Do This Everyday To Lose Weight | 2 Weeks Shred Challenge

Do This Everyday To Lose Weight | 2 Weeks Shred Challenge

Hey, everyone today’s workout is only 13 minutes and it’s gonna work your whole body. You can do this workout every day if you’re looking for a quick and effective routine, Or you can do this as part of my free two weeks shredding program, which you can find over here. Now this program is all free. So don’t forget to smash that like button subscribe and also turn on the notifications. And if you want to join in on this challenge, don’t forget to leave a comment with your progress or use my hashtag on Instagram or even create a YouTube video like these girls so that we can be there for one another and let’s get started. All right, we have three sets with seven exercises each, five to ten seconds rest and 15 seconds rest in between sets. Let’s kick things off with Crossbody Mountain Climbers. Bring your knee as close to the opposite elbow as possible and keep your core engaged. To keep your core engaged remember to breathe, glutes engage and make sure your core is tight. We’ve got a quick five seconds break and then we’ve got Burpees next. You can do regular burpees or add a push up if you want to. Make sure you do it safe(ly) and not on a slippery mat. So for low impact just take it nice and slow We’ll have a 10 seconds break and next is High Knees make sure your core is engaged and bring your knees up to your hips level do it fast and controlled and remember to breathe. For low impact just bring your knees up without the jump Next we have In-And-Out Squats. Squat down low while engaging your glutes and core and jump back in and repeat Make sure your glutes engage and your back is neutral. For low-impact, you can do the squats without the jump. All right we have Push-Up with Mountain Climber next. Start with the push-up and do two rounds of mountain climbers and repeat. if you can’t do a push-up you can go for just mountain climbers or just knee push-ups. Whichever that you like better Skater Jump is next. It is a really great exercise to keep your heart rate up. Make sure you take a big jump, but be safe guys that’s really important. For low impact, you can do it without the jump The last exercise for set one is Spider-Man plank, this is a great exercise to work the abs, so keep going guys you can do this And that’s the end of set one. We’ve got 15 seconds break or you can take up to a minute break if you want to and We’re gonna kick off the second set with Corkscrew Start by bringing one leg across and touch your shin or you knee with your opposite hand Start slow if you are new to this because it could be quite tricky at first, but it’ll get easier after the first round For low impact just bring the knee across in a high plank position Next we have Plank Jacks. This is super great for your core Make sure your butt is not poking up or dropping down and for low impact you can do it without the jump Next we have Reverse Lunge to work those legs. Make sure you engage your core and your front knee does not pass your front toes And next we’re gonna bring it up a notch with Jumping Lunges. Make sure you land softly and be safe, don’t injure your ankles So if you can’t do the jump just keep going with forward or reverse lunge Up-and-Down Plank is next. This is another really great exercise for the upper body. And for the abs Keep going guys. We are almost done with set two. Next, we’ve Triceps Toe Touch. Touch your toe with your opposite hand make sure you keep your core tight as well The last exercise for the second set is Burpees keep going guys we’re almost there And that’s the end of the second set We’ve got 15 seconds break or you can take up to a minute break if you want to and we’ll kick off the final set With some Planks with Bunny Hops jump both feet to the left and then to the right This is getting more difficult now, but you can do it and for low impact just bring one leg to one side at a time Now we have Jumping Jacks do it fast and controlled and for low-impact, you can just do it without the jump Next we have the Lateral Lunge followed by Curtsy Lunge. Sit your hips back as you do the lateral lunge, then bring your legs behind you and do a curtsy lunge This is a really great exercise for your inner and outer thighs Let’s do the same on the other side, let’s do this. We’re almost there Next we have Heisman This is kind of like a high knee with a lateral jump so jump to the left then bring your opposite knee up Then repeat on the other side. For low-impact, you can take a step to the left or the right instead We have Bicycle Crunch next to work those abs bring on the in touching the opposite elbow and squeeze your abs Make sure you remember to breathe and we’re almost done with the exercise guys. Just one more left to go And the final exercise is High Knee. Go all out for the last exercise You can do this and for low-impact, you can just do it without the jump That’s the workout guys I hope you have enjoyed it Feel free to do this workout every morning or whenever it suits Don’t forget to smash that like button, subscribe, and turn on notifications, and I’ll see you in the next video. Bye

100 thoughts on “Do This Everyday To Lose Weight | 2 Weeks Shred Challenge

  1. Enjoy the new program! As always, full schedule can be found at:
    It includes 5 days extra so you can start TODAY, as the 2 weeks schedule starts from Monday (12/08).

