Flex Lewis – IT’S YOU VS. YOU – Bodybuilding Motivation

Flex Lewis – IT’S YOU VS. YOU – Bodybuilding Motivation

I’m a kid from the other side of the world.. Wasn’t given anything easy. Just came over here with WORK ETHIC and a HELL OF A DRIVE to be the best. I just love to prove people wrong.. I’ve been told that all my life, you can’t do this, you can’t do that. I’m like.. I’m gonna prove everybody wrong. All my life I’ve never wanted to be average. I think that’s what drove me into bodybuilding. It’s to the death.. It’s no stone unturned. This is my lifestyle, this is my chosen path. His trademark bodyparts are just so.. FLAWLESS. And so beautiful, that’s the word I would say more than anything. His physique is just put together so beautiful. Bodybuilding is a piece of art. And we’re trying to create that masterpiece. Everyone has a reason to be great.. Yet not everyone has THE HEART to FOLLOW IT THROUGH. Adapt and overcome. I never give up on my dreams. It’s been my dream since I started bodybuilding at 19 years old.. NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS. There’s a lot of people that will doubt you If you’re strong willed and you’re zoned into a a goal and a dream.. Nobody can take that away from you. What goes around, comes around. The day that you become less driven.. Is the day you gonna lose. The only thing you gotta do is WORK for it. And that’s from TODAY. Not tomorrow, not monday… TODAY. So from me to you guys if you wanna go for it, go for it. Because NOBODY can tell you no.. NOBODY. Everything I’ve done throughout the year, throughout the months, throughout the weeks… Through the days, through the minutes.. All came down to that moment on stage. And that’s what’s going on in my head. I never missed a cardio session, I never missed a training session, I never missed a single meal. ALL when everything was going on. I never missed ANYTHING. I focused on that DREAM that GOAL.. If it was easy everybody would be doing it. If you put WORK ETHIC in REWARDS happen. Anything is possible.

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  1. ''Bodybuilding is a piece of art and we're trying to create that masterpiece. I'm a kid from the other side of the world, wasn't given anything easy just came over here with work ethic and a hell of a drive to be the best. If you put work ethic in, rewards happen. Anything is possible.'' -Flex

  2. Work ethic! That's what bodybuilding is?? period!
    Just fall in love with your work nick ? amazing video with an amazing champion??

  3. another pumping video from Nick that i will add to my list of mental fuel for my workouts! watching these video's really gets me started for my daily workout regimen. keep'em coming brother!

  4. Just Goosebumps off what a video just phenomenal work and the music is soooo amazing it's just create a lot Positive Energy.Nickvision hats off to your hardwork ???????plz plz Don't stop your work plzz make more videos like this one

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  6. Hey guys I’m an 18 y/o bodybuilder in college, think that you guys could potential find what i have to say interesting ! Please support. Much love

  7. Yay another motivational video by someone too impatient to put in the real time, come motivate me yet again without telling me to use gear, yet gear the only fucking reason you’re that big that young to make said “motivational” videos. Why not title it, “what you too can do on roids!”

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