Do This Every Evening To Burn Fat Overnight

Do This Every Evening To Burn Fat Overnight

100 thoughts on “Do This Every Evening To Burn Fat Overnight

  1. this burns out/ burns me out more than the fat. this workout is really the fat killing workout people needs to try. continue the nice work chris.

  2. Wait, so if I do this workout I'll burn about 50 Calories. Then if I drink a dairy protein shake after, I'll add back about 3 – 4 hundred calories. And this will aid in weight loss? I disagree. Never end a night adding calories unless you are bulking. If you are cutting or maintaining, end the night with this workout and a glass of water.

  3. Hi Chris,

    I want you to please make a intermediate level bodyweight workout without equipment covering whole body parts.

    Back – traps, lats, lower back, upper back
    Arms – bicep, tricep, forearm
    core/abs – upper, lower, middle, oblique
    Shoulder – front, rear, lateral delts
    Legs – quads, hamstring, calfs, glutes

  4. Everything is good and set with you..Just no more yellow-beige foundation/that golden tanning lotion.. I can see wear you put that crap on..Other then that Good job my G im liking all that you do..

  5. thank you for your videos and the motivation you give. Congratulations for your album, I have all the sound I need to train hard. I had already heard some songs in your videos and i was wondering which artist was it….?!
    thank you from Paris, France.

  6. Another video of the best in stretching and increase flexibility, please!
    Pd: those workout music beats motivate you twice in all, thanks Chris ❤️

  7. The only issue with this…is my cortisol goes up after strenuous exercise and will keep me up at night, so no evening routine for me…

  8. Chris , so could u list the food below so I could buy them and switch up my eating habit I wanna lose fat a lot of it . And slim down .

  9. bro you should release an instrumental Album… damn i typed this just before that part 11:12 in the video came lol… buying now

  10. Hey Chris. Started getting big into the workout thing and gaining muscle, wanted to know how do I figure out my calorie intake and how do I figure out what I eat for each meal??

  11. So I've done this routine 4 times this evening, it's very quick but I liked it a lot. I just want to ask if there's a specific time to do this or not? (before/after dinner, etc)

  12. Kinda hard to take you seriously about eating right with all those tattoos putting ink into your blood stream. ..🤔
    Just saying. ..!

  13. The handstand kick-up & the L sit definitely the hardest for me but I’m surprised how close I am to the L sit with having been taking it easy on exercise since I stopped working out with a trainer I immediately started to lose the routine mentality

  14. I saw him do that L sit and im like psss thats easy, i got to say ive never been so wrong in my life, and i took a major L tonight 😭🤦🏽‍♂️

  15. What I really want to know, is how to cancel my subscription from your applications !!!
    It's kinda f***ed up that it keeps taking money from myself and the many users of your "PRO" services…

  16. Actualy I think I have OP genes. I can eat everything I want and I still get stronger and stronger. I can even stop working out for a WEEK and still stay as strong or even gain strenght. I will start working out every day or second day in a week and I wonder what happens and how fast I´ll get results.

  17. Hi Chris. You are my inspiration. I respect you for what you do. I have a question. How do I ensure if I am eating right? Can you recommend a diet plan pls? Love #Ashish

  18. Your tattoo makes you look not like a disciplined person also you looks like a druggist. But you got a nice body 👍

  19. Who tf actually believes in these routines? Its just another clip to make them views and $$$
    The human body doesnt work like he thinks he can adjust its performance for every day differently.

  20. My dude, that was hard. I don't work out often and I'm in the fitness range of BMI, but I feel so WEAK! haha This was the first time I decided to actually follow along since it seemed so short (like 5 min) and I didn't need any equipment. Those handstand kickups and L-sits were just not happening. xD I'll keep trying though.

  21. Exercise routine is good.. but handstand kick ups before sleeping.. 😅 ya nice idea .. that would probably put me to sleep right after.. lol

  22. I'm not strong enaugh to do those moves. What beginner move should I do to prepare my body and strength to be able do those moves?

  23. That is exactly what I need thank you dude I just transformed my living room into a gym 💪🏻💪🏻💯💯

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