Dodge House of Power | The Fast Saga

Dodge House of Power | The Fast Saga

There is a house that stands strong. Built on a foundation of fury, grit and muscle. And home to only a few. The brave, the chosen. Domestic, not domesticated. This is our house. Some think it’s haunted. Wicked in the walls. Full of monsters. Myths. And legends. This is the house of Dodge. Welcome to the brotherhood of muscle.

100 thoughts on “Dodge House of Power | The Fast Saga

  1. Dodge can I have a challenger? I'm not asking for the Demon, But can I at least have the scat pack challenger? PRETTY PLEASE!!! I'll suk yo…

  2. Envious ones talk smack about our big beautiful beasts, but the gen3 hemis are incredible and speaks volumes for em. If we were any lighter, l can't imagine how much more the fanboys would be whining and continuously blowing doors off left & right….Is why, Mopar or no car baby !! 🤟🏼

  3. If you look at the statistics it's not really that good Chevy breaks down a lot do you want a very heavy car you buy a Dodge that's why they call it a Dodge because you better get out the way because it cannot slow down 😂

  4. Mustang can't handle terms dodgers have the worst brakes because they're too heavy and Chevy's break down all the time you want a car that last buy a Toyota lol 😂

  5. Thanks Dodge. Had my dodge dart sense I left high school. Saved money after I graduated from college. Went to a dealership to pick up a 0 milage Charger Scat. Had the car for 4 months now with only 4k miles on it. I'm still learning the car and men I love every penny. Thank for the ride. Looking to own a viper one day.

  6. Dodge you guys better not be playing with our emotions with that hellcat badging on that Durango!!!! 😎😎😎😎

  7. I feel bad for other car manufacturers cause you can’t deny dodge makes the most baddest looking cars out there! Challenger looks so sweet with hellcat/demon engine. Then there’s Dodge Charger which is like beefed up sedan and it looks sooo so mean. So mean just looking at it gave me anxiety. Then a 7 row durango who can tow a boat, bring the squad to the party but also go high speeds that it’s mean looking and big that it reminds of the whale from the old Pinocchio movie! Dodge and jeep is killing the game. Especially with trackhawk and durango acting like Godzilla and mothra! Don’t get me wrong I love corvette, and mustang but you already know those cars go fast! Dodge and jeep companies are doing experiments to their cars!!!!! Soon!!! I will get my own hellcat Charger or durango srt

  8. I’m sitting on 3 srt products right now…2012 300srt,2019 Durango srt and a 2016 challenger hellcat 6spd….I like the product..but how long are they goin to remix the same 2011 generation platforms??

  9. One of the best minutes I've ever spent! One of my favorite songs, favorite movie franchise, and my favorite cars. What an epic combo!

  10. Social studies teacher: Anyone know what a caravan is?
    Social Studies teacher: No, not the Dodge caravan

  11. Dodge durango hellcat 2021 is supposed to come out at April 2020 car show. I'm HYPE!

  12. Everybody gonna trade in there SRT Durango for the Hellcat Durango. If it actually does happen😃😃😃😍😍😍

  13. Best frickin car commercial ever!! I don't care what brand you drive …you have to admit this commercial gave you goosebumps!!
    Wtg Vin and awesome job Dodge!!

  14. hello dodge I am a fan of the brand of everything that is to mopar many as I would like and it is necessary that you use the hellepant engine in the durango to defeat the hummer of 1000 hps that is rumored

  15. Dodge has the best marketing out of all the auto industry. It screams testosterone. I’m on my way to purchase a Charger rt I’m excited
    My man said he’s getting a Challenger.
    Imma drive that too.

  16. I see a Durango with Hellcat emblem and a Charger with refresh front but its widebody (dont have de widebody grill) and a DEMON HOOD/WHEELS? its a Charger Redeye AWD coming?!?!?!?!

  17. Why did you kill the dart in America … big muscle is great but some of us like a good 4 banger corner carver…?

  18. the age of super muscle, whether youre a dodge man, ford man, chevy man, these super muscle cars put the world on notice

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