Core Exercise: Bridge

Core Exercise: Bridge

Begin by lying on your back and
placing your feet on the ground, creating a 45 degree angle with
the knees, hands by your sides, tighten your core, bring your
hips up to create a straight line between your knees and your
shoulders. Hold this for three to five seconds, then relax by
returning your pelvis to the ground. Tighten your core and
repeat. Complete three sets of 10 to 12 repetitions. It’s
important to maintain correct posture and not let either of
the hips dip down or rotate from side to side. If you are only
able to do this for two seconds, that’s fine. Good posture is
important. If you are looking for something more challenging,
you may cross your arms across your chest and complete this
exercise. Again, maintain that straight line from the knees to
the shoulders. Tighten your core before each repetition and
again, completing three sets of 10 to 12 repetitions. If
you need a less challenging exercise, you may extend the
arms straight out to the sides and complete this exercise. This
will provide more support and stability side-to-side and allow
you to complete this exercise with a little less demand.
Remember to keep the core tight for each repetition and take a
moment to relax in between.

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  1. Thanks to everyone asking about the best way to inhale and exhale while performing this exercise. Physical therapist Shane Noffsinger says that with the bridging exercise, it is helpful to coordinate your breathing with the up phase and down phase of the movement. This ensures that you are not holding your breath, and it can even help with the proper muscular stability for this exercise. Exhaling on the way up as you engage your gluteal (buttock) muscles, and then inhaling on the way down is the best way to breathe with this exercise. This will help engage your deep abdominal stabilizer muscles.

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