Can Body Positive & Fitness Enthusiasts Find Middle Ground?

Can Body Positive & Fitness Enthusiasts Find Middle Ground?

In an effort to not have challenging conversations in this day and age It’s like when you do you like whatever’s best for you. But then what if best for you is actually harmful to yourself and/or others My Health is a top priority in my life You never know how bad you feel Until you start feeling better than you’ve ever felt in your life and I’ve been on both ends of the spectrum and damn it’s very different to now being like Really focused on the mind body and soul like really having all parts just as equal as the other For me, I am a cancer survivor And so my entire life now is about making sure that I have a life, you know to continue So yeah I was diagnosed with lymphedema at age 3 which affects the circulation For me through my legs and feet. So health for me has always been at the top of my mind because if I don’t take care of my body like my I could have an amputated foot or leg So it’s nothing that I play around with all of my family almost has suffer from diabetes, heart disease and stuff like that So that’s why I’m extra conscious about my health because I don’t want to come down with any of those diseases I have a regular workout routine I’ve been working out consistently since I was 19 years old I used to work out two hours a day, but then I realized that’s way too long so now my workout session that would wait for about 45 minutes and then The rest is stretching and cardio and I spent a lot of time stretching because it allows me to get in the zone Kind of like a meditation of sorts It’s all mental, like, I go to the gym or workout or do something kind for my body in forms of movement every day Because it keeps me sane. Like if I don’t go there then I feel like something’s missing. And I get a little bit depressed Singing all by myself back there. I was going to the gym regularly every day, for like, six months and then my life shifted I lost my father a lot of things happened in my life that umm threw off my whole routine and so the point when when I was going to the gym so regularly I felt like my brain felt happier like I’ve gotten that feeling back in other ways I have no desire in me to change my body in any way. I like my buckets a little bigger. No, no, not at all See this is where we’re gonna get because I will tell you not every big person wants to be small I am conscious about what I eat My mom had me in Weight Watchers in junior high. Like so my relationship with food and what I’m putting into my body has been like completely- can we curse? Fucked up like since the very beginning. I’ve had a severe sugar addiction since I was a kid and like the binge eating like it makes you feel like everything- I can’t have this. This is an enemy. So when I see it, like you have it I’m like, oh, I want to eat it all. Every day, I wake up. I have a green smoothie I’m always very conscious of like what I’m putting into which I think is- I’m going to say the controversial statement. I think is something that people would never think is true based off the size of my body There’s so much studies that are coming out like in terms like your microbiome, like the microbiome that you have like you can literally eat green smoothies and eat like everything you’re supposed to be eating, and not lose the weight because we have an imbalance in your microbiome and like and then people who are thin, they’re just really thin but they eat McDonald’s every day But they don’t realize is how much they’re clogging their arteries and they die of heart attacks more than quote-unquote big people. I received negative feedback about my body growing up I would have people, like some family members be like “Oh, you look a little heavier than you did last year” and then other family members that were a lot more direct like “When are you going to lose the weight?” and it’s been like that I would say my whole life and then we got to a point where I was getting compared to my little sister who’s like beautiful and thin and it’s like- it is so hard not to compare yourself to other people It is so hard to have a healthy relationship with food and with fitness and just with other people and it became so difficult to break out of that and to really love who I am inside. My stepmom would take, like, if I had a wrapper of chips like in my room like she would put it on top of like, my dresser and say like “I’m not the reason why you’re fat, this is” like it was all very like but it was super crazy psychological because I was like, we’ve never even discussed this before I’m from Texas. We all eat soul food. So everybody was eating the same shit food So with my mom 250 pounds, my brother 350 pounds But I saw that I was eating the exact same foods and I didn’t even know until I got around Los Angeles, health conscious people. I’m like “What? What you mean to tell me you don’t have freaking bacon cheeseburger every single day?” I didn’t know So when you got to like- what triggered it in your head that said “Oh this to me is the right way for me to look now?” I wanted to be a model the idea that you wanted to become a model and the only idea of model to you, meant being thin or fit or whatever that beat means, all I saw because it wasn’t as popular like plus-size wasn’t popular back then We’re not, it’s 18 years old It’s definitely not popular But it’s still it’s still opened up way more than The conversation I will say is much more broad now I feel like we’re we’re able to talk about these things a lot easier now than we were before but What the actual way that the industry treats plus-sized models is totally different This question makes me very passionate. This is really big for me because I’ve been like, come forth, from other body-positive influencers But I feel like that messages as other people put out are very dangerous to a young woman who thinks that it’s okay I don’t care what size you are It’s not okay to sit and eat cheeseburgers and ice cream all day, like that has nothing do with your size I think there’s a difference between acceptance and agreement So like you can accept your body and be in disagreement with the health situation that you have, right? We hear fit experts always saying “Be skinny, lose weight!” That’s the healthy way to do it But we never say- at least we don’t say “be fat because it’s better for your heart” or “it’s better for your soul” It’s better for your you I’m gonna say even what you just said like body acceptance versus body agreement like to you you might see one of us and be like Oh, they love their- accept their bodies, but I’m sure they don’t agree with what it looks like I mean, I wouldn’t know unless I talked with someone but like whatever the numbers like whatever like is coming up in terms of like, you know, when you go to the doctor, like at the end of the day But even as fit people, when you see a person who is overweight or fat or obese, however you whatever term you want to use What’s the first thing happens in your head? Do you think like “Oh, like it’s great that they accept themselves, but they could use to lose weight” or what is your first thought? My very first thought; no one’s like born that way. So you you like there’s habits and things that you observe But you actually can be born with that . We could eat the exact same thing and be 2 different people Parenting and stuff like that. I didn’t really know what to expect today I didn’t know how the body positive individuals were gonna come across I didn’t know if they were for a healthy lifestyle or not But I think it’s beautiful that you guys acknowledge how important it is to keep yourself healthy Do I feel like there are people in the body positive community that say “Well, I’m just happy being fat and I’m just gonna lay down and just do that.” Yeah, absolutely Absolutely. I Fat pride, hashtag fat pride is like was something that was going on. It’s just funny big buzzword everyone You said something at some point that body positivity and like health and stuff is different. Like is that what everybody? Thanks The actual body positive community was created to give a platform to bodies that have been marginalized in our society. That’s what it was actually created for, big body, big disabilities What are you different races and I want to scream because I’m like “actually this is not meant for you this is meant for bodies who who don’t have a voice.” The fitness community is the reason why the body positive community exists and I think that as a community, it’s important for you guys to be a little bit more inclusive. People come up to me I think we really did find a middle ground But we did I think we all realize it. It’s like not it’s not this line. That’s Riding it you go out Hey guys. Jason from Jubilee here. We hope you enjoyed another episode of Middle Ground Honestly, this is one of our favorite series to make and we hope you enjoyed too Let us know in the comments below what you think about this issue and if you agree or disagree with anyone? 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100 thoughts on “Can Body Positive & Fitness Enthusiasts Find Middle Ground?

