Fitness, Weight Loss, & Muscle Gain, 3 Rules for Success Along Your Fitness Journey Vicsnatural

Fitness, Weight Loss, & Muscle Gain, 3 Rules for Success Along Your Fitness Journey Vicsnatural

Hi friends, its Victor Costa here, peace love and muscles. Hope you’re doing well. Hope you’re having an outstanding day I would like to share with you some very basic rules today for fitness success. And so let’s get right into it So the first rule is really focusing on micronutrients rather than macros I know it’s cooler and tougher to talk about Macros and how much protein you’re getting how much carbs you’re getting and how much fat you’re getting and it’s not really as cool to discuss the Micronutrient aspect of things the vitamins the minerals the essence of the food, but that is really where the nutrition lies of course, we want to have the macronutrients Covered the carbs the proteins and fats. We want to have those in order so to speak if you’re curious about what I do It’s about 50% carbs and then I break down The other 50% of my diet between protein and fats usually around 35% protein 15 percent fat so that’s my macros. But what is the essence of that food? And I think that’s where we’re kind of getting lost I think the Iifym if it fits in your macros has been sort of a popular theme and people will just kind of throw Anything if it fits into those categories? but what we really want to find is nutrient-dense foods things that have a lot of nutrition in them a lot of micronutrients that really build up the essence of those macros So that’s something that I’d really love for you to focus on instead of paying so much attention to the macros I’d like you to focus on the micros that is really the essence of nutrition. That is what is more subtle it shows up in the texture of your muscles your alertness the decision making that you make the way you sleep the your demeanor the Texture of your hair skin and nails the way you look the way you appear the brightness in your eyes those things are elements of nutrition that are really more subtle and maybe not as cool to talk about and maybe We don’t talk about them enough, but you have to start somewhere. So let’s do this Make sure that even if you’re a bodybuilder and you’re just focused on getting huge and everything that you you focus at least on some Vegetables, of course have at least two servings of vegetables green leafy vegetables You could have kale you could have broccoli. You could have Swiss chard you could have collard greens but focus on at least getting two servings of of something like that that has Real essence to it real essentials, you know it also a lot of people Eat eggs, but they throw away the yellows the yellow is really where the nutrition is The protein of the protein of course is in the white, but there is a lot of nutrients in the yellows and I think we should maybe throw one or two in there right when you’re making your Shake or you’re making your omelet or whatever So don’t discard those because you hear about the cholesterol the fat and all the other stuff. There’s a there’s an Essence to an egg that really has a lot of micronutrients in the yellow. So that’s something that’s one of the fit rules The second one is sleep. And of course, I live in New York City the city that never sleeps and We are paying for it dearly and that also the are sleep tends to show up In the way that we live our lives how we feel our decision-making the way we react the way we act the way we think on a Day-to-day basis and some people walk around completely exhausted all the time. And I believe that there’s two of them There’s the person who could be potentially optimally Nourished with their sleep and then there’s who they are on a day to day basis and you know if you don’t get enough sleep You’re kind of cranky. Well, some people have adopted that manner of being As how they are that’s part of their homeostasis, that’s kind of perpetual for them And I really think that we could really change our lives by getting a little bit more sleep now Believe it or not We don’t know that we’re sleep-deprived until we get a little bit more sleep and feel better Life kind of works like that in Reverse. So I’d love for you to get a little bit more sleep I speak to some really awesome neurologists and they tell me about seven hours of sleep Is is a good amount but for those of us who are really laying it out there every day with our training and our fitness I think we need a little bit more so I would go for eight hours I know that you think that it’s there’s an element of laziness and sleep and you have other things to do but sleep is very Important it’s an active activity because you are actively taking care of yourself and actively taking care of your health and I just wanted to remind you that it is extremely important and the next thing is really About goal setting, you know setting a goal is really sort of the ultimate expression of self-esteem You have to have self-esteem or you have to have some Audacity to set a goal a lot of us avoid setting goals because we’re afraid that we’re not going to reach that goal And that’s really has more to do with not being Not being equipped to reach the goal But it’s having the self-esteem to lay something out there and say I would like to achieve this or the audacity To say that I would like to achieve this in goal-setting really is sort of the ultimate expression of self-esteem So I’m here to offer you that you know, the self esteem that you’re looking for is already inside of you It’s it’s not something that you can really get from the outside You know You are a remarkable person capable of a million things of many things and everything and I really believe in that And I believe in people and they can I can see that from all the people that I’ve worked with throughout the years that people are Capable of remarkable things when they just believe that they can so I want you to start believing in yourself a little bit more That’ll help you gain that self-esteem which will help you get the audacity to set a goal and to go for it so these are some simple rules for Health and fitness and success in the fitness game, so to speak and guys. I hope you love my content I love delivering it to you Please follow me on Instagram and Facebook at Vic’s natural and you can go to my website Peace fix natural calm and of course, I wish you all the best in good health. Please stay natural. Peace, love and muscles Take care of yourselves. Bye. Bye

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  1. I have a question
    I know you don’t take any supplements which is great but I would like to know how many grams of protein are you taking ?
    Thanks Vic

  2. The biggest mistake i made was listening to professional bodybuilders that were saying "eat big to get big" little did i know that as a natural eating big would make me fatter not bigger

  3. Awesome video brother. Especially the sleep deprivation aspect. Often overlooked. That is a battle i never can seem to win. Commute, work all day, commute home… workout for an hour, eat and oh look…it’s already 11pm LOL Weekends i use for sleep recovery unfortunately!

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