Fitness Makeover: Fave Apps, Exercises, Tips on Healthy Eating + MORE!

Fitness Makeover: Fave Apps, Exercises, Tips on Healthy Eating + MORE!

– Hey friends, welcome back to my channel. I’m AmandaMuse and we are gonna be talking all about fitness and health
and what I’ve been doing because I have made some
serious changes since the fall. It was long overdue and you know what? I don’t think that there’s ever like a moment where you need to consider that you failed at something. Life ebbs and flows, am I right? And over the course of my life, I have been fitter than others, I’ve been pregnant,
I’ve been 70 pounds up, I’ve been 10 pounds underweight. Like it varies, okay? And what I’m finding
that now at 35 years old, I would like to implement some changes into my life that are gonna stick. It’s not a fad. I’m not doing anything that’s
like a flash in the pan. I’m just starting to seriously
take my health seriously. Sorry that I said that word twice, but I think you get what I’m saying. So without further ado,
let’s jump into it. I’m not going to go too
far in the history books because you’re going to
find a bunch of videos right up here in the
I, or maybe it’s here, I never point in the right direction. But I have documented health journeys in my life in the past. Now where I’m at is that I
have two school-aged children. My son is in the senior kindergarten and my daughter is in the third grade and I work from home
and I’m realizing that in order for me to be the
best version of myself, I really need to take care of myself, and when I don’t it shows. I fall into a little bit of
a dip and it’s hard for me to get out of it. And so end of 2018, early
2019, I really started to go for it with the fitness. I joined a gym, I was
changing how I was eating and, oh my god, did I see some changes. And then a whole bunch of shit happened. We bought a house, our son
had to have his tonsils and adenoids removed. It was hard, I didn’t have a workspace like this whole space, which PS, I’ll be doing a reveal quite soon. But then the fall came and I’ve noticed in the past few years that
once the fall arrives, I’m real good until
about the end of October. The days start getting shorter, I live in Ontario in Canada, so you start to get the seasonal shift and my mood is impacted
and it really sucked. And then I had some
personal things going on which really just
compounded the situation, and essentially I kind of
crawled into a little hole, covered myself with leaves and
just sat there for a minute. Well, in that process when I finally stood up out of the hole, I’m like 10 pounds heavier. My mood is really shit, I’m not eating what I should be eating. I honestly am feeling terrible. So, similar to the end of 2018, I said that’s enough of this. I know what I need to be doing and I know I can be better
and I said to myself, “Amanda, you deserve to
feel better in your life.” If you write down on paper all the things that you have in terms of love and community and support,
I’ve got the things. What is not working? ‘Cause I was feeling pretty low and I just decided to
start moving my body. So, I started here at home. I put down my yoga mat
right in my office here and I had some weights and
I just started working out, but just to kind of bring you up to speed to where I am now, I started using the sweat app which is part of the BBG program. I’ve heard a lot of people talk about that over the last couple years really. And I tried it and I used
their beginner program which was a really wonderful
tool to get me back into the habit of moving my body and to really think about healthy movement and tracking your exercise and getting into that mode again. I also have a Fitbit and I love Fitbit and like everybody that I
love has one, my dad has one. I’m pretty sure my mom has one. My kids both have the
trackers, the ones for kids. My husband has one. I find that my fitness tracker is a huge, huge component of my fitness because I personally
love seeing it be tracked and I feel proud of myself when I see that at the end of the week I
almost hit a 100,000 steps. Like, that’s really exciting to me. But back to the program,
I was using the sweat app, the beginner program,
and I really enjoyed it. I must admit though I
started to get a little bored and I felt like once
my fitness got back up to where I was before, I didn’t want to use it
anymore and I do like the way that the program is set up in the sense that it really helps you
have a great fitness regimen. So, it gets you into the habit of stretching before
and after your workout. Documenting your body as it
changes and gets stronger and you can see the
progress you’re making, feeling like you’re part of a community. I love all of that, but one of my favorite fitness
ladies, Whitney Simmons, went and launched her own app, which I am obsessed with, I love it. It doesn’t have all the bells and whistles that the sweat app has, but it’s okay because I track all of
my fitness on my own, and I just really like going in there and having the structured fitness programs that I can do at the gym or at home. I love Whitney Simmons,
I love her physique, I love her attitude toward fitness and I just love her workouts. I have been following her
on Instagram for a long time and that’s one of the hacks
that I use when I go to the gym. I don’t know what I’m doing,
I’m not a fitness instructor, but I like to follow a structured, do 10 sets of this and ten sets of that. So, that’s what I’m doing right now. I try to go to the gym
like five times a week which might seem excessive, but I do work from home and
