I am just past a week since the surgery  and have been to the gym 3 times. Maybe you could do a video on working around a busted arm. And maybe ways to avoid the injury. .

  13. I'm 13, eat healthy, treat my body right and the proud owner of a 6PACK. I go to the gym 4 times a week to practice my muay thai and to get a good workout. Don't know if anyone cares (probably not) BUT HERES MY WORKOUT

    30- Russian Twists
    30- Leg Raises
    30- Sit-Ups
    30- Thai Crunches
    30- Bicycles
    30- Leg Raises
    30- Crunches
    30- Snowboards
    40- Leg Raises


  14. This made my morning 😄 watching you do these to this song.
    And, ahem, you are wrong Jeff, I actually have that song on my workout playlist. 😝

  15. Hello Jeff, could you get us your opinion about the bridge exercise? Is it a good exercise or not? Pro and cons and what alternative ex.? Perhaps an idea for a next video… thanks a lot

  16. Hi jeff, we are very confused about the intensity and load principles after igunal hernia surgery. Only you are the coach who posted helpfull video about that. The previous videos about hernia is really very helpfull. but still we have confusion about the load and progression. please guide us about that. there is no proper data about training after igunal hernia what will not cause of re occupanc.Thank you jeff.

  17. Everybody say you can't get the abs without running so I run 3 times a week and have shin pain. How much running should you do wit the right food and an workout?

  18. Since this is Athlean-X, there should be a sport-specific series where you cover detrimental exercises according to the sport.
    For example, Im a bowler and during my fitness journey, its been difficult to find what exercises I should be doing to improve my game. Love the channel.

  19. Jeff, I have been training for 24 years and love it. It's part of my DNA. Last year I had a accident and fractured my pelvis in 9 places, all stable fractures but wicked pain. What saved me having a broken hip and femur, surgery, plates and screws was the strength of my bones. My accident was Oct. 5, 2016 and I was back to work and training in 3 months. I was determined to be stronger, do better. While injured I had to listen to my body and one thing I rediscover( always knew) was how important core strength was. It is my obsession. My main issue I continue to have and it's workable is my hip flexor. I watched 2 of your videos to help me and man did they help. The first one was the lunge with weights…helped me to understand my body mechanics better and the second video was about adductors and using a pillow or something. I use this regularly now and what a difference. I love how you make things easy to understand. Thank you.
    Shannon Johnson
    Nova Scotia, Canada…

  20. Jeff I punch a bag for cardio twice a week for 35 minutes for 3 minute rounds and only rest for 20 to 30 seconds in between I work out abs everyday only rest on Sundays follow good nutrition don't eat crap, can I do weight training for my legs and only body weight exercises exercises for upper body without cardio I can't do any other forms of HIIT since I have patella chondromalacia so I can't do full squats, burpees, etc, and I wake up at 3 am so the sound of me punching the bag wakes up my little niece 6 months old, I want to get a six pack the stubborn fat is hard to lose any advice please greatly appreciated thanks and I love your channel.

  21. Awesome. I encountered Usher Raymond when I was 17 living in the Atlanta area, he pulled up next to me in his Porsche outside the Wendy's I worked at, eating a frosty and asked me "hey man that sign says you open til midnight". I'm like that's drive thru only, he just repeats, " man it says you open til midnight" and drives off! Next time you gotta use one of Ursher newer songs, like "Climax" or "No Limit".

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