Custom Nike Air Monarch IV Challenge: ’90s Dad Edition | MTV Sneaker Wars

Custom Nike Air Monarch IV Challenge: ’90s Dad Edition | MTV Sneaker Wars

– [Conceited] One Minute. It is war! – Oh! – Yo, right when you thought
they wouldn’t move faster, they’re moving faster. Time waits for no man. What’s popping everybody? I’m your host, Conceited, and this is MTV Sneaker Wars. We’re the only show where two shoe customizers go head to head and kick to kick. But not only for
bragging rights, but for a chance to take home the Sneaker Wars trophy. Each sneakerhead must
take one classic kick, one fire theme and one secret element, to remix them into a never
before seen creation. One going home and
one is the victim. You know what they say, it ain’t no fun if the
homies can’t have none. So I brought my homies with me; You’ve seen her on Wild ‘n Out. She’s also an NBA host
and sneaker influencer, Brittany Elena And of course I also
brought my guy with me, the Round Two confounder,
Sean Wotherspoon. Chillin? – Same thing you know. – So now let’s get ready to meet these contestants.
– Nice – To my left, I
have my man Shane, AKA, Mr. Hoodbrush. – Hey, my name is Shane. I’m an airbrush artist
here in Los Angeles. You know, I’m best known
for my color usage, graceful line, and just positive attitude. – Over to my right,
we got Wally, AKA, Wally Champ. – Wassup man, How’s it going? I’m Wally, I’m from San Pedro, Los Angeles. I am a creator,
artist, entrepreneur. Most of my artwork
is on shoes, but it’s not the only
canvas that I work on; I do murals, basketball courts, it doesn’t matter. I’m across all mediums. – So now, are y’all ready to see what shoe y’all
customizing today? – Yeah, let’s do it.
– [Wally] I can’ wait. – Let’s go, bring ’em out! – Oh, wow…
– We go the Air Monarch. The official “dad shoe”. It’s the Nike Air Monarch; if father’s day were a sneaker, it would be this training shoe. Its low-key design
and extra wide width, makes it the
ultimate “dad shoe”. Matter of fact, since that’s the “dad” shoe, the theme for today will be, “The 90’s Dad”. – I grew up in the 90’s, there was a huge list
of iconic 90’s dads: Tool-time Tim Allen, we had Full House, Al Bundy, Homer Simpson. The list just went on, and on, and on. – But there is a hidden element that you have to
put in the shoe, and that is; vintage gear. Jerseys, snapbacks, tube socks, any retro item you might find in your dad’s closet. All right, are y’all ready? Then let’s get some
time up on the clock, and let’s get it poppin’. – No doubt, I did not
come here to lose. I did come here to win. – In all my years painting, nobody’s ever
brought me a pair of Air Monarchs. I have no experience whatsoever with this shoe. – I think this was just a cheap, price point shoe that was at like, every point of sale. – [Conceited] I mean,
it’s affordable, – [Sean] yeah. – [Conceited] Comfortable,
so, you know… – And I think we call
it a “dad shoe” now, ’cause we look back
pictures of the 90’s, we’re like, “It’s nothing but
dads rockin’ these.” – [Brittany] It’s
like a dad hat. – [Sean] Yeah, we’re like,
“That’s a “dad shoe””. Middle aged dude with like, no opinion on fashion, you’re like, “Give me the cheapest
thing on the shelf.” – Sean, you are a dad. Do you have Monarchs
in your closet? – I do have a pair of Monarchs. – [Brittany] Yes! – Wally, Wally, what we got goin’ on? – I’m alright
– I’m excited to be in your zone, over here. – Oh, for sure. – [Wally] Yeah, so first: prep the shoe, after prepping,
some pencil work, some stencils if I
needed some stencils. Once I’ve figured
out the layout, is layering after that. What am I gonna paint first, so I’m not constantly
going over my artwork and redoing what I
have already done. I feel I got something
up my sleeve that… – Okay. Don’t feel like you
have to say too much. – Yeah, yeah, I’m not
– We’re here to watch. – I wanna give you
guys a surprise – Yeah, nah. Do your thing.
We love the surprise. – What are you trying to
accomplish with this shoe? – I want something
that, you know, lets you know right away that it’s 90’s, and it’s still something that
you would wanna wear. I’m throwing some
modeling paste in there, to add some texture and I’m als using some
UV sensitive paint. I chose blue because there’s a lot of blue trim. I normally like to start
with a dark color first, and then go to your midtone, and then finish
with a light tone. And it creates
that positive drama that I want. – [Conceited] The thing is, it doesn’t get more 90’s than airbrushing
– [Sean] Yo, you’re so right. I didn’t even consider
that with the theme. – [Conceited] Yeah. – Murals, graffiti, break dance. We are in the 90’s right now, in this episode, and I love it. – [Conceited] We got
thirty minutes left. Oh yeah, they gettin’ nervous. – [Sean] Yo, like… – They’re getting nervous. – [Sean] Right when you thought they wouldn’t move faster, they’re moving faster. – Is my heart beating
out of my shirt yet? – Every now and again, I took a glance over there and I saw him doing his thing, but, I was so focused
getting my work done that, although I took a glance, I said, “Let me get back to me and what I’m doing.” – [Conceited] I mean, remember there’s the hidden element, that we’ve seen people
lose from that before. People that could’ve
had a clear win, messed up on the element. Goodbye. Fifteen minutes. – [Brittany] Whoa. The heat is on. – [Sean] I wasn’t nervous
’til he started making laces. – Disharmony for the laces might kind of hurt
in a little bit. – [Sean] I’ve never even
seen anyone make a lace, so I don’t even know
how long it takes. – Yeah. – This could be an hour process. – [Shane] The laces are really
driving me crazy right now. I’m licking them,
