Corset Enthusiast Shrinks Her Waist To An Extreme 16 Inches

Corset Enthusiast Shrinks Her Waist To An Extreme 16 Inches

COMM: An hour glass figure is a dream for most women, but Kelly Lee Dekay has taken it to the next level. Kelly Lee Dekay: I love the fact that fabric and thread can be manipulated in order to create such
a drastic silhouette. COMM: Growing up fashion designer Kelly was obsessed with comic book heroes, and inspired
by their look. Kelly Lee Dekay: I didn’t set out to have a small waist, it wasn’t something that I
thought about, the thing that I did think about is becoming a super villain to be honest,
to become like a comic book character. In terms of style, my favourite comic book hero, it
would have to be Storm for sure, she was the one that really did it for me. But it was like, oh my god and I feel so silly saying this, but it really was Jessica Rabbit also. COMM: So at 20 years old, Kelly began wearing a tight steel-bonded corset to sculpt her waist.
After 7 years of dedicated corseting, Kelly’s waist now measures a minuscule 16 inches. Kelly Lee Dekay: I teeter between 16 and 18, it just depends, I have no interest in doing
anything smaller than 16 only because I really love the ratio of 16 and I’m more than
satisfied with 16. COMM: And it’s not just the corset that helps Kelly achieve her unique figure. Kelly Lee Dekay: A lot of the food stuff as far as my diet is a trade secret, so I cant
really divulge on it but I will say, don’t have anything that makes you bloated and no
carbonated drinks outside of tight lacing. I was always really like healthy with my eating
habits although I do indulge in the burger and the macaroon. COMM: To Kelly wearing a corset isn’t about shocking the crowds or being super slim, but
when she takes to the streets of New York, she receives a mixed response. MAN IN THE STREET: I think its, its extreme to go to that length to re-shape your body
in such a way, I feel sorry for her 10 years from now, somebody is going to pay the consequence
and it’ll be her. LADY IN THE STREET: I think Kelly looks great. ANOTHER LADY IN THE STREET: I would not want to achieve this look it looks very off, it
doesn’t look normal and it doesn’t look good. THIRD LADY: She is looking so gorgeous like beyond like super model pageant like perfect.
She is like the living body-ment of Jessica Rabbit but so much better. COMM: When faced with questions about her corseting, Kelly is keen to stress that she
takes the greatest of care when it comes to her health. FASHION STUDENT: I’m a fashion student. So just out of curiosity like because I have
seen what happens to women’s organs and bones inside from prolonged corset wear, have you
seen a doctor? Kelly Lee Dekay: So whenever I do go to the doctor I’m not wearing my corset but you can
feel my rib cage is a little bit different, so yes I’ve done my check ups and everything
is all healthy and good, there’s like this misconception that your organs like really
change, like they totally shift down but its like half an inch or less than half an inch
that it shifts a little. COMM: Kelly’s love of corsets and haute couture have influenced her unique look, and she will
continue to follow her dreams making a career in designing and modelling. Kelly Lee Dekay: I was always really in love with the idea of bringing fantasy into my
everyday life. Whenever someone says to me “that looks so unnatural” – I have big bright
blue hair, what part of me screams I want to look like everybody else?!

100 thoughts on “Corset Enthusiast Shrinks Her Waist To An Extreme 16 Inches

  1. ay noooo. eso ya es feo he visto otras chikas x la net q usan fajas cinturillas o corse, se achikan la cintura extremedamente pero noles qeda asiiii.

  2. Curvy corserter? Welp time to watch the vid!
    (Im female and I just want to see how people live like this.)

  3. It's kinda giving me the heeby-jeebys being able to see the curvature on the top of both sides of her pelvis. 😰

  4. You think barbies are hot, then you see one in real life and realize wait…that ain't right… I do wish the best for her though, and I hope she's happy in the long run.

  5. Please my dear sister cover your body exposeing your body is sin before God please you have to repent and give your life to Jesus

  6. She’s really pretty but I think her waist is too small and she looks a bit disproportionate but whatever makes her happy😊❤️

  7. “I have big bright blue hair , what part of me screams ‘I wanna look like everybody else?’” PERIOD SIS

  8. O😧uch..0hhh My G0SH!!!

    Blessings tho sis…u did that tho!!
    It's your body,and u look happy..thats all that matters

  9. tiny waist or big waist, shes still super beautiful. don’t understand why everyone’s gotta be so negative towards her. and i like that she looks like this, it is different. i wish more ppl could look unique in their own way without getting hated on. looking the same as everyone else is boring, why y’all want that? why do y’all care ?

  10. It's only when models get like 10 more procedures that I get disgusted. This girl just wears a corset, which has been occuring for centuries.

  11. that cant be good for your core muscles. She gonna suffer when she grows up, a shame because shes beautiful and very gorgeus.

  12. Not only did she removed her ribs…. I'm pretty sure she has removed her stomach as well permanently so that she don't face hunger looking on her condition

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