Couple Workout Fitness Fail Bloopers/Behind The Scenes – Adley

Couple Workout Fitness Fail Bloopers/Behind The Scenes – Adley

Did itttt! I had to get the right angle, but this is
very “feng shui” of us! I think it has to look destroyed
while we destroy… our bodies. Ready? “bangs head”
ohhhh! I thought you had me babe? I did! I had your legs… haha! K… I think this is a good angle… *laughing* Okay so here we go…
we can do that? I wish they showed you how to assume the position. I’m having to use so much core strength! Ready, Ab? Ready! Flutter kick on 3, 2… *laughing* Oh, this is so sexual… Haha… where are you GOING?! Lift me! We got it, we got it…
1, 2, 3… Oh yeah!
*loud grunt* I think I kneed you in the stomach… How’d that go? I could have collapsed a lung! Why can’t we do this? Ready? Yep. Ugh! How did it look? Were we close? Oh yeah.. looked great! I thought so… Wait, are we rolling? Yep! *groans* *giggles* I’m not gonna be able to pick that up! Um… are you committed to that? *groans* No… hahaha Oh my God, my God.. Ready? Ready! Blake: This is gonna end bad… *groans* hahahahahahahahaha That was JUST my arm! *groaning from both* Adley: Are you okay? Blake: Yeah. Abbey: Are YOU okay? Adley moans: Yeah… Ready! Owwww!!!
ooooooo Tailbone! Eeeee… Ohhhh, everything…. Actually, I think we have to start up here… Hahaha
*Grunts* Okay… So we’re gonna bend, then set me off… I thought we had this one…? Well… Like, I kind of fall and then just kinda do
one of these like… yeah. Is this lighting gonna be okay for you? I don’t LOVE it… Okay, now wheelbarrow me, just… I got this. Are you sturdy and strong? Yep.
*laughs* Can’t ya tell? Go, go… go to the wall. Alright. Abbey… I need your help. Gimme… gimme close to you. I’m seeing stars. Okay. Ahhh! I did it! *Laughing* *more laughing* *still laughing* We did that… we did that… Guys, I think we did it. I think that’s a wrap! Way to go, no hospital visits! Just bruised tailbones. Yeah, and egos.

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  1. You guys did an amazing job. Can I suggest that next time, you sit in a yoga position on the couch and just open a bottle of wine! Yep, wine is good.

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