¿Cómo Aumentar Masa Muscular Si No Voy al Gym?

¿Cómo Aumentar Masa Muscular Si No Voy al Gym?

Hello warriors, I received a question – how to
quickly increase the muscle mass of the body if I’m poor and I do not have access to the
gym or good food. Friend, in about 5 minutes you will know exactly what
You have to do with guaranteed results. LETS GO!
” First we will talk about the exercises, and
then we will talk a bit about diet. The first thing that you have to do is to go to a construction
and ask for two sandbags. It’s what we did to demonstrate
that if there are no weights they should not be excuses Each bag of sand we got
weighs approximately 25 kilos. Training with a bag of sand is very brutal
and it’s not going to turn you into a bricklayer. Thats how started his training one of the strongest Russians
in history, starting with a sack full of sawdust and every day removing
a little sawdust and replacing it with sand. If you want, I’ll tell you some secret, but
at the same time something very obvious – practically all the human history people did not go to gyms,
but at the same time there were many muscular people. Maybe even more muscular people before than
now. This was achieved with 5 main movements that people did a lot in their daily activity Now focus all your energy from the workouts
for only these 5 exercises if your goal is to quickly increase muscle mass
of the body. The first will be Deadliftht. The whole human history
humans had to lift something heavy. This exercise not only mimics the pattern
of natural movement but also targets super large muscles of the body. I also recommend you to try the variation
of Deadlift called Romanian Deadlift. In this variation you flex your legs and
do not lower the weight a lot when you go down, this helps target big femoral muscles. The second is Squat. It is worth mentioning
that the increase of muscle mass in your upper body depends directly on increase of
muscle mass in the legs. You can do squats in the following way,
Holding the bag in front, this in fact will also make your abdomen work a lot.
Or lunges, holding a sack with each arm. Doing legs should be your best friend if your
goal is to progress fast. We have the videos on our channel explaining in detail the
correct technique of squats and the reasons why it is important to train legs. The third exercise is bench press. The humans
all of their life they had to push something. Bench Press is the push exercise. There are
two options how can you do this exercise – the first option is to lie down on the
floor and do the chest exercise with the bag or the second option – even more brutal
– you can do the push-ups with some friend or family member on top. The fourth exercise that you have to do, friend,
is pull ups preferably with weight if you can already do about 10 without weight. It is also a super natural movement,
humans always had to pull themselves up to climb the trees or pass the obstacles. If they had to get up after hunting with an animal that they were carrying, effectively they were doing pull ups with weight. You can fill your backpack with books and there
You will have 10 kilos. There are parks with bars that you can search or even use the branch of a tree.
I for example trained on a scaffold when I lived in New York. And the fifth one that I would recommend is to go up
stairs with sacks. Take them for a walk and if you can not find stairs, go up the hill. The brutality of a training like this will be Level 80. Again, concentrate on just 5 of these
exercises that will make you grow as if you were mushroom after the rain. To increase
muscle mass quickly you do not have to know one thousand 500 exercises and techniques, that
will always be possible to incorporate later. The simpler, the more efficient and more
straight to the point. You can do 3-4 workouts a week,
in each giving the maximum focus to each one of these mega brutal exercises. In
each training you to focus to the maximum and have the minimum possible rest
between the rounds. As we explained before the growth hormone
is released times and times more when there is intensity and tension in the exercise. And obviously for our simple plan what
lacks is diet. We will try to keep it super simple too. To build the muscle, there must be
free amino acids in the blood and as you already know the body undoes the protein to
produce amino acids. Set the goal of eating at least 1 gram – 1 gram and a half of protein
per kilo of body weight. This is easily accomplished with eating about 4
eggs for breakfast or lunch. There you are going to have 30 grams. Moreover,a t least one
can of tuna, or a chicken breast or a piece of meat daily . This way your body will have enough material to
repair tissue and grow. It is the main thing, if you want to know more, you can
see the playlists we have on diet and muscle development. Do not forget that the best warrior is the educated warrior
and subscribed to our channel. SEE YOU!

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  1. Guerrero, si recibes la notificación – entrando por notificación ayuda al canal y es agradecido. Ya empezó el nuevo semestre y habran muchos nuevos videos educativos. Nos vemos allí!💪

  2. Hola , keria preguntar q si me afectaría hacer ejercicio a mi edad tengo 14 años , ya llevo como de 3 a 5 meses haciendo ejerció , y si e visto un poco de resultado pero no es lo q yo kisiera , como podre hacerle para aumentar mas masa muscular sin ir al GYM ?

  3. Osea a trabajar sin escuxas empese con el entrenamiento sano sin anavolicos y empese a ver el cambio y desde mi casa gracias amigo gracias a ti recupere la confiansa en mi mismo feliz año!!!!

  4. Yo voy a hacer esto que dice en el video y otras mas que me recomendaron, vuelvo en 1 mes y les paso mi instagram para que vean el cambio del antes y del después

  5. Yo antes era el gordo del colegio, me canse decidí cambiar, yo me metí al gimnasio , y ahora soy el gordo del gimnasio

  6. Para este caso de entrenamiento hay que evitar salir a correr o andar en bicicleta ya que eso consume la energia que es necesaria para crear musculos


  8. Tu haciendo una rutina de ejercucio en la q Vadyn no daa mas
    Tu luego del ejercicio:Pablo por q nos estamos vivos?

  9. Lo voy a hacer y les cuento tengo mancuernas voy a intentarlo con esas a ver que cambios veo no me queda mucho tiempo pero me agrada tener un cuerpo desente

  10. Saludos Vadin y a todo el equipo de la academia Buff; gracias por compartir tus conocimientos y experiencia, eres una excelente persona, saludos a toda la comunidad del canal. cuando gusten los esperamos en Acapulco, Guerrero Mexico

  11. No entiendo lo de los huevos, osea yo peso 80 kg , tendría que consumir 80 gramos de proteína al día, osea 11 huevos?

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