Dave East Shows His Home Gym & Fridge | Gym & Fridge | Men’s Health

Dave East Shows His Home Gym & Fridge | Gym & Fridge | Men’s Health

– [Interviewer] Hey Dave, we’re here to see your gym and fridge. – Yo, what up man? (bell dinging) Come check out my gym and my fridge. (upbeat hip hop music) Oh, I’m Dave East by the way (laughs). – [Interviewer] All right
Dave, where’s your gym at? Can we see that first? ♪ I got this shit from
the trap, few baggies ♪ ♪ My pen and my pad ♪ ♪ I done got rich off of rap ♪ – [Interviewer] How often do you work out? – I try to get it in at
least three days a week. At least, you know, with my
schedule be kinda hectic. – [Interviewer] What’s an
intense workout for you? – The heavy days. If I’m trying to lift heavy,
or bulk up, put some weight on, them days be intense for me. – [Interviewer] What kind
of workouts do you do? – I mix it up, upper body. I might do my arms and my back one day and then the next day, I’ll
do shoulders and chest. Like, I try to focus on different muscles, you know what I mean? – [Interviewer] What’s a
regular day like for Dave East? – Hectic. I might come in from the stu
four or five in the morning. My daughter gotta be to school by 8:30. If I don’t have, like,
something I have to do, as far as my music or whatever, as far as, like, an
interview or something, that’d be my time to get in the gym. You know what I mean,
while she’s in school. You only got 24 hours in a day. You can take that one
hour or that 30 minutes and devote it to your health, your body. I feel like it goes a long way. – [Interviewer] Does your workout help with your stage performances? – A hundred percent. I feel like working out
gives me way more energy, like, you know what I mean,
to jump off the stage, run around, that all come from the gym. The music lifestyle is a lot
of smoking, a lot of drinking, a lot of partying, you know. So, that’ll wear you down,
you know what I mean?. And it’s harder to be that active or to have that much energy for a crowd. – [Interviewer] I heard
basketball was your first love. Do you still play? – Basketball took being in
shape, you know what I mean? So, I was running crazy, everyday. My pops used to make me
get up and go run a mile. As I got older, I got a few
different college scholarships, a few different offers, and once you get on a
college program, it’s like, now you on a real schedule as far as that weight lifting and your diet. You know, so I try to, even though I don’t play ball no more, I try to keep that even with the rap. Cause I go on tours, I perform. I gotta give a lot on the stage
so it just feel a lot better to be in shape, you know what I mean. – [Interviewer] I heard
you and KD are tight, did you ever play with him? – With Kevin? I don’t remember the last
time I shot around with Kevin. It been a minute. I don’t know why but he in
New York now so, you know. Probably get back in the gym. – [Interviewer] Do you listen
to music when you work out? – Yeah, I got to. That’s what put me in my zone. – [Interviewer] What’s on your playlist? – Right now, I’m knocking Griselda. I’m lovin’ Benny and Conway. They talk a lot. I like lyricist, you know what I mean? So, just hearing what they saying, it have me in my zone
while I’m working out. – [Interviewer] Do you take
any group fitness classes? – You know what’s crazy,
I’m about to start boxing. I just, I was speaking with
my guy and I just feel like that’s good for cardio,
good for awareness, just being on point. – [Interviewer] Do you have any scars? – Oh yeah, I got a scar right on my face. My dog bit me. Gemini. I was, like, maybe 8 or 9. I just remember walking in the house and my mother was doing
dishes and then she turned and seen me and dropped all the dishes cause my whole face
was, all this was open. And if you looked at me from the side, you could look in my face. Like, all this was out. Like, he ripped my cheek. 36 stitches under my lip. Like, if I cut this off,
you could see it better. Like, that’s why I always wear the beard cause I don’t be wanna show. – [Interviewer] What’s your
