Coronavirus: Is It Safe to Go to the Gym?

Coronavirus: Is It Safe to Go to the Gym?

Hey guys, PictureFit here. Before we get started, I do wanna point out
that, at the time of publishing this video, the coronavirus situation has gotten much
more serious. Several governments have begun shutting down
many commercial areas, including gyms. Needless to say, if that’s what’s going
on with your region right now, by all means do not go to the gym. Now, although some of this information is
now a couple of days old, I do think it still can apply. But, PLEASE use your due diligence and listen
to the proper authorities beforehand. Above all else, stay safe guys. Now onto the video. Ya know, I’ve been keeping an eye on the
recent coronavirus outbreak and I gotta say, the information out there can be quite unsettling
to see. It’s either people causing mass hysteria
or the opposite, completely downplaying the situation, both achieved with false or misleading
information. Although I ain’t no expert on the situation
completely, what I can do is look at the actual statistics then come to a conclusion about
something near and dear to us fitness folks, and that is whether to still go to the gym. Now, first let’s talk some simple stats
about the coronavirus. Coronaviruses are actually a family of viruses
and the one we’re concerned with today is known as coronavirus disease 2019, or COVID-19. Its symptoms are very similar to the common
cold, causing fever, coughing, and shortness of breath. And one of the scary notions of COVID-19 is
its mortality rate, which, according to the World Health Organization, sits around 3.4
percent! That’s multitudes higher than the seasonal
flu. Now, the ACTUAL number is likely lower since
COVID-19 testing has been largely limited. There is likely many more infected with the
virus with little change to the death count, which assumedly means the mortality rate would
be lower. Nevertheless, it’s still a pretty big rate. Also, COVID-19’s reproductive coefficient,
or the amount of people an infected person is likely to also infect, is around 2 to 2.5. Again, higher than influenza but there needs
to be more time to develop a more accurate comparison. Scientific estimates DO have COVID-19 potentially
infecting more than a third of the entire human population. With such statistics, it is then in our best
interest to be as preventative in spreading the virus as possible. So if the question then, is, should we go
to the gym at this current time of virus’s spread, by far the safest and most preventative
answer is no. To best mitigate the chances of getting infected
or unknowingly infecting others, we need to implement what is known as social distancing. As the name suggest, that means avoiding contact
with other people, especially in large groups, as much as you can. Also, keep in mind that some people might
be asymptomatic, which means they carry the virus but develop no illness or related symptoms. So if you go to a gym and it doesn’t seem
like anyone is sick, it doesn’t mean that no one is infected. A good example of this is what just happened
with the NBA, where a basketball player was infected with COVID-19 but had no symptoms. Later, another teammate was infected as well. This lead to the NBA’s decision to completely
suspend the seas on, which is the smart, preventative action, even though the spread is still relatively
small. So for us, we should probably think about
doing the same. Suspend your gym gains for now. But that to be as preventative you can. What about the question of, is it at all possible
to go the gym anyway? To answer that, it will depend on your region’s
current situation since infection likelihood is different in different areas. If you live in an area with many reported
COVID-19 cases, smart move is to not go the gym. For areas that have low COVID-19 prevalence,
you CAN technically go to the gym just like you would go to the store or any other commercial
places. But one can argue that the gym is less safe
when you consider that gyms get crowded, the air is likely humid, many people are sweating
and coughing, and you’re all sharing the same workout equipment. So even though you’re statistically unlikely
to be infected, for now, the gym is a solid environment for the disease to spread. Now, some of you are probably wondering, “I’m
young and what I’ve heard that young people won’t get hurt by the coronavirus.” Although young to middle age adults are generally
safe from the virus, it doesn’t mean that we want to continuously spread it, ESPECIALLY
if you regularly come in contact with populations that aren’t as safe, like the elderly, pregnant
women, or any other immunodeficient populations. So don’t think so much about yourself being
safe, think about how it impact others around you. But if you do feel like you’re safe enough
to go to the gym, you best practice some good personal hygiene. That’s washing your hands thoroughly for
at least 20 seconds before and after the gym, cough or sneeze into your elbow, wipe down
every equipment you use, try to use as little equipment as you can, and shower as soon as
possible. These tips frankly are important all the time,
not just during a pandemic. Some more diligent tips would be to keep your
distance from other people in the gym, avoid drinking from shared water stations, instead
bring your own sealed container, and avoid gym shower areas since the steamy and humid
conditions are ripe for spreading the virus. In short, stay as clean as you can and be
aware of your surroundings. So guys, to close, I would strongly consider
that all of us to take this outbreak seriously. No need to panic exactly and change all facets
of your life, just be more diligent about the things you do. In terms of fitness, you ain’t gotta worry
anyway. Your gainz will be waiting for you when you
get back on track. Stay safe, lift smart, and get your protein. Please share this video if you found it helpful
so we can make sure everyone else make good decisions moving forward about gym endeavors. I appreciate you all for watching, and as
always and again, GET YOUR PROTEIN!

