Geoffrey the Dumbass: Fitness (w/Jon Gabrus!)

Geoffrey the Dumbass: Fitness (w/Jon Gabrus!)

This is a HeadGum Video. Do you happen to know where Jake and Amir
are? We’re supposed to do the pod – What’s your
secret, brother? What do you mean by that? You’re jacked, alright? I wanna know how and when. I mean, I guess I lift weights a few times
a week and try to eat lean protein. Don’t get me started on protein, my guy, alright? I’m a carnivore. We’re talkin’ avocado toast for breakfast,
a wood-roasted half salad for brunch, a cauliflower based stir-fry for dinner, and then to wash
it all down, a nice thick malt. Those are all vegetarian dishes. As a matter of fact, most of them have vegetables
as the lead. Like, you said cauliflower based stir-fry. Can you spell “caveman diet?” What? No, I actually need help spelling “caveman
diet.” I have the “k,” I just need the hard part. Um, alright, did they say what time they’d
be back? I – you mentioned working out, and, uh, I’ve
been doing a lot of red vine lassos recently and haven’t really been seeing the success
I’d like. I’m sorry, red vine lassos? I’m supposed to just know what that means? Two words I know what they are, but I’ve never
heard them combined, no less under the auspices of exercise. So what you do is you tie a bunch of red vines
together, alright? End to end until you have a lasso, and then
you kinda wrangle a pick-up truck right on the bed, pull it taught, tie it to your belt
loop. You start runnin’ in the opposite direction,
alright? The other, you know, truck is in forward motion. Now what do you think that exercise works
out? What you have to understand is that it’s a
compound movement, alright? So it’s gonna be working multiple muscle groups. By the way, this is the first thing you’ve
said that I’ve understood. Compound movement you’re circling correct
here. So I’m, I’m, I’m intrigued. You know, when it really comes to play is
when I, uh, work out on a bread-mill. Let me guess what a bread-mill is. It’s a treadmill but instead of tracks it’s
bread? Or is it like a factory where they turn grain
and wheat into bread? Mostly the latter. Okay, it can’t be mostly a factory and a little
bit of a treadmill where bread is the tracks. There’s not a thing that exists where it’s
like “well it’s 85% a factory in which you make bread and 15% a treadmill where the tracks
are bread.” Which would be immediately destroyed upon
running on it once. Are you telling me you have a early twentieth
century factory job and think that’s a workout? Of course. Okay, it sounds like you have a pretty good
start. I wanna get your advice on one more thing,
alright? Just placate me here. Pre workout, good or bad? Just, you mean like taking something pre workout? Like a supplement? Yes, so I pop two quaaludes before. What? So you’re telling me you pop two ‘ludes,
go to a factory job, and then vandalize a pick-up truck? I mean, if you wanna put it in layman’s terms,
yeah. Where the fuck are Jake and Amir? This is why I started recording out of my
own house. I’m gonna just go sit in a room by myself
until Jake and Amir arrive, yeah. Hey, no one will blame ya. Yeah, no one will. Okay, well – That’s awesome, dude. Uh, yep. Nice meeting you, Ronnie. I got a lot to work with, here. Yo, man, sorry we’re late. Yeah, dude, that intern you guys have? He’s a real dumbass! Yeah. He actually did give me this pretty interesting
workout advice though. What you do is, uh, do you know what a bread-mill

88 thoughts on “Geoffrey the Dumbass: Fitness (w/Jon Gabrus!)

  1. Jake and Amir seem to play the same characters from the original series, just more mature. Amir seems more normal but still weird enough to seem similar to the original Amir.

  2. What if this series is a way to show Amir's life before he turned into a "dumbass" in the Jake & Amir series and Geoffrey is the reason why Amir acts the way he does in the series. It seems like at the start he was acting like a straight-man at the start but now hes getting more and more dumb.

  3. I enjoy these but it annoys me that the Geoffrey character acts almost exactly like the Amir character even has some of the same quirks

  4. A breadmill is actually the conveyor belt that bread is laid upon after it's done and ready for processing.

    Pretty chill workout advice actually.

  5. If this is set after the jake and amir series i would love to see an episode where amir just relapses into his past self and out dumbasses Geoffrey.

  6. That glimmer of Old Amir at the end made me feel things.
    Been binging old episodes again recently (the official(?) app is pretty useful, actually) and they still leave me breathless from laughing sometimes.

  7. Did anybody else notice how shoddy the camera work was in this video? Writing was a lot better, even though they're basically copying jake and Amir. I enjoyed it, but production quality was unusually low. Shaky movement, weird noises, etc.

  8. I love all the theories that are coming out of the comment section and I love jake and amir and all of the headgum team! Keep it up you guys!

  9. It has been a while since I lost my shit watching a Youtube vid, this will sound cliche AF but it reminds me of the old J&A days.

    Not many channels make me crack up these days, maybe h3h3 …

  10. I think J&A should take this series into the dirxtion of the early J&A videos… they were what set them apart from other series on YouTube.

  11. imagine if Geoffrey had a business idea and asked if everyone wanted to come and start that idea, however Jake believes that the business idea is a flop. But Amir agrees with Geoff and both start the company idea together and make millions, meanwhile jake is crying in a corner horrendously, then Jake becomes the Amir of the JakeandAmir Series, that exists through an other paradox in another demension!! DUN DUN DUN DUNNNNNN!!

  12. It's sort of like when you're really mad but then you see someone freaking the fuck out with rage. Well that's Amir's experience. Seeing how dumb Geoffrey is must have caused him to gain whatever sense he could or at least quell his utter stupidity but he is, after all, still Amir and it won't be long until he relapses into full Amir and out-Amirs his Amir as there can only be one…Amir.

  13. My top 3 theories regarding this series:

    1) Amir finally had his mental state settle and catch up to his actual age, started a channel with Jake after they were fired from Collegehumor, and was doing pretty well until the day Geoffrey arrived, when he started to have flashbacks and relapses to his own dumbbass days.
    2) Every workplace has a dumbass, but since Amir became sane, a new one had to emerge.
    3) Amir had some kind of drug or procedure done on him to erase the dumbass persona from his mind and that spirit has now been reborn into a new, unsuspecting mind.

    Whatever it is, I love it.

  14. It's simple… he goes to a factory that makes bread and walks on the bread covered conveyor belts for exercise, hence "Mostly the ladder." I got you Geoffrey!

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