    Working on other programs so stay tuned!

  2. go ahead and ignore this- it’s just for me 🙂

    Day 1: 👍🏻
    Day 2: 👍🏻
    Day 3: 👍🏻
    Day 4: 👍🏻
    Day 5: 👍🏻 today was supposed to be rest day but I switched it with day 6
    Day 6: ? I decided to not take my rest day since I haven’t seen even the slightest change. So today I did the hiit, abs and core & arms and then tomorrow I’ll do the hiit, abs and 11
    Day 7: ~rest~ it’s my moms birthday so 😬
    Day 8: 👎🏻 lost motivation due to bad eating but not gonna get back on track
    Day 9: I changed up the exercises today since I had a two day break- i did the hiit, abs, core & abs and legs

  3. Hi this is my 3rd day doing this and omg it’s hard

    Weight: 147 lbs or 66kgs
    Height: 5’6
    Waist: 31 inches
    Hips: 38 inches
    Bust: 38 inches
    Goal: waist, 29-28 inches

    Day 1: ✅ I did this and the ab workout and it was awful but I loved it
    Day 2: ✅ Only did this and not the ab workout because I was to tired
    Day 3: ✅ Did eleven abs, I only did two sets of this and then I couldn’t do it anymore, lower body and the other ab workout and it was soooooooo hard!
    Day 4: Decided to take a rest to day because my thighs were burning so, I’ll do the workout tomorrow
    Day 5: ✅ Did this workout but not the last 2 mins and I did everything else
    Day 6: ✅ Did this workout and the ab one but not the leg because I was to tired.
    Day 7:❌ Had to do a choir thing so I couldn’t do the workouts but I’ll do it on day 9
    Day 8: ❌ legs are burning and it’s really hard so I’ll do two more days of the program
    Day 9: ✅ Did this, Abs and arms

    So far I’m at 146 lbs, my waist has gone down an inch

  4. Ok so thank you Chloe!! My weight improve but I have this bad tendencies to gain muscle and don't loose fat. So now I can slip in my mean boyfriend and all of my jeans are so big now. Thank you very much from france!

  5. Day one of the 2 week challenge I'm 28 weight is 198 , 5'6 height. I'm just trying to get rid of my little pooch belly will be taking pics each day same poses to keep me motivated , good luck to everyone starting don't give up I cant feel my legs but it feels great 😊💪🏼

  6. Hi! I'm so committed and motivated right now! I'm keeping a diet with the help of a nutriologist and I'm going to include this in my daily routine!
    Day 1: (74.2kg) I was only able to finish up to set 2. I did all the exercises in high impact, maybe tomorrow i'll try low impact to be able to finish the entire workout. I also did 40min cycling before the routine.
    Day 2: I was able to complete the workout, i just had to take a longer break between set 2 and 3 (about 3 min) I only did like 3 exercises in low impact. I'll weight myself on day 5! 🙂 feeling great after the workout. I also did 40 min cycling before.
    Day 3: I was able to finish it all as the video was going. I had to make jumping jacks, plank jacks and plank with bunny hop in low impact, other wise i would've died hahaha. Excited cause i do see improvement in my endurance! 🙂 i did not do cycling today, i'm too lazy haha.
    Day 4: I completed it and this time I only did de jumping jacks in low impact. I also did de abs rutine of the 2 week challenge. I feel stronger but it was still hard for me. Tomorrow i'll weight myself, let's hope for the best.

