Exercises to Strengthen Glutes & Protect Knees: Must Know This!

Exercises to Strengthen Glutes & Protect Knees: Must Know This!

56 thoughts on “Exercises to Strengthen Glutes & Protect Knees: Must Know This!

  1. I've done plenty of bridges, of course, but I've also had a PT prescribe the modified exercise where you lean your shoulders off a weight bench, put a weight on your stomach & do the same thing. Honest to goodness, I don't see how it helps. Other than having a weight piled on your gut, it doesn't feel any different on the glutes. What's the rationale? Or is it just one of those things where you just take for granted its extra help even though it doesn't feel any different?

  2. Watching your videos has helped enormously. I can now play ice hockey again without pain, other than from taking slap shots to the shins.

  3. Bob and Brad, Thank goodness you have this channel. I got tnr this last Monday. This is the most painful surgery ever!!! I will “think “ about having this surgery again for the other knee. And I am 57 years old. I cannot imagine people doing this in there 80’s. They have to be mentally strong! I watched you two before and after this surgery. You come off as being very friendly and caring. I can also tell you are good friends too. Whenever I just want to give up, I watch you two. You guys make me feel better. Thank you. Peace be with you both and your families too.☺️

  4. You guys are awesome keep up with your videos. I have followed your videos for about a year now and just by doing the suggested exercises and sticking to it. I have lost 30 pounds kept it off and I never get the back pain I had before. I suffer from sciatica in both legs and a spinal curvature that occured from a car accident i use to have chronic pain and now I have little to no pain. Thank you so much you both saved my life with these videos. Your truly good people. Bless you both Bob & Brad 🤩

  5. I don’t understand why you didn’t mention standing and on the floor leg lifts to the rear. Aren’t they good?

  6. Have y’all made a Achilles video? Every once in a while when i exercise (running or sports) my Achilles gets a big pain every time I put pressure on it…I don’t know if it’s not stretching properly or what but stretching does somewhat work but not completely

  7. Guys, could you up the volume of your audio during the video please? It's very low if you compare it with the theme tune, or most other videos on YouTube.


  8. I recently pulled (probably shredded) the muscle tissues on left leg way up into the glute and around crotch area. it's been four weeks now and I have it wrapped, using TENS. This is good stuff; can't wait to try this when I can. Right now, I still cannot bend and reach. Thank you.

  9. I think some of the squat information is incorrect. Such as your hips should go to the level of the knees at least for full range of motion and also biomechanically some people will have their knee go past their toes for reasons such as ratio of torso to leg length

  10. Well as one who has had knee problems for a very long time, the best way of doing squats is
    Face the wall, while your toes are actually touching the wall. You’ll be surprised by how little you can squat. This way the knees don’t go over the toes, and you don’t make you knee’s problems worse.

  11. Been doing everything WRONG ,,,,!!!!!!! THANK U SOOOO MUCHO FROM DIANA FROM PUERTO RICO. Can’t wait to practice this the right way.

  12. What is your reccomendation fir cervical straightening pain? I've been through chiropractic and physical rehab with no relief

  13. I cannot avoid the arc of the knee during the step up. I have bone spurs somewhere according to MRI so I suspect I'm weighting and unweighting different planes as I click and arc in pain. Twenty-five years ago I needed Speedplay Frogs as bike pedals because they allowed lower leg to rotate throughout each revolution. Can't even make a complete revolution of bike pedals in PT. You guys fixed my sciatica. Going to search for iliotibial band help from you guys. Don't want that total knee amputation surgery!

  14. I had done my ACL operations nearly 7 months ago but I don't have balance in my knee while walking and knees get skid when I walk.i do swimming and cycling regularly.what has went wrong with my surgery??

  15. I'm a powerlifter. Watching you explain how to squat was very entertaining. The best way to relieve back pain and increase viability as a senior is to strength train. Deadlift, squat, bench press, overhead press. Obviously, recovery time is longer for someone of that age and more caution must be taken, but it does not remove the fact that strength is key to longevity. Here is a video of a 91-year-old woman who started strength training. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3585w9FmOGs Here is an excellent book on training above 40. https://www.amazon.com/Barbell-Prescription-Strength-Training-After/dp/0982522770/ref=sr_1_1?crid=1E711S7X8TOBP&keywords=barbell+prescription&qid=1562196306&s=gateway&sprefix=barbell+p%2Caps%2C139&sr=8-1 It is more "healthy" to be slightly overweight and strong than it is to be weak and skinny. Flexibility will come with time. You will never get strong by stretching and doing bodyweight exercises. Cheers, Joseph

  16. You guys always cheer me up! The world is in dire straights..but there is, thankfully, Bob And Brad to make us all feel better in more ways than 1.

  17. Great.. exercise.. I choose the horse stance… an old karate muscle builder…. kinda hard to explain… google it

  18. Shoulder tendonitis impingement, do you have any videos on what type of exercises I can do in the hot tub for this? Thank you in advance

  19. Thank you. I have been watching for awhile and getting lots of help from you two and it's about time I thank you. Lots of good information from all your videos!

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