Can a Sweat Belt Help You Lose Weight?

Can a Sweat Belt Help You Lose Weight?

Apparently waste trainers and sweat belts have been a big trend this year especially in this beauty world as these things always tend to be recently Kylie Jenner posted on Instagram saying Post-Thanksgiving and my much-needed new sweat belt so the post gives her followers the idea I guess that this belt has the ability to just sweat off those extra holiday pounds But here’s the deal That just isn’t possible you’re going to dehydrate yourself You’re gonna probably lose a few inches in just water and then what’s gonna happen is the minute you rehydrate Right back so it’s you know it’s it’s one of those temporary I call it negative Benefits because what being dehydrated is not good? If you want to lose way by being dehydrated don’t it’s just not worth it you

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  1. I actually use my Sweat Sweat belt with their Sweat Sweat rub and work out with it on. I drink plenty of water throughout the day. And I think it works. But I am also working that part of my body with the belt on causing me to sweat more and burn more calories

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