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  1. Quick update: The outbreak situation seem to be getting worse and even though I only wrote this script two days ago, I think it's important to stress more that if your current region is dealing with a large outbreak, then PLEASE stay safe and workout at home! At the very least, please follow the instructions of your local authorities, especially if it directly impacts your local gym. You can also come spend time with us on discord if you like 😛

    Stay healthy and get your protein! <3

  2. I'm a doctor and am 100 percent behind everything you say here. Bang on advice. Time to get on the home workouts everyone. The gains will come again.

  3. Great video. Might I note a little biochemistry to help everyone understand something:

    For hand washing. Rinsing first helps. Using dish soap and vigorously, yes, VIGOROUSLY rubbing your hands and individual fingers then scraping your palms and fingers as if you were trying to get some motor oil off your hands (for 20-30 seconds) AND THEN rinsing while rubbing hands in very warm water is the key to removing the virus.

    Using plenty of dish soap is best because dish soap has a very strong amphiphilic effect. This means that it can attach to both oily (membrane or virus) membranes and also water itself. This results in the virus being “pulled apart” by the soap (but the 20-30 seconds of scrubbing is what helps the soap do this best).

    An example of this would be when you rub soap all over an oily pan after sautéing some veggies. The soap comes right off. Want to experience this without getting your hands wet? Take equal parts of olive oil and dish soap and mix them in a glass of water and witness it. For added fun, add the olive oil first to the water to see how it clings desperately to itself (like a viral membrane is designed to do), and then add the dish soap and mix and watch the olive oil all of a sudden “change” its mind!

    Be safe everyone! Wash properly now that you understand the science behind it. This is why surgeons literally scrub and rinse for 5 minutes. TWICE!!! And please share this comment to friends and family you’ll be amazed at how much this simple explanation can help us all 🙂

  4. Yesterday early afternoon in Madrid, just a few minutes before the gyms were ordered to close, my gym was actually feeling much safer than the supermarket: we were only three guys (instead of probably 15-to-30 in normal times), one of us having a disinfectant spray, the machines were kept cleaner than ever, and the atmosphere was dry. At the same time the supermarket was getting pillaged by panicked hoarders and the long queues in front of the cashiers were totally incompatible with the minimal safety distances. It was also feeling safer than a few days before, when I was starting to hesitate about going to the gym. But that's precisely because most people decided to stop coming.

  5. Everyone: Oh no I can't go to the gym because of corona!!.😭
    Me an intellectual-🤔 if no one is going to the gym because of the corona. Then this is the perfect time to go to the gym.😀

  6. Honestly i dont even think you need to go to the gym you could litteraly have a great workout at home with just dumbells and a barbell 😑

  7. in my country, two days ago there was an order to not be in groups of 100 or more… ok… also ive read that it doesnt pass through sweat
    but just about when you uploaded the video they said in the news no gathering of 10 people or more… almost all entertainment places are shut down. tough times.

  8. Just get a pull up bar and do pull ups push ups if you want get 2 dumbbells do air squats and you’ll get almost the same results

  9. My gym emailed me saying they won't be closing and will instead increase cleaning, the handles on the benches have never been cleaned so I'm doubtful of their measures

  10. Just when I hit a new bench press PR of 330 pounds and my gainz are seemingly unstoppable, there has to be a pandemic. Boo. Also all the bars will be closed for my 21st birthday. Gay.

  11. i don't understand everything fun is not allowed but go to work is no problem

    do they think the virus stops at you're work ?

  12. The situation in Portugal is getting chaotic. And yes, gyms are all closed here. Glad I have a barbell and dumbells at home. Stay safe peepz.

  13. They closed all the gyms in my country right after this video, but it's fine I ordered strong looking resistance bands a few days ago, and I will probably order a doorway pull up bar later, you don't need heavy lifts to build muscle or power

  14. It’s perfectly safe to go to the gym as long as you do face pulls to repair muscle imbalances on your shoulders

  15. Thank you so much for clear my curiosity and giving advice man. Worth being a long time subcriber. You are good man. Appriciate🙏🏻

  16. Easy to say when you're not a fat slob who hates his body but keeps eating whataburger and crying when looking in the mirror and showering in darkness….. that's not me or anything…….it's uh…a guy I know

  17. 4:02 – if we keep delaying it, and keep avoiding it, our economy may crash harder than it already has. It really, really is best that we ALL get out there, get exposed to it, live through it just like the flu (with a few fatalities, of course), and just get it over with. Our immune systems will thank us later.