I allocate time in my day to do that and since I’ve now
sort of gotten comfortable with my fitness level where I’m at, I’m not working out at home as much and I feel far more confident now to be back at the gym ’cause
sometimes I feel like there’s a confidence level that
comes with like feeling good at the gym and I’m back into it and I’m in that groove now of feeling good and excited about fitness
every day, it takes time. I think it took me like five weeks, so if you’re like three
weeks into working out and you still just feel like
you’re dragging your ass, it’ll come, okay, I promise
and I feel really good. So, without further ado, I’m gonna jump into your questions and hopefully I’ll be able
to tackle as much as possible and if I’m not able to
answer all the questions in this video, I guarantee
I’ll be making another one. A friend of mine, Marcin he says, “How do you not eat
everything in your path “after an incredible workout?” Okay, this is valid because
you do a really hard workout and you’re like I’m just famished, right? Coming back to what I was
saying at the beginning of the video, paying real close attention to what I’m eating. I’m trying to eat better, so
foods that are a slow burn. We’ve been having energy balls, so I’ll bring an energy
ball with me to the gym and then I have my protein
shake when I get home or like today I was at the gym and I had to run to the dentist, so I bought a protein
shake, like a mixed one. It was not great but I drank half of it and it just fills you up full of protein and then you feel full and your body, it’s like slower to burn off the energy that you’ve just consumed,
so you feel okay. I’m trying to always have snacks. Apples, I already said the energy balls. I also plan my workouts between meals, so after a really great workout, if Dean’s with me,
we’ll often go for lunch and have a nice bowl of pho. The protein, protein and just being ready. Like, planning your food. Frau Liao said, “Meal planning ideas?” If you missed it, I have a
video that I just put out there and it’s loaded full of
tips and apps that I’m using and how I’ve been planning all of this. So, click the I. You know the drill, one side or the other, and it’ll link you to that. It was a week of meals and
I made five, was it five? I think I shared five weeknight meals and that was the first week that I had started planning and prepping and it’s now like week five or four and we’re still going strong. In fact, my 30-day free
trial for the plan to eat app that I was using just expired and I actually bought the
year, I never buy apps. Look at me talking about two
apps that I’ve purchased, so that just goes to show you like I’m really seeing this investment in my health as a priority. it’s been something my
whole life that I just, or adult life I should say, I’ve just never been able
to get my shit together to get proper meals on the table. Dean’s a great cook, I never
considered myself a good cook. The fact is I can whip up a great meal. I can follow a recipe to a
tee and it tastes delicious and so I’m just really flexing
that strength that I have and check out that video. It’ll give you a lot more tips
about what I’ve been up to. How do you find motivation to workout? This is Sophie. Honestly, I’ve said this before, and people always say this and I always think it sounds like garbage, but it is so true. Once you start working
out, once your body starts to produce those feel-good hormones, is it endorphins, is it dopamine? That might be something else. It is addictive, like I feel so good. I feel alert, I feel like I’m feeding my body the right foods. It’s functioning as it should be, I’m regular as heck. Like, I just feel good
and I love that feeling of like your muscles are a bit tired because you’ve worked them really hard. I love the feeling of seeing all the little circles closed on my app. I know like on the iPhone or
the iWatch or Apple watch, whatever it’s called, like
circles actually close. On the app it does that on Fitbit. I love having Fitbit challenges with my dad and my kids even. So, it just feels damn good and I’m like if this feels so good,
I want it every day. If not almost every day. And feeling like it’s so exciting to see what your body can do, and it’s a different type of challenge. I don’t know, but I’m not at an age where I’m doing track
meets or having dance offs with friends or something
exciting and fun. I don’t know why dance-off came to mind, but you know what I’m saying. So, this is a really fun way to challenge yourself physically and it feels so exciting when you bench press a certain amount or you deadlift a certain amount or you’re seeing the
definition in your biceps. Like it’s all very exciting and I find that extremely motivating. JustJessyB, you know
there was Mahshidkianfar. They both were asking like
where do I find my exercises? How do I know what I’m
doing kind of thing? There’s a lot of ways you can pay for apps which I’ve done that way
and I enjoy that way. You can also follow some of
your favorite fitness people on Instagram, which I
personally like to do, because when I’m at the
gym I can just slide through their videos and they
show you how to do the workout and they give you the
workout program at the bottom and I’ll do a full one of those or sometimes I do upper
body and then I’ll add an ab workout or I like to find cardio routines to switch
it up on the treadmill so I’m not just like
walking for half an hour. I need to be constantly
entertained almost. I need to switch it up. I do get very bored at the gym, so that’s what I like to do. If you are working out from home, there are so many incredible