  7. I’m a cross country runner with the age of 12 and I want to lose some weight so I have leg muscles scale and some arm but I don’t have the abs I have belly fat so I want to get done abs and I was scrolling down some of these comments and I heard of how great their results were so I really want the good results too so I’m going to keep my progress

    ~52.25 kg

    Day 1: it felt good nothing to harsh pretty easy I am sweating right now but I’m fine😅but didn’t feel any burn

    Day 2: did only up to set 2 because it was pretty late and needed to wake up in the morning but besides that it was a little more tiring than yesterday

  8. i am in the day 6 of this workout and i pulled my quad when doing lunges.. any one knows what i should do and what exercise i can do? my abs has finally show a bit i don't want my exercises to be a waste.

  9. i’m starting this!!! height – 159cm weight – 49kgs
    day 1 🌸 – i honestly didn’t know i could sweat this much 😜
    day 2 🌸 – this was SO much easier to do today. although it hurt a little. feeling good though!
    day 3 🌸 – i feel like i’m starting to see minor differences in my body! my abs are showing throughout the day now and the workouts are getting easier. i had a headache today and was going to skip today, but here i am 😆
    day 4 🌸 – my legs were sore from yesterday’s leg workout, but i pushed through and was actually surprised with how much easier it’s getting !
    day 5 🌸 – rest day
    day 6 🌸 – i feel like i’m getting a lot better at the exercises now, like with my form and stuff. can’t wait to see my final results!
    day 7 🌸 – everything is going great so far!
    day 8 🌸 – my legs were hurting so bad today for some reason, maybe it’s because i’m on my period. idk. my brother came in halfway through the workout so that was a bit annoying.

  10. So this is my first day doing abs workout challenge
    current weight : 55 kg
    Goal weight : < 50 kg
    Wish me luck 😘

    Day 2 : i'm so tired

  11. I just found you from BlairWalnuts and thought I’d give this a go and try to keep it up for the next 2 weeks as I’ve struggled with my weight for a long time and I’m prepared to change that.

    Today is the first day that I did this exercise and I have to say it was pretty difficult – some of the exercises I couldn’t do the whole 30s for and I made the breaks longer by a couple of seconds everytime. Hopefully it will get easier as the days go by. 😌

    Today is the second day of doing the exercise and I have to say that it was harder than yesterday because my muscles were still aching from yesterday however it feels so good to do it before a work day in the morning. 🙂

  12. Hey guys I will be trying this working to see if it works and i will try to keep updating each day. I believe my weight is around 205

    Day 1: im really sweating and tired

    Day 2: i have to take long breaks in between after my body I am out of shape

    Day 3: I didnt take as many breaks. And there are getting a little easier. Im not gonna lie it feels good to be active again💖. Just for me I dont for a change or see one ,but its only the 3rd day so im gonna keep going

    Day 4: today i was gonna take a break but i keep going i took long breaks cause my legs were in pain

    Day 5:🚫

    Day 6: 🛇

    Day 7:Sorry on the weekend i didnt have time to ,but I did today and i didnt take alot of breaks i pushed myself more than other times.

  13. Start: 13 October ~56kg/168cm
    Week 1: First days were really hard but now i see some abs! I lost only 1kg but i have period so i don't mind it. I feel more energy and happier! If im really tried or its late i do like 75% of the workouts in program but its still working!

  14. Hey guys welcome back after my this two times workout…I'm PCOS patient and i reduce 3 kgs in 28 days by doing this strict diet,only cut Off junk+processed food🤓🤓happy to find you my angel chloe ting😍😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

  15. I’m gonna be doing this workout everyday to see if I get any results. Except, I will be taking rest days on the weekends.
    Starting weight: 109 lbs

    Day 1: ✅ It made me sweat a lot haha

    Day 2: ✅

    Day 3: ✅ I weighed myself and I am 108 lbs but that’s probably just water weight

    Day 4: ✅💦

    Day 5: ❎ Rest day

    Day 6: ❎ Rest day

    Day 7:

  16. October 15, 2019
    I’m doing this for at least 2 weeks once a day
    I am also going to add Gabriella Whited’s 2 week summer body plan to this too

    Weight- 70 kilograms
    Height- 5”2
    Age- 13

    Day 1- My form was really bad and I took many breaks because I’m still trying to get used to the new exercises being thrown at me right away

    Day 2:

  17. Day 1: I skipped some just to breath because i'm really out of shape. Got through it though. I'm trying to lose some belly fat before homecoming and that is in 11 day wish me luck! (The only reason i'm doing this is because last year I took a photo with my friends and I felt really fat in the picture and I just want to love my body and i'm not there yet)

    Day 2: I'm still really out of shape but now if I can't do something I replace it with mountain climbers or sit ups. I ate really unhealthy today and I will try to be better tomorrow. I'm so sore I couldn't go all the way down on lunges. Also my form for planks is horrible so I need to fix that.

