Day 1 | FREE 30 Day Fitness Challenge | HIIT Total Body

Day 1 | FREE 30 Day Fitness Challenge | HIIT Total Body

hello and welcome back to my channel I
am here with you early from Dubai the Sun is rising behind you it is really
early and I’m feeling so happy and energised because today marks the start of
my 30-day free program you guys have registered guys while you’re here for
everyone who hasn’t registered it is so easy to get involved do not worry all
you need to do is follow the steps down below in the caption and then you’re in
that is totally free now I’m not going to talk for long because I want to get
going okay the reason why I have set up this program is because I want to help
you guys kickstart I want to motivate you and inspire you to be the healthiest
and happiest version of yourselves and I’m here with you every step of the way
to motivate I’m doing all the workouts with you the workouts are 30 minutes
long for 30 days consecutively that’s it it really is that simple before we get
started if you haven’t already please give this video a thumbs up it really
supports my channel and most importantly it helps me reach people just like you
which means I can help even more people which is ultimately what I wanted to and
also please make sure you hit the share button down below and share this with as
many friends and family as you can and let’s reach as many people as possible
and let’s get lean with Lilly right we’re going to get started today is a 30
minute HIIT session total body fat burn we’re going to be sweaty
pretty soon okay we’re going to start off just by warming up the body so feet
shoulder distance apart I want the knees facing forward toes
facing forward give not a slight pivot outwards and we’re just going to take
the body down tracking the knees over the toes and this is just to get the
body nice and warm okay so thirty minutes of work three circuits the first
circuit is eight minutes long. the second circuit is eight
minutes long and the last circuit is ten minutes long okay including the warm up and
cool down 30 minutes we have three more really start getting your mind in the
right space what are your goals start thinking about that getting that body and
mind prepped okay from here step one foot forward and we’re brushing hamstring
brush downs brushing those hands to the floor keeping that front toe up should
be feeling a nice stretch down the back of the thigh way to really start getting
ready for this intense workout formation 45 seconds on 15 seconds recovery okay
if you need to stop at any point of course you can take these guys and a
shake those legs out you’re going into the vein strap kit I’ve got the timer
you do not need to worry about that okay the time has started first exercise
Tiny’s running this is just to get the heart rate up keeping it nice and fast
keep focus guys all the way through 45 seconds keep breathing anyone struggling
watching on the spot do not stop I am watching you the whole
way or to really power through this exercise
45 seconds is all I want from you you are interested last ten seconds faster
come on guys whoa dude Wow okay 15 seconds happy
the next exercise I want you to move to the side of the mat we’re going to go
with the double squat pulsation and jump over not the nicest of exercise that it
really like that but okay let’s go back then okay really pushing his power over
to the side 45 seconds only amazing now I’m going to
be showing modifications throughout this whole workout because these workouts
were absolutely everyone keep going if you’re struggling you’re gonna go with
the next and walk just to the side okay you like you put that resistance been
drunk really pushing and what else are you jumping going all the way across I’m gonna shake those legs out two down
the next one’s simple squat jump number three okay
some nice and low into a squat position power up to one let’s go 45 seconds in
black now I like this for my workout support absolutely if you’re struggling
I just want you to go to the normal what everyone else I am watching you
I want used to power the whole way through
okay keep pushing for me do not give up okay we’re coming up to halfway we are
hardware doesn’t matter whatever you’re asked
even if you open it what that is ask them if you find out you want everything
you’ve got okay pushing 30 minute workout that is all and we’re in it
together whoa I was great this is number three – 152nd recovery
breathe it’s out close but coming down onto the mat now okay from here we’re
going to be the plank position and what we’re gonna do is shoulder taps going in
three two okay let’s go so now so when you do this so you’re
getting minimal hips way a lot of people slave from side to side like this and
what you’re really nice and stable through the hips and through the core
keep pushing anyone struggling with this just hold the plank you can come down
forearms and hold it really doesn’t matter guys I just want you to keep
pushing okay come up all the way through next up is give me curtsy lunges you
have three curtsy lunges to local level not one like the easy a step behind and
back from Center you should be feeling it in our back
