100 thoughts on “Crazy 5 Minute Cardio Workout – KEEP YOUR MUSCLE!

  1. Olympic weightlifters go past parallel on squats at least seven times a week. Look up BROZKNOWS or CaliforniaStrength here on youtube. I wouldn't say they're asking for injuries. I should probably mention I don't care much for personal trainers either, unless they are acknowledged by poeple like Dave Tate and so on.

  2. more cardio, more vegetables, and if you can turn the fat around that area into muscle: incline press, flies, dips wide grip legs further from stand, push ups, flat bench press and many many more. it comes down to losing weight and building up your chest. (can also try high reps low weight to tighten area but almost 75% of it is hereditary) GL

  3. Thanks for the video. It keeps me motivated to keep reaching. And the fact that we see you work out and get tired inspires me to keep going when it happens to me. Thanks again.

  4. Nope. If you want good cardio, go get a bike. Riding up a hill for even short periods of time will leave you breathless.

  5. Any way you could just list your 5 exercises instead of making it a 9 minute video?
    Also, you're ripped, but would be taken more seriously with a t-shirt on, bro.

  6. I've been following him for a while now and you'd be surprised at what a 5 minute work out can do for you. You should try his first hurricane head rush. That will get your cardio up, worked for me.

  7. I forgot to add this, but it may also be hormonal. You might want to talk to your doctor about it. gynecomastia is more common than you think.

  8. Can you do this every day or not? Because the next day my chest was sore so I just swapped the first two exercises for two different exercises. Is this ok?

  9. Great workout. When you do a workout like this do you still do a warm up? Do you have a warm video on your channel? Thanks in advance

  10. Yes warm ups are VERY important. If Jeff hasn't uploaded a warm up video soon then research it it mate make sure you always warm up before doing any form of exercises, especially high intensity.

  11. I love the fact that he makes it a challenge! I see no other way of pushing yourself or friends then making it competitive. Thanks for your creative challenges!

  12. You should probably do this as at the start of your chest (push) day exercises. The next day will either be an off day, or a back (pull) day, allowing time for your chest to recover.

  13. Thx for this it has really round out my workout for my Soldiers. They are going to hate me but hey they'll be just fine. Thx again

  14. I can't even get through the burpees in one set! How am I supposed to buy and keep up with the training program?

  15. Hey man, how many calories do you reckon this burns? I am finding it difficult to understand how to do cardio and not lose any muscle, but still burn a good amount of calories, thanks

  16. I would not speed up the videos during your work outs, cause it's nice to see your natural speed plus muscle contraction..

  17. Could I do this before or after a workout? Or on a whole other day? if u train 3 days diff muscles 1 day off, 3 days diff muscles, where to place this in ? could even change the whole workout plan but yeah..

  18. I got YouTube Red and I watch every one of your videos for two reasons.

    1) To get some crazy killer workouts.
    2) To give you the moneeeyyyyyyyy!!!!!

    💰 💰 💰

  19. When looking back at other fitness Youtubers' video you always see in the comments," Remember when he was this bid?". Jeff pretty muck kept his size consistent from since so long ago. This is why I chose this guy as my number 1

  20. I like everything Jeff says except that his program can be used by anyone even beginners… i find almost every excercise taught is extremely advanced even in the paid for program. Still awesome to reference but if you need variations to help build a foundation, ur gonna need to do ur own reaearch

  21. Hey this might seem like a silly question but i compete in bjj and im about to start a clean bulk and honestly scared shittless of losing my endurance becuase of my recent discover that muscles do require more oxygen and i honestly could fight a person twice my size for hours and dont want to lose those abilities while bulking affect to endurance that much?

  22. Think this is too advanced for many guys… Myself included. I can do about 10-12 chin ups in my one set. 25 chin ups in 60 sec is too much. I will go for a scaled down version of this workout. May be go for 15 of each instead of 25.

  23. Very nice video. Have seen all of your videos and yes it is really the SCIENCE IN MOTION thing reg the muscles movement.

  24. I was searching for how to train anaerobically with weights but I can't find anything

    I have been tracking my training and have been training in the fat burning zone…
    I dont know how to change that (P.S. I'm following one of Jeff's programs)

    Anyone have any tips?

  25. Hey Jeff. HAve you ever thought about doing a video on the effectiveness of weighted clothing

  26. Not a fan of the FFW. Otherwise great video. However I am not able to do even one of those 5 sets with extended time limit. Go figure.

  27. Everyone complaining how they cannot do it and how this isn't a beginner workout. OF COURSE IT'S NOT A BEGINNER WORKOUT. OF COURSE YOU CANNOT DO 25 FREAKING CHIN UPS. The goal here isn't to do 25 chin ups from the start, it's to reach 25 chin ups in that one minute period. Its your goal, not your starting point. Your starting point should be your max chin ups, and slowly and steady you should build it up…. Goddamn it do I have to explain this to grown ups?!

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