    Day 3: I took a break bc it was a Thursday night and I had to do my homework for all my classes. Also I was just not feeling it so I wasn't going to force myself. If I would have I think it would make this feel like a chore.

  18. starting my own process today (16/10) for 2 weeks from now on

    Day 1 ✅ im so excited and motivated, finished the whole plan with just a little pain and exhaust but it's worth it!! love it
    Day 2 ✅ i do it in the morning cause im quite busy today! it was tiring but i loveee the feeling of how healthy it is for my body

  19. Entrei no desafio de 2 semanas!! (15/10)

    Dia 1: foi bem difícil, tive que fazer pausas maiores entre cada exercício. Mas fiz os dois vídeos inteiros!!

    Dia 2: Meu Deus tô mortaaaa. Acho que hoje foi mais difícil, não fiz o opcional inteiro.

    Dia 3: Tive um probleminha com a internet então fiz o primeiro vídeo e mais tarde fiz mais dois, quando terminei o terceiro eu tava tão acabada que nem lembrei do último kkkk.

    Dia 4: só consegui fazer o primeiro vídeo. Como amanhã seria dia de descansar vou fazer os vídeos do 4 dia.

    Dia 5: Fiz os exercícios do dia 4, foi beem puxado. Tô pensando se amanhã faço minha folga ou não, acho que não, estou animada 🙌🙌

    Dia 6: Dia de folga

    Dia 7: Fiz os exercícios do dia 6. Morri mas fazer perna é bem mais fácil.

  20. I'm 77kgs with 163cm height, so I just do like in this video, and I break for about 15-30 minutes per session because i'm almost dying for my first trial.. 😂😂

  21. I’m so happy I found your videos😭 last september I was 56kg and now after doing this challenge plus your diet tips, today I weighed 50kg!!! Hoping for more videos💓

  22. Hey.
    Day 1: so tiring. I’m dead. You never realize how out of shape you are when you are heavily breathing before the 1 set is done
    Day 2: have been procrastinating to do this again and didn’t even finish the next episode yet but I’m glad I came back and started this again.
    Day 3:

  23. does anyone have any tips on how to keep your toes from hurting due to all of the planks. my for may be wrong so it might be that, also i do this barefoot so that i dont tear my mat up

  24. aight so i really let myself go i guess and i decided to start working out so i going to do a lot to change my lifestyle and finally be able to love myself and who i am! so combined with super healthy eating (no meat, sugar, dairy, or gluten) im going to do this workout as well as one i created for myself kinda everyday! and i will actually update this lol ! im trying to lose 50 lbs so my goal is to reach my gw by march 2020! (im currently 180, and 6ft tall and i oop lol) so lets see how this goes!
    day 1: bro im literally so out of shape like im freaking winded oof well i kinda hated that
    day 2
    day 3
    day 4: omg so i really didnt do that much this weekend and definitely didnt do this workout oof but i was less indulgent so i guess thats okay tomorrow is a new day!
    day 5
    day 6
    day 7
    day 8
    day 9
    day 10
    day 11
    day 12
    day 13
    day 14
    day 15
    day 16
    day 17
    day 18
    day 19
    day 20
    day 21
    day 22
    day 23
    day 24
    day 25
    day 26
    day 27
    day 28
    day 29
    day 30

  25. I’m gonna show you my updates!
    Right now I’m 150 pounds

    Day 1: I did pretty good but since it was my first day I skipped set 3..

    Day 2: oh my god my stomach hurt bad so I only did a few of them. I sweated though💛

    Day 3:

  26. Thank you so much for uploading amazing workout videos yo motivate people and make them feel good about themselves. I have become really slim thanks a bunch.