level tubes and we’re all that guy stepping the other
foot behind and touching the hand down to the floor keep that checked grounded
open looking forward okay so important stepping is the middle
ground stepping that hand down it didn’t matter
I really don’t mind I just want you to push okay guys you have 15 seconds
recovery and we’re repeating those four exercises guys you’ve got this first one
tiny running okay breathe three two one let’s go how you running right now I
really want you to focus on getting those legs high breathing and basically
reaching your goal by 30 days to get that we’ve got this knees higher if you
can really drive them up to the sky if you’re marching on the spot it doesn’t
matter I just want that heart rate going this is where we’re gonna learn fact
okay keep pushing for me you’ve got just over ten seconds left
whoa yes guys too high up faster higher five four three two side of your mat
area this is the double pulsation jumping across okay
so important that we get power as we go across three two one
let’s go amazing guys minute number six of eight now this is where I really want
you to push harder this is where I really want you to think about what that
goal is power through come on with that burning well and you are gonna feel
great afterwards for having pushed through if you are struggling go with
that Sidewalk I don’t mind well I just want you to push for me all
the way guys 15 seconds come on whoof dig deep this is the point where your
mind you’re gonna want to stop do not let it tell your body to stop okay last
three to work down that we have that point okay again thinking about form
during your break and the quick sip of water we’re going in five seconds
get those feet back into a plank there where neither nice and strong through
the core shoulder taps minimal way through the hips you will
get that by squeezing those but not sue I’m putting that core in really nice and
tight nobody watching guys move up in the act
damn it tight core tight butt squeeze you have 20 seconds left go on
next up the curtsy lunges don’t cut through that stuff get on to circuit
number two God what love 5 4 keep pushing three two what another one down
breathe it out 15 seconds recovery and we are going for
the last exercise we’re going to are absolutely killing it and we need to
come up into standing for that last exercise curtsies okay we are going in
three in two let’s go what 45 seconds this marks the end of your first circuit
I really want you pushing for those of you who are like you know a little just
as a reminder you are stepping the feet it doesn’t matter whatever you’re at all
it matters is that you are progressing okay personal goals is us against
ourselves 10 seconds come on squat three two ah shake those legs out once
that is complete you have a 30 second recovery before we go into the next one
I just want you to breathe then just wait used to have a moment I’m gonna
take my top off because it is hot okay guys I am so proud of you one sec at the
pre complete just breathing how cool these have the moon in them you have 15
seconds left of recoveries I’m dripping with sweat eight minutes in but that was
pretty much just the warm-up round we’re going in now it’s gonna get harder okay
we’re going in five seconds four three two first one crossover deep squats amazing really dropping deep into that
squat to work the outer booty and burn come on guys all the way keep pushing
for me you have just under 20 seconds left the whole point of this workout is
for you to put as hard as you can and remember I’m watching you guys that
every time you want to stop my eyes are on you and we’re in this together we’re
gonna keep pushing as a team okay two one whoa I want you to come to the back
of your mat now come nice and low into a squat power yourself forward and then
walk the feet back okay going in three two one
let’s go good work really staying nice and low into that
spot really powering as far as you can can you get even further every single
jump amazing guys come on keep pushing for me you are coming up to that halfway
mark even if you can only do half way and then half way again absolutely fine
keep pushing just don’t the ten seconds left
come on really power for me now really power lot five four three two one
15 seconds breathing out my personal favorite now fast feet into a burpee
harmful reject you’re gonna come into a squat
fast feet when I clap my hands you are down into a bath came back up let’s go guys must be plus B plus B must be plus
B plus C oh yes you’re gonna hate me by the end of this wisely come up come up
come up come up come up last for three fast feet – whoa straight down on mat
okay we’re gonna go for 45 seconds bicycle to work into those ABS possibly
the worst ab exercise out of the world okay next up and we’re gonna rotate side
to side let’s go into that bicycle now the goal of this workout is fat burning
so I want to keep you sweating so you need to be going nice and fast but
keeping your form on points can you speed it up come on guys keep
pushing we lost 20 seconds left on one more come on guys all the way keep