  1. I keep thinking the muscular guy in the blue tank top is wearing a headset and sitting on a stationary bike whenever he’s out of frame

  2. Reads comments
    Sees everyone being upset about the video being one sided
    Watches video
    I see what the comments are talking about. I feel like I just heard body positive movement and none of the fitness enthusiasts.

  3. that woman with no bra really disgusted me with her droopy and saggy mammaries.
    like don't get me wrong, it's not like i expect anime tiddies to be real.
    but goddamn woman, wear a bra for god's sakes.

  4. If you always have had the body shape you have now you don’t need to gain or loose wait but do stay healthy if you just gained weight than I say yes do workout but if you were born a thick than just maintain your body structure no need Loose any weight

  5. These "body positive" people have lied about all of em so far from what i have seen if you eat right and workout it is nearly impossible to not lose weight and be thin

  6. Ok so im only 130 in but honestly the chick with lymphedema should honestly be working out. Being over weight is a risk factor for this pathology and caring for the affected limbs has light exercises as apart of that, i am not saying she needs to get ripped but being fit really helps with circulation d/t movements through activation of skeletal muscle.

    Now this also depends on the type of lymphedema she has if its d/t blockages instead of broken lymph canals.

    Before you ask I trained as an RMT in Canada so i had to learn about any pathologies i may come across.

    Study pathology its cool and fascinating just dont be eating at the same time.

    Edit: the study of pathology is really cool not the pathologies themselves.

  7. I noticed that the Body-Positive people are pretty full of hate.

    Like she completely shut that girl down when she rightfully tried about Doctor recommendations.

  8. you are absolutely not body positive if you are obese. you're lethargic and apathetic. it sounds harsh, but there is nothing positve nor healthy about being overweight. bye

  9. First question and response was enough to pretty much invalidate the entire discussion.
    If you are obese, then physical health is not a main focus of your life.
    The two are polar opposites.

    As cancer survivors too, it's upsetting that they do not take this in to their control for that reason alone.

    Saying this doesn't mean I dislike or an against any of them. It's just stating simple facts.

  10. Calling someone a fatass won’t help bullying won’t help that’s what’s wrong with this issue …. there’s nothing wrong with helping people but being cruel isn’t helpful

  11. Loving your self doesn’t mean you have to stop your body’s improvement like going to the gym, like the guy said you’ll never know you felt bad until you feel great.

  12. Ugh this one blue balled me alot, i think there was ALOT people on both sides wanted to say and they didnt. Some chose not to, some didnt have time. Frustrating lol

  13. The bald dude deserves the world🥺💗 he seems so caring and is a great listener. Wish we got to hear more from him.

  14. This was made before the Bill Maher vs. James Cordon controversy. I am a fan of both people, but as a naturally thin person, I think Bill didn't understand that some people have physical and emotional problems that lead to being overweight.

  15. Quit interrupting people when they are speaking. This needs to be redone because it wasn’t as effective as it could be.

  16. That is the sweetest bald buff guy I've ever seen, he seemed so genuine and nice to everybody.
    It's such a shame that we didn't get to hear what he had to say in the end.

  17. Microbiome has nothing to do with losing weight, you need to be at a caloric deficit to lose weight. Simple as that. You can drink n number of green smoothies and eat green vegetables and still not lose weight because you aren't counting calories.

