Comcast and Charter to offer new TV and broadband packages with no contract

July 21, 2021 0 Comments

Comcast and charter announced Monday that they will offer TV and Internet service plans that will have no monthly cost, no fixed fees and no contract commitments.

The new plans, which begin with basic broadband, are designed to offer a “full range of broadband services” and are designed for consumers who are trying to decide whether to go with Comcast or Charter.

Charter has already launched a limited number of TV plans that include its video streaming and other services.

Charter, meanwhile, offers its own video service called Xfinity.

Charter’s video service will be available to Charter customers with an Xfino account. 

Comcast announced the new plans as part of its attempt to increase its TV offerings, which have been struggling in recent months.

Last year, Charter’s average TV package cost $39 per month, which was down 25 percent from the year before.

Comcast has been offering TV packages that start at $70 per month. 

The plans are designed specifically for people who want to stay on Comcast, but want to switch to Charter for a cheaper package. 

“Our goal is to get everyone in this market who wants a service that’s the best value, but also a great deal,” said Brian Wieser, Comcast vice president of customer experience and communications.

“This new package will provide that.”

The new offerings will be offered starting April 12.

Comcast is offering customers a new set of basic TV services for $50 a month and a more expensive bundle of TV and other TV services. 

Customers who sign up for the new bundle will be able to add the TV and online video services as standard.

Charter customers can choose to add video streaming as an extra service.

Charter is also offering a video service that will allow customers to add their own video services, such as a webcast service, on their Xfinaires accounts.

The price of the new packages will be the same as those on Comcast’s basic service. 

Cord cutting has become a huge concern for Charter and Comcast in recent years.

The two companies have struggled to keep up with cord cutting as consumers switch from cable to streaming services, like Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. 

In a recent blog post, Comcast CEO Brian Roberts said that Charter and Charter Communications were working together on “a new approach to deliver the best possible value to our customers.” 

Comms plans are similar to Comcast’s recent deal with Dish Network, which is expected to cost Comcast customers $130 per month to get a streaming video service.

Comcast also recently announced a new streaming TV package that is similar to Dish Network’s. 

Sprint is offering a similar package for $100 per month for a new video package.

Comcast and Sprint are also looking to build an internet TV package with a separate cable TV service that allows customers to subscribe to the internet and then subscribe to cable TV services from their TV service.

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