breathing come on keep pushing ten seconds left do
don’t give up la vie I’m watching you talk about four three two whoa 50
seconds recovery we have seeds ignite the first one was that squat what so
glad you still have five seconds after recovery breathe it out really okay two
one let’s go now as I said last time struggling just go with a freestanding
squats I want the legs nice and right and I want the knees tracking over the
middle toe struggling still just hold a squat not that that’s easy it’s too
difficult okay so I get number two we are halfway
through now we have one circuit left I really want you to speed it up now guys
come on all the way through speed it up keep pushing you have ten seconds left
can you go faster one per second for the last seven six faster 503 two onto the
side of your mouth breathe ten seconds of recovery is the jump fluid step back
guys you can do it keep pushing all the way – lets go jump forward and step it
back as you’re stepping it back I want that booty like the booty alarm
the chest is Oh and good what another job who look for
mates oh the lights turn come on guys no giving up you are coming up the hot
plane I hate y’all halfway come on keep pushing keep pushing
whoop yes guys come on all the way you have just ten seconds left
speed it up now for two more rounds definite feedback one more jump forward
three two one well done guys check the legs out that was exercise number six of
eight next one fast feet back pick this one drop down give you struggle when I
clap squat jump instead let’s go fast feet fast feet puppy oh yes guys
straight back up go straight back up amazing twenty second mission for me
what week last week Buffy Buffy go what 15 seconds I’m really gonna miss my feet
go what up 1097 yes back up by Oh in between the okay lost ten minute guys
exactly the same format they tried five exercises repeat it first one three part
for ankles knees ankles jump up where come on guys 45 seconds
work I want that chest open I want you looking at me because I’m
looking at you it’s all the weights for you guys I really want you powering this
is your last circuit do not give up on these all the way through I know it’s
bad but don’t give up we’re nearly there you have ten seconds
left come on guys keep breathing keep pushing
two one whoa what I got straight down we are mixing this bucket up with some nice
nap okay so let’s come up to the side feet up let going three two let’s go now
I really want speed with this guys this is your last circuit make it less well
anyone struggling place the feet down reach to the knees and Zach this is day
one of 30 remember this more
because in 29 days time this is gonna seem easy okay
really push for me all the way through we are a team we’ve got this together
all the way do not forget to write a comment down below afterwards guys let
us know how you’ll get want there may be people who are struggling in the same
way who need your motivation straight up 15 seconds recovery shake those legs out
so k we’re gonna repeat the squat jacks why because they’re nasty and they work
so we’re coming down nice and low this time you’re adding a pulsation for to
jump up let’s go jump past what – amazing
well done guys come on all the way through this is numb it’s minutes number
three of ten couldn’t get my words out there come on guys you are over halfway
through this 45 seconds keep breathing keep pushing I’m watching you
do not give up okay you have just 15 seconds
come on guys three of ten what that mean to me halfway
come on keep pushing for the last five four three two whoa shake those legs out
15 seconds the next one is a squat hold it sounds easy trust me you will feel
the burn okay so we’re coming really nice and low for this one in three two
she’ll become chest proud and open your anything for those
let’s to be as close to 90 degrees as possible they checked it up live the
Lord he can okay now come up on to the toes I don’t want you to hold on the
toes I want the check don’t thin and we’re holding four five foot full
breathe third three foot to pulsate tip come on all the way guys all the way
keep pulsating for me you have ten seconds left
all the way to the finish line last three two one
welcome to take those legs up make a side of the mat and we’re going
to go for those jump across again I know these burn okay double pulsation I want
that power to take you over okay we’re burning fat you what – well done guys
you should recognize this exercise by now you’ve done it a few times in
circuit number one kargh power all the way your legs should be
feeling a little bit like jelly by now keep pushing for me
you have just 20 seconds left this is all you can do it don’t give up on me
okay 15 seconds look at but low low yes guys
five seconds left come on keep pushing three straight down
tonight 15 seconds we’re now going for hundred
one of my favorite core exercises you’re gonna see this a lot through the 30-day
period flatten the back into the mat legs legs up in a crunch pump the arms
up and down okay for this keep the eye gaze in between the climb
keep looking forward and if you can straighten the legs out and keep that