  18. Oh wow that timing. I just watched the video then googled if my Gym is still open and saw that the city just announced that all Gyms also have to close starting now 🤬

  19. As far as i know there are no cases of coronavirus in my city, until that changes i will keep going to the gym, just making sure wash my hands and not touching my face

  20. Sweden is in the top 10 of most confirmed cases, I think imma stay home from the gym and instead take walks on a daily basis to burn off them calories.

    Edit: Atleast until they find a cure or something

  21. Guys getting corona would take you back a couple of months of Gain's. If it's not safe in your country don't risk it. You can always train body weights for maintenance at home and keep your body on rest till Its safe and you can continue the gains faster with a shock.

  22. Hi all, I m from HK and there is some useful information can be shared with you guys, coz you know… I feel surprised that why this video doesn't mention a bit on wearing mask. Maybe you guys think that wearing mask is ridiculous, and unnecessary. But this is in fact utmost important. A mask contains three layers, the outer part prevents outside environment, the inner one prevents "dirty" air from going out. The middle part is the major one for filtration purpose. In this case, no matter you are sick or healthy, wearing mask is v v v v important to protect you and others. Actually, from this coronavirus starts till now, I keep on going gym 5 or 6 times per day. I wear MASK, sterilize the equipment every time before and after I use,. NO shower in changing room, because guys like spit during shower, saliva sticks on flat area can sustain few hours or even more.

    You know what? In HK, I realized that Western people didnt wear masks at all initially, but they do now, even in the gym. Thus hope pictureFIT can broadcast the importance of wearing mask too. Break a leg!!

  23. Just take care of yourself you’ll be fine no need to skip going to the gym for this just live your life because your more likely to die in a car crash then get and or die of coronavirus

  24. This is not an appropriate time to deify protein. With a pandemic on our hands, it is much more appropriate to deify the sorts of foods that are overwhelmingly regarded as essential for proper immune function. First, people aren’t eating enough fruits and vegetables, and the doctors and bros at Barbell Medicine recommend 10 servings per day, which is more than twice as much as most people get.

    Second, many people are deficient in vitamin D, and vitamin D deficiency is associated with compromised immune function. The amount of D3 to take as a supplement depends on the individual, but if I had no clue what an individual’s blood level is, I would guess 2000 IU in the wintertime would be appropriate, and unlikely to cause toxicity.

    If you are eating enough fruits and vegetables, you are fine for vitamin C. Furthermore, there isn’t evidence that vitamin C supplements work. A modest zinc supplement with 100% of the RDA may be useful, especially for vegans. There is going to be a TRIAL of quercetin, another antioxidant supplement that was evidently a bit helpful for zika and ebola is going to undergo trails for COVID-19. But one thing about antioxidant SUPPLEMENTS is that that they diminish some of the adaptations from aerobic exercise.

    These are a few things I learned over the past few days at MedCram channel and, and also from poking around Pubmed and NCBI.

    The three word phrases that must be ingrained right now are…




  25. When you're a dumbass and got a gym membership recently…I should have thought it through more carefully…

  26. dont go to the gym unless are wearing face mask for flu.
    2. completely clean the things before you touch it.
    3. dont touch your face unless you wash your hand

    China virus is spread by an infected person's droplets which cause 2 circumstances spreading it.
    1. tiny droplet: it can flow in air and people who close enough to breath in the droplets
    2. heavy droplet: it dropped and attach on to the surface and people who touch it will be the next victim.

    btw both of them is invisible. so, if you dont have a mask, decrease the numbers of contacting people will decrease your chances of infection.

  27. I've installed antivirus in my phone a long time ago, I hope the antivirus can kill the incoming corona virus.

  28. I am working out at home since november 2019 & brought 2 heavy adjustable dumbell,doing pushups,pistol squat,pullups(By tree),Bicep curls.

  29. Hi picture fit. Thanks for the informative video ! I have just one question about your past videos about not training to failure. In that video, you talked about not training to failure is better than training to failure. I have also looked upon on to other scientist's research and all of them shows that training to failure doesn't have a single benefit. It requires more recovery time, more damage to the muscle, potential risk, and a burden to nervous system. My question is, if training to failure is a bad thing to do, and only the training volume matters, can I gain the same result if I stops at 80 percent on the reps rather than 90 percent, if the total volume is the same ? If they are the same, does that mean people training only for muscle mass should just do medium to light weights and stops at 80 percent, since it has all the benefits such as less recovery time, better muscle gains, less damage on nervous system, etc ? Thank you

  30. What I find IRONIC & HILARIOUS is how MANY of those self PROCLAIMED ALPHAS are scared shitless of going to a gym

    Compare their MIRAGE to actual covert operatives in the military who travel to the most obscure places on this planet that are contaminated with some radiation that could potentially fuck them up if they come in contact with said AREA for a hostage rescue &/or to kill some target

    This is why I can't take those petty Meatheads serious

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