ERSTES POSING VOR DER DIÄT – Powerlifter goes Bodybuilding Ep.1

ERSTES POSING VOR DER DIÄT – Powerlifter goes Bodybuilding Ep.1

For myself I would like to get on stage… …on a Bodybuilding stage. I wanna do it just for fun. I like that Sherry. I like that very much! Try to…exactly…your look is very important, too. Turn your knee so you can see the cuts more. And now hold this position for a while. *Voice of Navigation System* This is my Navigation System. This is the first Episode of our documentation about my journey to the Bodybuilding Stage this year. Now we drive the “Fitnesstreff Wentorf” (Gym). Mike Noorbin trains there. He is a former Bodybuilder who gets active for the bodybuilding stage again. Since I never posed before and I don’t know anything he provides himself to help me and help me on my whole Bodybuilding Journey. This is the first time and lets see what happens. Hello, I’m Mike Noorbin. I’m 35 years old and a enthusiastic Bodybuilder. I probably got that from my father who was a weightlifter and very successful earning many titles. I entered some Bodybuilding Competitions myself and had a gym for 10 years. Now I work as a personal trainer since several years. I was astonished when Sherry the Powerlifting Legend called me and asked me to help him for his first Bodybuilding Competition. Surely I was honored and said yes! Now we are about to start his Journey. I personally have to lose much fat before I go on Stage myself. So first we do the lineup? That means I come in like… Right, and then the lineup starts. Lineup is on of the poses you have to hold for a long time. Sometimes it’s between 10 to 20 seconds. It depends on how much Athletes compete. Lineup is your pose, you do it very good. What do you think it looks like when you are hard? Now Double Biceps: Hold your legs and body tension. Now they call you to the front and say “Double Biceps” which is this one. Your legs… Your legs must be almost in constant tension. Your lats must come out. The elbows up. Try to make yourself bigger. Push your lats out. You look brutal from behind. You need more tension on the left side.. I know, it cramps right? You must hold the lineup pose the whole time even if they don’t call to the front. If you’re not called…. let’s say there are 10 competitiors and the judges call number 1, 2 and 3. If you are not one of them you gotta hold the pose behind anyway. You can’t say I wait unitll they call me. Now try to make a fluent transition. And then do this one. Your hands a little higher. More tension on your legs. This is beautiful. Lats are definetly your strength. Now Side Chest pose. What ever side you want. One more thing… Wow, you got big calves. You can probably crack nuts with it. …your left foot must be on the middle of your right foot. Go down a little bit. Push your legs together so it appears bigger. Now pull your arm back. Can you try the other side? I know you have a torn muscle but this is unimportant in this case because… Look how your chest pops out. Watch, if you pull it back I can’t see a torn muscle. You know what I mean? Because you stretch your chest back. I think you also stand more relaxed. On this pose you can make yourself shorter because the judges down there wanna see your legs. Now lineup from behind. Can I adjust you? Spread the legs more. I know it’s weird, right? Now do a double biceps from behind. So they can see your big arms. Bend your left knee more. And now lat spread from behind. The lat pose is your strength I can say that already. Damn.. It cramps right? The Calves cramp like hell. It will not get better when you do your diet. It will be worse. Actually when you practise it will be ok. Tilt backwards… I fall down. I really have to practice. I mean it is your first time. The audience has to understand it’s the very first time. Ok, and now lat pose. Wow, this is just amazing. Very wide… Like that.. so you stand like a banana. I know its uncomfortable for you… Now a fluent transition to the lat pose. Thats it! This is how it has to look like! Always transition fluently. Make yourself wide. You can begin like that and pull your arm back like this. You can basically do it how you want it. I don’t know which side is better. I think it’s more relaxed on this side and it shows better. We must see later when you get tanned. Yes, the left side is better. Right, you stand more relaxed. You are not hard yet… I’m not flexible yet. When I lose fat I can move way better. Too much mass right now. Later when your belly is gone, it’ll be significantly easier. I’m not very flexible either right now. And how I said your triceps is important here. Also I can show you some more tricks… …but later, not right now. Also not in front of the camera so they don’t know our secrets. Abs and Thighs… Abs and Thighs? It’s this one. The last pose. Here you can also show your arms. Hands behind the head. I can also see your lats here. Breathe out. You can see how it looks when I pull your skin back. Breathe out Sherry! Play with your legs. I wanna see your quads. Yeah, this is it! Nice, but dont move so fast. Just so they can see you got something. Also the other side sometimes. So they can see both sides are good. I didn’t think it’ll be so hard.

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  1. Hallo Liebe Leute,
    es gibt eine wichtige Neuerung!
    Alle neuen Videos von Sherry erscheinen AB SOFORT auf seinem eigenen YouTube Channel. Den Link dazu findet Ihr oben in der Videobeschreibung.
    Hier auf Fitolution erscheinen seine Videos vorerst nicht mehr. Jedoch bleibt der Kameramann und die Qualität genauso gut und evtl sogar besser!!

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