most meaningful tattoo? – Probably my cousin, right here. Mark. And then Malik. But, yeah, they was the
guys that was like, “What? “You the, ain’t nobody messin’ with you. “You the hottest.” Like, they was just my,
like, what they call it? Spirit animal, you know what I mean? They just gave me energy,
you know what I mean? And they was killed. They got shot. And they wasn’t even, they
was, like, workin’ dude. They wasn’t even on no
street type of time. Yep, that dude got killed for no reason. Just, you know, senseless
acts of violence, you know what I mean? But, yeah, that’s probably
my two most meaningful. Cause I could look at
it and see him, like, you know what I mean? Feel like he going, like, I
can remember him talking to me. Stuff like that. I’m gonna get something to drink, man. Come check out my fridge. This is where the eats is at. – [Interviewer] What are
the staples in your fridge? – Eggs. I love eggs for breakfast. They go with my workout too. Good protein. Simply, I love all Simply products. They make the best juice on earth, to me. I gotta keep little juices
like this for my daughter. She be on me. I keep fruit. Cantaloupe, you know what I mean. Some carrots, you know,
I’m trying to keep it as healthy as possible. Everything else in here is,
like, mama love cooking. Like, this good spaghetti right
here, you know what I mean? This good, good eats. You know what I’m talking about with the meatballs and all that? Can’t go buy that at the store. I think we got, is there any beef patties? Do I have me favorites? Ha, ha, ha, ha. Spicy Jamaican beef patty. Gotta keep these. All types of ribs and beef and steak. – [Interviewer] Do you cook at all? – No. I might eventually try
to get nice with it. But, for now, nah. – [Interviewer] What do
you eat for breakfast? – Eggs, scrambled eggs. Steak, grits. Stuff like that. I can make all the breakfast. Pancakes, all of that. French toast. I can make all of that. – [Interviewer] What would
we never find in your fridge? – Liver and pork. Swine. I don’t eat no swine. – [Interviewer] What kind
of snacks do you eat? – Go to snacks. I ain’t really a big snack person. I rather fruit. I take fruit over snacks,
you know what I mean? So, like, pineapples,
grapefruit, grapes, apples. Like, I like fruit. – [Interviewer] Have you
ever tried any special diets? – Nah. I’m Muslim so I fast
during the month of Ramadan but I don’t, no diets, nah. – [Interviewer] You eat pretty clean. – Basically, yeah. Through my high school and teenage years, I was playing basketball, I might have ate a lot
more candy back then but I be more conscious of what I eat now cause I have my daughter,
you know what I mean? So, I be like, I don’t
want her to have McDonalds. I don’t want her eating
that and I used to kill it, you know what I mean? But I’m a lot more conscious
of the foods I’m eating and the stuff that’s around just cause I got my daughter,
you know what I mean? – [Interviewer] Do you drink
anything before you work out? – Oh, Muscle Milk. I try to drink a Muscle
Milk after my workouts or peanut butter. – [Interviewer] What do
you eat from your fridge if you’re hungry at 2 a.m.? – Whatever my moms done made. Whatever’s, like, leftover. I could just grab it and warm it up, that. I’m a get one more set
it in back downstairs so you all, come on. Follow me. – [Interviewer] All right, Dave. It’s time for our Rapid Fire questions. 7 a.m. workout or 7 p.m.? – [Dave] 7 a.m. – [Interviewer] Squat or deadlift? – Squat. – [Interviewer] Favorite song on playlist? – “Cherish the Day”, Sade. – [Interviewer] Crossfit, yea or nay? – Yea. – [Interviewer] Pull-ups or chin-ups? – Pullups. – [Interviewer] Dumbbells or kettlebells? – Dumbbells. – [Interviewer] Run on the
treadmill or the great outdoors? – Outside. – [Interviewer] Cardio or weights? – Weights. – [Interviewer] Big legs or big arms? – (laughs) Big legs. – [Interviewer] Biggest compliment. Jacked, ripped, swole or cut? – Swole. Got my workout in. Y’all seen what I like to
eat, what I like to drink. Now get up outta my crib, man. Peace. (relaxed music)

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