Does Jumping Rope Build Calf Muscle?

Does Jumping Rope Build Calf Muscle?

We’ve all heard of the amazing benefits jump
rope has from enhanced spatial awareness, increased agility. The amazing weight loss benefits it has to
it but does it really help build calf muscle? We’re going to be finding out in this video. Hey what’s up guys, Leon here. Helping you achieve your fitness goals faster
with simply a jump rope. Here on this channel, we do a lot of “how
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to check out the show notes in the description below. There I’ll be writing everything I’m going
to be saying here as well as extra information and any other links. To answer this question we’re going to have
to look at two completely different types of exercises. The first one is strength training. Also known as weight lifting. When you weight lifts, you’re breaking down
the muscle. And it is during the recovery or the rebuilding
phase where the muscle grows stronger and bigger. The second one is endurance training. Endurance training is when you’re doing something
with a low intensity but during a high frequency. And jump rope falls into endurance training. What happens inside the muscle when you’re
doing endurance training is very different from when you’re doing strength training. Easily said, endurance training trains your
muscle to general more energy when it’s needed. This is done in the mitochondria of the muscle. I’m not going to be diving into this, but
I’ve linked very interesting articles I’ve found about the mitochondria and about hypertrophy
which is the process of the muscle breaking down, and how it recovers to become bigger
stronger. Endurance training often results in building
lean muscle. Building lean muscle basically means that
you’re building strong explosive muscle. But it won’t build the bulky muscle you often
get when lifting weights. So the short answer to this video is, yes
jump rope does help you build calf muscle, but it is not the muscle you might expect. It is not the big bulky muscle that is more
here for aesthetics or to boost your ego, then a strong powerful which is lean muscle.e
This is where I would usually recommend to go, hit the gym and do some calf raises. But, I won’t be doing this because this video
and this video is all about jumping rope, and I know that there’s a solution for everything. So we mentioned strength training at first
for a reason. We needed to understand why strength training
builds muscle. And it’s because you have high intensity for
low periods of time. Which you would usually get when lifting heavy
weights. So we’re going to try to replicate this exact
phenomenon, with jump rope. To do so, I came up with two exercises you
might like. The first one is adding weight on your body. Which means you can wear a weight jacket,
of you can put some types of weight straps around your body. This is going to make you heavier and put
more resistance on your calves when jumping. I would recommend you to do three sets of
one minute each time every time you train for the best results. But I’m sure that a weighted jacket isn’t
something you have at home in your bedroom waiting for you in your closet. So the second option might be easier for you. The second option is doing double unders. Try doing double unders, and it won’t be long
until you start feeling this burn in your calves. This is exactly what you want to feel to build
muscle. So I would recommend you when you’re training
to do five sets of thirty seconds of double unders. You’re definitely going to be feeling your
calves burning when doing that. There’s something important I need to mention
though. Doing those two types of exercices, addingnweights
to your body or doing double unders puts a lot of pressure on your joints or on your
shins. Which is why I would recommend you to use
caution and to use your own judgment when doing those exercises. Listen to your body. You body knows if it can jump for one minute
with a weighted vest, it knows if you can not do more then 20 seconds of double unders. And you have to listen to it. Those two exercises should help replicate
the increased resistance setting you have in the gym. So in conclusion, jumping rope is going to
help you gain lean muscle but not the bulky muscle you would usually aim for when doing
weightlifting. Yet there are some things you can do inn parallel
of your jump rope that will help you build muscle. The first one is actually hitting weights. I’m going to be linking a cool calf workout
from a buddy that you should check out if you’re interested. Or the second one is switching up your jump
rope workout by adding up some weights on your body or doing or doing double unders. Anyway guys, thanks for watchiing this video
I really appreciate the time you’ve spent listening to me and I’m looking forward to
seeing you next week. Until then, take care of yourself and lets
keep jumping.

12 thoughts on “Does Jumping Rope Build Calf Muscle?

  1. Team Mentor!! Thank you so much for pausing your busy day to watch this nugget of information! Please stay awesome, and let's keep jumping ??

  2. Wow nice explanation. Great keep it up! Nice man doing research. Atleast we know it strengthens muscle but not make it bigger. Thanks

  3. I just got back from thailand, i was there training muay thai and every damn trainer and fighter had calves the size of baseballs, skipping twice a day and running twice a day .. the answer is yes jump rope builds calf muscle hypertrophy/ size. Dont believe me, then fuck off to thailand and see for yourself

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