DO THIS Every Ab Workout (FOLLOW ALONG) 2018

DO THIS Every Ab Workout (FOLLOW ALONG) 2018

100 thoughts on “DO THIS Every Ab Workout (FOLLOW ALONG) 2018

  1. As a gymnast, I find the different names of things interesting. Ex:jack knife=V-up, boat hold=hollow hold. Us gymnasts aren't creative with names lol.

  2. Chris, can you please do a video on isometrics training. I find that I can't control my body when I'm hanging and I'm swinging all over the place. Would love to be able to do those hanging bent arm corner raises properly. Thanks bruh

  3. Mr Chris Heria can you tell me please the song from 6:23 ? I think wrote on other videos twice or 3 times also. I want it so bad, please ! I would be grateful ! I already share your vids on Facebook. Please ! I wait for an answer !

  4. Dude iam doing push up pull up but iam getting lot of wrist pain. I don't know why i get pain can u please make a video on wrist pain. It hurting me lot bro

  5. Nice vid and so helpful. I would like to ask, how often should this routine be done? Is it everyday or every other day or twice a week, i just started working out at a gym here, I am a beginner at working out although I am a jogger but different thing from woeking out I know but maybe endurance will help me out i guess. Would like to know about your input on what I should stick to and plan ahead of my workout. Thank you and God bless.

  6. I always knew calisthenics was the way, but I never knew there were so many movements. Chris you really showed me how to take it to the next level from just push ups, dips, and pull ups to way more variations and techniques.I started a week ago and I'm loving it, thank you so much, your a real motivation.

  7. Bro, L sits are so hard for me atm. I’ve been doing your 2018 ab workout for the last couple months. And I want to start doing L sits holds. I can barely last 3 seconds, and my legs can’t even sit in a right angle lol. So I’m working on my flexibility, along with the isometric L sit.

  8. how does it feel like to have fit body. my body doesn't know the taste of being fit body yet.wish to get fit just by watching it cuz my body hurts seeing it ㅠㅠ .n i might drop that weight on my face better i use invisible ball for russian twist (ㅍ.ㅍ)

  9. I just realized that you look like my brother 🧐🧐🧐 btw i never heard of the Russian twist and now I’m doing 100 reps of them every time i train

  10. you made the music loud enough to get the police called in my apartment on purpose didnt you?….not cool…i hate how people think that is funny. im not about to keep turning the volume down every time when the music gets way to loud, or when i have to turn the volume up every-time to hear you speak with information and instructions. i usually say thanks for the video but yeah i can pretty much tell the volume was way up on purpose this time. i hate disrespect!.

  11. "So as you can see we are doing exercises that are not just targeting and killing our abdominals…"…But your abdominals are killing me sooo

  12. I always got trouble on doing the hanging L sit I just can’t seem to bring my legs straight out and up enough, any tips?

  13. Totally separate subject right now… But is their a faint tattoo underneath the more visible one on his chest? Been lasered off or something or!?

  14. What is the music which starts at 3:19 ? I've used audio search engines, checked spotify lists, used programs like Shazam, googled for Thenx musics, I just can't find it.

  15. I can never do burpees right, my coordination sucks. Even in yoga my biggest weakness is in balance. Anyone has tips to improve that? Sure I keep working on it, but if anyone has some advice, that'd be really appreciated

  16. Крис красавчик! Спасибо за подсказки! 💪💪💪💪

  17. chris: the burpee is just one of my favorite exercises.
    me: (just by watching) yup it's becoming my favorite too. im gonna try that real quick! WHERE'S MY VENTOLIN!

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