  18. Great representation of the body positive movement. They expect everyone to be patient and understanding towards them but they shut people down when there’s a valid argument. Not cool.

  19. Everyone has their own challenges in life for instance I struggle with anxiety but I think it’s part of being human to overcome those challenges instead of saying I was born this way so I’ll indulge it

  20. This is frustrating. One side is being delusional, the other side is giving an education. But the delusional side also being so defensive. Guess which one is which. This is frustrating.


  21. So the one dude said "you aren't born that way" But really, people are. My sister was the fattest baby you ever saw (though I never saw her as a baby, she's 6 years older than me) but as a kid she looked like she was starving. She's been skinny ever since toddlerhood. We always joke that as she grew, she was just stretching herself out, because now she's 6 feet tall and still stick thin without much effort. Really, kind of silly thing for him to have said.

  22. I'm not sure why people think that body positivity people can't be fitness enthusiasts, and vice versa. I'm skinny, but I really don't care what you look like. I'd be worried for health issues (including anxiety about your body) but pretty much nothing else.

  23. Way to go Jubilee. You just exposed the body positive crowd for what it is: people who make excuses to avoid the MANY facts which prove being obese is terrible for your health.

  24. We need a person like Michelle McDaniel (aka My Thoughts Will Probably Offend You) here. She'll get the point across well on the fitness side without being interrupted.

  25. I think the body positive side are the type to go protest that’s why they didn’t let the others talk or voice their opinion.

  26. Just throw them all into a tough mudder run and see who lasts the longest. Would you be more body positive when somebody is reliant on you and you can’t help them because of the position you allowed to yourself to be put in life?
    It’s not like height where you can’t change it at all. Body size and capability has always been a prime factor in determining one’s health. Throw em all into an army fitness camp and see who’s the one bringing the rest of the team down.

    Sure you can be body positive vs some bulimic person and say you’re better off than them but comparing your body positivity to a fitness enthusiast/trainer etc is questionably frustrating.

  27. You guys didn't let anyone speak. Other videos have gone great but this one was moderated in an extremely poor manner :/

  28. Being positive about your body is good, but that isn't an excuse for not trying to be fit. If you cannot be fit because of a medical ailment, it's ok. But if you can get fit but don't, and use body positivity as an excuse to not take care of your body I don't think that's right. Nobody's telling anyone to have a model like figure but being medium weight is good.

  29. It will always be ok to be a bigger person, but to try and justify it as a good thing is ridiculous in the sense that it is proven that being overweight or severely underweight correlates directly with health issues.

  30. I think at the end of the day its important to he happy with your body at the moment…whether you're in the process of losing weight or trying to gain muscle. Just cause you drink a couple of smoothies doesnt mean you're healthy.

  31. I totally understand why they stopped the guy at the end cuz conversation might get too long but at least stopped them before he speaks or let him finish his sentence

  32. I feel like this could've used more time and light on the fitness side. I got to understand the other pretty well but not well enough and hardly the point of views of the fitness enthusiasts

  33. What really annoys me , I dont understand , No matter how bad you got it , it shouldn't be an excuse , to stop training , I dont care what anyone says , your body should always be physically fit , fine, you have a family member die , you stopping to train , you stopping going gym , is that going to bring them back?, No it's not , they would not want you to fall in depression , just you need to think outside the box , and understand it , I hate how this generation work , WHATS SO HARD TO WORK , THERE SHOULD NOT BE NO EXCUSES, but people think otherwise, and let feelings be everything that pushes them forwards 🤦🏼‍♂️🤷🏼‍♂️

  34. This video was so frustrating! And that ending… please make it again, this topic deserves better discussions (or discussions in general, not just one sided arguments)

  35. Im my honest and humble opinion, Bopo has just become a platform for very overweight people to pause why they love being on their overweight pedestal and that no one can shake them from there. The movement has become a circus. There is actually no real positivity in it, there is only hate from one part of the population toward all the rest.

  36. I dont like that these discussions are timed. Can you really reach a middle ground if you cut it off. It was annoying I was really looking forward to hearing more.

  37. Saying you don't exercise and eat junk food because you love your body is like saying you overfeed your pet because you love it

  38. I have PCOS i have gained a lot of weight people have told me stop eating bad food but down…I didn't eat bad ..a lot… Or even enough to get big. Noone believed me .. I finally found 2 medicines that balanced my hormones and my weight FELL off I still eat the same.

  39. The answer is very simple, I don't have to watch this video:
    Change, what you can change. Accept, what you can not change.

  40. I'm in for accepting yourself more, but I'm out for being delusional. And as much as I'm not a "fitness enthusiast" I just love cycling though I'm a bit on a heavy side here and I could benefit of losing some 8 pounds, so I'm definitely not on the site of obsessing about the looks.

    But man, if you say to yourself that you don't want to change anything about your morbidly obese body, well men, don't lie to yourself.

  41. I don’t know how being big is body positive, I’m currently big (290 LBS) and I felt miserable up until a week ago so I started keto and I can’t tell you hoe great I feel now

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