  27. Weight: 67,7 kg
    Height : 162 cm
    Day 1 : so hard ;-; I'm a sweaty potatoes , I was close to complete everything but it's so hard for someone like me who never did workouts

  28. So I just had my Medical Examination today and i found out that I'm overweight. That's why I decided to be here. Not just to be fit in my work but to help and love myself.
    Day 1: My hands are literally shaking and my partner said that I was literally soaking with my sweat. I nearly cried. But I will not give up! So do you! 😘
    Day 2: A lot better than yesterday.
    Day 3: Soooo hard. 😭😭 My tears were literally on the edge of my eyes. 😭 But I did it!
    Day 4: Still soooooo hard. 😭

  29. I am gonna do this.. no more excuses.


    Day1: i was literally a complete mess. I took a few break in betweens..also pause the video a lot but i did it.

    Day 2- done with few breaks.

    Day 3: done dona done..

    Day 4: i really want to cry in between the workout.. also Chloe i am really sorry for cursing. But i did it.

  30. October 2019 anyone 🤩🤩
    Im going to do the challenge!!
    Day 1 : 182pounds , I finished the the whole workout in 20 mins it was kind of challenging lol lets see how this goes tomorrow

  31. It has been a long time from the last time I exercised. I need to change my lifestyle tho 😂
    My first day (20/10) – 76.1kg
    I need to lose at least 6 kg in another 20 days. So goodluck for me 😊

  32. starts date: 20 October
    end date: 3 November😁

    I'm really excited though I'm really scared of losing motivation…. any help on that???

  33. starts date: 20 October
    end date: 3 November😁

    I'm really excited though I'm really scared of losing motivation…. any help on that???

  34. starts date: 25 October
    end date: 8 November😁

    I'm really excited though I'm really scared of losing motivation…. any help on that???

  35. Just completed the first day exercises of Two Weeks Shred.
    Almost gave up in the first half 😀 MY Fat ass was so proud for completing all sets.
    Keeping my fingers crossed for the next 13 days 😀

  36. I’ve quit so many times on my workout journey but I’m over because over 96 kg and my goal is to be literally atleast 20 above my BMI I’m 16 and I’m about to make a change last time I stopped I lost 15 so this time I’m staying committed starting a alarm and everything and junior year is kicking my butt need something to get my mind off it wish me luck

  37. It's Monday, I'm starting right now.. wish me luck! I'll update every day!
    Current weight: 61 kg

    Day 1 : It was hard of course, I hope I will get stronger in a week.. (21.10)

  38. Legit was only able to do 6 mins of this before my ears started to ring and I felt like passing out. I guess i gotta start off slow 😂

  39. It's sad how binge eating took the best of me that I get easily tired by completing this 10 minutes workout routine when I was able to last more than two hours of this. No matter how much effort I need to put in this to gain my life back, I will not give up!

  40. Day 1 I didn’t do all the exercises cause I didn’t know how to do all of them
    Day 2 I did the burpees faster and I am so out of breath I was doing it slow yesterday
    I am working out to help my stomach she’s gonna start to be noticeable I been it’s noticeable I have a stomach but it’s getting to big you know what I mean

  41. i started doing dis on 14th oct .. but i skipd dis for 3 days due to my bc schedule…
    I'am 62kg .now (22nd oct)i lost 2 kgs …. few more days to go…❤❤

  42. Hi everyone – I’m trying to do this 2-week shred program, but each day I just feel like I can’t do it no matter how hard I try. I know it’s all in my head but I just paused this video a couple minutes in on day 6 (after taking a few days off) and I just can’t. Can y’all drop some info about how you keep motivated with this program?? It doesn’t help that I’ve been eating so badly (suffering from BED) so I physically feel awful

  43. i am 63 kgs now …losing from 70 kgs since july 2019… with diet and workout at my home…but now my wait have stuck to 63 kgs needed more hardwork …start your weight lose workout from today

  44. i have done this workout right now and i am breathing like……out of ….lolx… and my body is sweating heads off to you chloe updates after a week…. IN SHAA ALLAH

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