Frozen Shld Pain? 12 of the Best Healing Home Stretch Exercises

Frozen Shld Pain? 12 of the Best Healing Home Stretch Exercises

26 thoughts on “Frozen Shld Pain? 12 of the Best Healing Home Stretch Exercises

  1. It drives me nuts when people say "you need to make sure you talk to your doctor". Those damn clowns hooked me on opioids and benzodiazepines…..I had no idea what they were doing to me and now……where are they? Playing golf and I'm dealing with getting rid of their prescriptions……..hope they burn in hell. I don't feel that way about PT's, thankfully.

  2. All good but a great PT can do more in 3+ sessions than exercises alone or the standard, drive-thru PT that most docs will to send you to. Someone good actually needs to work on your shoulder to help/assess! When I fought for over a year with my insurance to get a really good PT, I finally got mobility, flexibility and then strength in the shoulder by her actually working on it, in addition to varied exercises that are tailored to my problem. Saved me from shoulder surgery.

  3. Great job guys! Awesome job keep it up! You guys inspired us to make our own channel to keep helping people and give them the right information. As a doctor and OT we will follow your lead. Come check us out. Lets make our community healthy!

  4. I got frozen shoulder thanksgiving night and is the most painful pain worse then ha being a kid for 10 day I now have a bit of movement now

  5. Bob & Brad,I am from INDIA…I have noticed that in villages, there are hardly any Frozen Shoulder cases …
    My observation lead me to this-They were basically FARMERS, and they DUG there fields with SPADE(Basically, both hands go up & down while digging)…That DIGGING MOVEMENT/POSTURE was the PERFECT WAY to avoid/cure FROZEN SHOULDER PAIN..
    I had Frozen Shoulder last year…Bought a spade,And started DIGGING in the little backyard ..and I got RELIEF IMMEDIATELY…And in a week's time, the SHOULDER joints were pain free…So,sharing my experience..might be helpful to many…

  6. i love the intros lol the pictures just hanging out at some random tree lol do more goofy pics! and you gotta love " hi bob shropp physical therea, Brad Heineck Physical Together were the most famous physical therapisty in the w – in our opinion of course b- today we have…. lol cutting each other off me and my buddy had a thing we did like that haha

  7. I bought an $18 thick shower curtain rod to use as a buoya stick, you can adjust the height for very long or shorter. It works great, and so inexpensive. The one I chose is very sturdy, oh and it has the rubber ends on it just like real bouya sticks

  8. With FSP since Dec 2019; one of worst ailments ever had! Been to physiatrist doctor, chiropractor and physical therapist. Been doing many of these exercises, used ice pack throughout the day, never just before bedtime though which may help me not get up at 4 in the morning with pain from inflammation. Had small dose of cortisone in Jan 2020; little good;
    this week now on anti-inflammatory pills; little to soon to rate; viewer mentioned Shock Wave Therapy and had one session by chiropractor who recommends 4-6 treatments (need to stop pills 48 hours after). No great change as yet; hope to soon say 'all cured'!!

  9. FYI: unthawed is still frozen…it would be thawed if you're referring to when your shoulder is not frozen anymore 🙂

  10. Great exercises! I thought I had impingement until I saw the video on frozen shoulder. No wonder the more advanced exercises were causing more more pain. I've been doing the shoulder squeezes and will try the pendulum exercises for a bit before moving to the ones involving the stick.

  11. Hey guys, love watching your channel, even if i’m not hurt. My wife recently had open heart surgery, her back and shoulder are killing her! What kind of exercises or stretches might you suggest after that type of surgery?


  12. Good info. Thanks for covering FS.
    I was told have it and I have been doing the exercises you both give as examples. I also find that doing VERY light weights to give it a bit of exercise and movement helps me.
    Good stuff.

  13. Do quite a few people have a tear in their shoulder? Seems that major of people have a tear but no concerns about it. Is that the case??

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