I’m tryna get the little metal piece to stay on. I might need a
vacation after this. – You can take that
vacay now, if you want. – Nah, nah, nah. – You sure? – Anybody got a breath mint for my boy, Wally? I can smell his
breath from over here. – Let the trash talkin’ start. I hate to be the
bearer of bad news; five minutes. – Oh! – Five minutes left. It is war! It’s death. – You all right over there? – Oh yeah, I’m just chillin’. – [Wally] Solve it. – There goes Wally,
stirring up the pot again, – Take your time, man. We good. – You too, man. – [Wally] Yeah. – [Sean] Fun and games. – [Sean] I’m hating the last
sixty seconds over here. It’s pressing me out. – [Brittany]
Anxiety times sixty. – Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one. – [Conceited] War is
over, sneakers down. – Drop it! – Wow. Wow. Wow. – [Conceited] All
right, times up. Mr.Hoodbrush, – Yes sir. – What you got over there? [Shane] I got the Hoodbrush Nike Moonarch. Color scheme is inspired by the New York Knicks, they kinda let you know where I originally come from. I got each different
music element in here: the back spikes are
kind of punk rock, black light kind of effects are rave, EDM style. And then, the eye
on the front is my boy, Tupac. For “All Eyez on Me”. – [Brittany] Let’s go!
– [Sean And Conceited] Nice. – Then I got, you know, a little bit of texture here. It has kind of a roughness. Anyone who’s a dad knows, being a dad is a
little rough sometimes. – You’re right.
– Of course. – [Shane] I used the
Jersey to make some laces. – Fire. – And I laced these up, yeah. Hope you guys liked it. – Yeah, You did amazing.
– Definitely. Killed it. – Thank you. Thanks so much. – [Conceited] Wally Champ. What you got?
– [Wally] What’s up? Growing up in the 90’s, I thought, why not go with the ultimate dad
that embodies everything. The man, the myth, the legend; Al Bundy. As the centerpiece, the classic image of him sitting no a couch. I wanted to incorporate
everything and all that represented him. – And is that a football
field on the back? – [Wally] That’s a football
field on that back! Four touchdowns in one game! – That’s for four
touchdowns in one game. Polk High. – [Wally] The
hidden element was, as you guys can see, his tie that he’s
rockin’ in here. It’s what I decided
to incorporate onto his tongue. – All right. – [Brittany] Okay. – Bring your kicks up. – Yes! – Leave, leave, leave. Y’all get kicked out! So, we’re ready to deliberate? – Yeah, thank you guys. – [Brittany] Bye.
– We’re gonna let you know. – [Conceited] We keep getting
faced with these challenges with excellent shoes
– [Brittany] I know. – But obviously,
somebody has to go. Look at that detail. – [Brittany] Look at
the detail in the couch. – The couch is insane! – This is a 90’s, father dad. – This is like,
literally a 90’s dad. – His face is… The details of his
facial expression, ’cause he’s always like… – [Conceited] Yeah, yeah. – [Conceited] What a shame. – [Sean] He gave us
a different like, look at the silhouette. And I think that
that’s gonna be a major part of like, my decision. Not only that it’s
like a “dad shoe”, but it looks completely
different than that Monarch. I’ve never seen anyone cut the Monarch lines like this, and paint them like that, to give it such a new look, and I loved it.
– I agree. – [Conceited] And he explained, this is rough, being a father. – [Sean] Yeah, yeah
– Rough. All Eyez on Me. Fire. He used the element to make laces. – [Sean] Are we
judging this based on, what’s literally a 90’s dad, like on the shoe, or are we basing it on, like, what a dad in the 90’s was gonna walk into a store and purchase? – We gotta pick. I’m going with one. – I’m going with this. So, what’s up? – I don’t know. – Let’s bring ’em in! – Oh! – [Conceited] Now, this was one of the hardest decisions we had to make, by far, So now, we’re gonna start
off with some points for you, Wally. – [Wally] Yes sir. – Brittany? – Your attention to detail when it comes to the couch, is amazing. From the football field to, even the facial expressions that he has, like, on the shoe; for you to find that tie, put it on him, and put it on the shoe, it’s dope. I would say, I wish you did little bit more on the other side of the shoe. I feel like you just
went on one side, but I think you did
a really good job. – I mean, I’m obsessed
with the couch. I was over there like, watching you do the tan of the couch, and then after
seeing it with like, the floral applied, like, this is really nuts. Like, that layer
of paint is crazy. I love that so much. I wasn’t expecting it, you know? Just like you said, you like, kept us in the dark and kind of came heavy. – [Conceited] Shane, Brittany. – So, first and foremost, your explanation of the shoe, you being a dad, I love the passion
that you actually have in the shoe, That’s what, like, won my heart over with it. I do wish that you maybe used something else with
the hidden element. Overall, like, I think you did a really
good job with that. – His shoe speaks
to me for real. How you broke up the sole, and made that thick
sole on the monarch look so much
thinner on the front and really gave it such a more approachable stance. I feel like the Monarchs
would sell better for Nike, with, you know know, that color blocking done on the sole. Like, I mean, I love it. It’s a wearable shoe. – [Conceited] Well,
with that being said, the one that embodied
the 90’s dad, goes to… Wally. – I always know that
I could do more, but, I came here to win, I won, so, I’m excited. – [Shane] Oh, I’m a
real fierce competitor. To lose today was rough for me. – So, thank y’all. This was MTV’s Sneaker Wars, and we’ll see you next time, when you kick it. Peace!

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