lower back flat to my really nice and strong for me here oh well keep pushing
sorry proud of you all the way we’re gonna repeat those exercises assume that
this is done a little bit higher in the crunch if you can come on do not give up
on me love 10 seconds little bit higher
come on guys a little bit higher for the last 5 4 3 2 into standing for that to
repot squat this is the point where I really want you to dig deep guys I know
your legs and body up to 3 per square one two three
let’s go and complete angle concentrating on that breathing control
to power up my exit jealous but I’m keeping pushing because we are so nearly
there do not give up 20 seconds that is all
you should be feeling it here you should be feeling your heart beating like crazy
and there should be some sweat on you guys
come on keep pushing foot ten nine eight seven six count out five four three two
oh well I’m going to take this next now we are gonna go with that squat fold
again so nice and low but low knees in line with the ankles trying to get this
side close to parallel down because 45 seconds I really want that chest don’t
come toward me come on looking forward relaxing the shoulders
let the core foodies do the work we can’t come up onto the toes and lower
down toes and lower down three we’re going to
stick for two to go five and holes on the toes prospects
nine eight seven yes don’t do that five four three two now hold on the time you
have 10 seconds you may have a little shapes going on
you have amazing come on keep this into one like that side of your mask ready go
what do I see now that’s it round one if you’re
struggling just go with the walk instead keeping that booty nice and low don’t
walk the beat if you’re struggling still come high on the toes squeeze the butt
and walk the feet never work from the baddest as well as the muscular change
okay just 20 seconds left come on keep pushing guys 15 seconds I want
everything you’ve got for the last 10 90 pushing eight seven six five point
straight for the in between would keep breathing
15 seconds it to 3 foot right now 2 3 4 5 2 3 4 5 3 2 1 okay you still have the
toe reaches and the squat jumps ok that means we’ve gone strike slightly over
the 10 but it’s good for our last exercise guy is the torch’s legs up
let’s go come on all the way through do I give up
on me if you’re struggling place those feet down and reach towards the knees
you’ve got this guy’s all the way through
you have ten seconds left come on keep pushing keep pushing for the last five
four three two one now this is the point when you’re really gonna hate me
we have a finish it is one minute the problem that is all I promise okay so I
want you to set yourself a bowl the finisher is one minute of burpees we are
going to do this quite a few times throughout the 30-day period set
yourself a goal does it matter what you team today but each time you do it
you’re trying to increase the amount of burgers that you can complete just to go
through the Revathi okay I want you on your stomach if you can can come up in
line with the chest drop the feet in and then up then straight back down again
okay if you struggle with that you can go
with the half burpees job is stand or jumps and repeats okay Wow minute I’m
going to be counting you down I’m going to be encouraging you get go get ready
we’re going in three we’re going it’s too thick yourself go one let go guys
one of burpees think about your goal keep pushing I
know by this point you just want to stop but I’m not letting you I am watching
you I am really okay you are already a quarter of the way if you can release it
three or four by now honestly I salute you you are on track
well okay coming up the hard way if any of you can get over 20 on this I am so
proud of you for day one that is incredible but it
doesn’t matter whatever you get I’m so proud of you guys you are well over
halfway now you are kind down that hill keep this you for me guys you have 15
seconds left can anyone fit in another form come as I
dig deep dig deep dig deep ten nine eight seven six five master you
can lie down on the floor whatever position works for you
that was incredible Wow I am so so proud of you guys please let
me know how you got on because I love getting your feedback let me know how
many bad news you achieved let everyone know this isn’t a competition against
each other this is an opportunity for to clap for each other because we are in
community and we are getting healthy and happy together and we should all be so
proud of each other as well of ourselves honestly incredible as I said before
please give this video a thumbs up and even more importantly please share this
video with your friends with your family getting involved on the 30 day free
program that we have here you can start at any point doesn’t matter where and
is for all of us who want to make positive changes to our life okay guys
well done take one complete oh what a nasty day
one I was up at 5:30 that was a struggle but I feel so much better now
I hope you guys too and thank you for joining this journey I shall see you
tomorrow for workout number 202 well I’m gonna smash there

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