workouts on YouTube. I love to take rest days and when I do, I like to workout from home,
usually a yoga routine. Yoga with adriene, one of my favorites. I’ll link her channel below. Although you probably know who she is. She has a really chill vibe. I think we’d be such good friends, but I love her workouts
and I like to do those. There’s also cool little hip workouts. I mean there’s so much. A channel that I really
like for at-home workouts is Fitness Blender. It’s a husband and wife duo. I feel like they just
have a lot of a variety you can do like kickboxing
Dean and I did one day. We also did some kettlebell workouts, so there’s a lot of options. And Jessica Holdsworth said, “Where’s the poutine, Amanda?” Girl, I just had a poutine on Sunday. Listen, I’m all about moderation. So, even The Rock. Dwayne Johnson, he even says, who is fit as fuck, right? Excuse my French but like hello. He works out I think five days a week and he loves the way his body looks, but he also says like you can’t
reduce your calorie intake and be working out all the
time and never have a cheat day or a day where you’re
eating foods that you enjoy or drinking that glass of wine or two or three or whatever. So, on Sunday I took my daughter skating. We had a little mommy-daughter
date, it was so fun. Actually, I shared a
little video on Instagram if you want to go check it out. And we had a treat beforehand. She loves tacos, I had a poutine and then we went skating and then we had a little
Starbucks treat after and I had a cookie. Like I’m not depriving myself,
I love to eat those things. What I have been doing, however, is making burgers at home and
being conscious of the food and ingredients I’m
putting in into the burger, for example, instead of going and swinging through the drive-thru and adding a coke and adding fries and add add add. It’s like I’m making my own meals at home. I’m sure this question will come up, but kind of related to the poutine thing, and prioritizing meal planning and meal prep and all of that is naturally I’ve been
paying attention to the food that’s going into my body
and the impact that it has. And a nice feature on the Fitbit is that you can track your food intake. So, I started doing that about a month ago and it’s not something I
intend on keeping up forever, but it’s been a nice shift to really pay attention
to what I’m eating, how much of it that
I’m eating and drinking and I love me some Coca-Cola, like full fat coke and all of these things and how it’s impacting my body. So, I’ve been attempting
to reduce my sugar intake. I’m not a huge fan of eating sweets, but I do love coke and that
has a lot of sugar in it. Over the last six weeks, both Dean and I and
actually we go into this in a podcast if you’re curious, so I’ll link that below and his reasons for changing his lifestyle, which PS, update, the man has lost eight pounds. I am shocked, shocked. We have reduced our dairy intake, we have reduced our red meat intake and I have been really attempting to reduce my sugar intake and really paying
attention to portion size. So, I don’t deprive myself. I eat my three meals a
day, but in the afternoon when I start to dip, instead of reaching for a
bagel, which is delicious, I get myself an apple and I chop it up and I put some peanut butter on the side and I have a nice herbal tea and at the end of it that actually provides me with more energy and is better for my body than the piece of lemon cake
that’s sitting on the counter. The point I’m trying to make is that when it’s a slow transition, your body and your brain has a chance to adapt to the lifestyle
that you’re trying to create and there’s less of a failure rate because it’s just
becoming part of your day. it doesn’t have to be this
super extreme experience. You tailor it to your
physical capabilities, your needs, your goals. So, that’s my one thing is this summer I really, really, really need to continue to prioritize my health and feeling good and I feel like by the summer the habits will be in place in such a way with the
food, with the planning, with the meal preparation and everything, that I’ll be in a good place. So, that’s something
that I’m really trying to pay attention to so much so actually that I’m tempted to actually sign up for a 5k this summer so that
I don’t fall off the map. I am not a runner. I do run on the treadmill
in intervals type of thing, so I’m not like really equipped
to do a 5k I don’t think, but it’s something in
my mind that I’m like if I set myself up for a 5k,
then I’m gonna work towards that goal and if that run is in July, then I gotta keep working out until July. Because once the kids get back to school and September rolls around, I always fall back into
a really great routine and I think I just got to give
myself a little bit of grace, but also be proactive, you feel me? That’s it, guys, that is my fitness update for February 2020, I hope you enjoyed it. Talking about the day of
love, which is tomorrow, how about we just we love
this, we love the self? We put some love back
inwards into what we eat, into how we take care of our bodies because, damn, I’m feeling good. Like, comparison to
how I felt in November, I feel like a whole
different person, honestly, a whole different person. All right guys, thank
you for your support. Thank you for your questions. Hit the like button,
subscribe if you’re new. I’m gonna see you in a week. All right guys, bye. (optimistic music)

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