C Section Exercises After Baby (GET TONED, TIGHT LOWER ABS)

C Section Exercises After Baby (GET TONED, TIGHT LOWER ABS)

today’s exercises after you if you had a
c-section and you want to use the lower tummy overhang by the end of this video
you’ll have 10 of my best exercises to safely tighten tone and flatten your
lower tummy muscles after having a c-section and four more exercises for
mums after birth and Beyond be sure to subscribe to my channel and hit the bell
to be notified of my new video releases every week a c-section is major surgery
and then you’re suddenly thrown into caring for a baby 24 hours a day so it’s
really important to heal and restore then strengthen to tone your tummy
muscles after having a c-section I’m Vicki Baugh pounder of bump and Beyond
and I’ve helped hundreds of clients after a c-section recover strengthen and
tone their tummy muscles so if you have a resistance band you’ll need one of
those or if you don’t then you can use a pair of tights or a pair of nylons if
you’re American instead you’ll also need just a small towel or flannel which will
double over for a couple of the exercises as well we’re starting with
some dynamic stretches first just to make the exercises easier for you and to
ease up muscle tension and tightness so come on to your knees and step forward
with your right foot from here place your hands onto your front thigh and
then just bring your knee towards your toe keeping your front foot flat and
your back toe flat as well so feel a stretch right here in your hip flexor
you want to bring your left hip around a little so it’s facing forwards and then
just straighten this right leg lift the toe – deucer and bring your chest
gradually down towards your front thigh place your hand right here onto the
floor to give you a little bit of extra balance and in flowing into the hip
flexor stretch again bring your left hip in right knee comes forward and then
into the hamstring stretch hand to floor for balance three more these just
flowing easily into the stretch easing out the hips feeling the stretch
in the back of the thigh one more and now I’m gonna add just add a side
stretch with it so bring your left arm over right over Murray to your
fingertips as you stretch your hip flexors bringing your right knee forward
and then place that left hand on to the floor as you shrink your leg and stretch
the back of the legs so just breathing in and then breathing out as you
straighten the leg and you’ll feel that stretch for the side of the waist
through the obliques one more and bring the knee back onto the floor switching
legs were step forward with the left foot and then bring the right hip around
and in so it’s facing forwards and then a hip flexor stretch bringing your left
knee forward stretching through your right hip flexor and then strain the leg
lift the toe bring the chest to the thigh breathing in and breathing out
just make sure that you relax your shoulder muscles here get your chest
lifted and open and as you straighten the leg you can take the hand down to
the floor just to give you a little bit more balance if you feel wobbly it’s
okay many of us are especially after pregnancy okay one more now we’ll add
that arm stretch you reach up and over towards the side really reaching through
the right fingertips and then place the hand on to the floor beside you here by
buying the knee as you straighten your leg breathing in and then breathing out
as you streaming like to stretch the hamstring really reach across here try
not to reach forward or lean forward or lean back want to feel that stretch
right through the side waist one more and relax kid now we’re coming
down onto our backs just come down safely here bring the legs around in
front of you and then roll onto your side and then onto your back bring your
knees up towards your chest just hold onto your shins here and then just
taking the hands inside the knees just bring the knees apart bring the toes and
the feet apart as well at the same time just keeping your lower back flush into
the floor underneath you so just make sure your hip bones are in line with
your pubic bone here taking a couple of deep breaths relax your shoulders and
then bringing the knees in we’ll do that again four times breathing out and
putting out the knees like that stretch for the inner thighs just preparing the
muscles before we start the exercise it says stay with me because this is all
really important give many of us very tight through the inner thighs specially
after pregnancy and birth okay so it’s important to recover the muscles again
one more breathing out as you open the knees stretching through those inner
thighs breathing in as you bring the knees together excellent okay let’s
place the feet down onto the floor roll over onto your side and we’re going to
practice this really vital ok exercise now which is called the core connection
and we’re gonna do the left side first then we’re gonna do an exercise and go
on to the right side so we’re gonna lie down placing your left ear onto the arm
all right here and then just place the right hand in front of you then the
knees just bring them up slightly alright and then from here place your
right hand on the lower part of your stomach muscles and then take a deep
breath in or an allows for me just to relax forwards now this is so important
this breathing you’ve got to connect to these lower abdominals again especially
after a c-section where the muscles have all kind of switched off we want to get
them back on again wake them all up so you’re gonna breathe out
and then brewing the belly button in okay just imagine it’s coming inside you
bringing it in okay so kind of pulling it in as if it’s coming towards your
lower back and at the same time just imagine you’re zipping up a pair of
trousers here from your pubic bone up towards your belly button navel and then
breathe in and out to relax and breathing out do the same thing bring
the belly button in back zipping up breathing in tummy just comes forward
slightly no need to push it out and then breathing out again really trying to
engage we’re gonna try and switch this muscle on bringing it in and back
creating tension here and the lower part of the tummy muscles and then breathing
in relax twice more breathing out breathing in
one more time breathing out surely expel the air breathing in and let it relax
excellent okay rolling over onto your backs to do the hip bridge so from here
just place your feet back hip width apart and then bring your heels towards
your bottom just reach down see if you can touch your heels and then with your
lower back slash into the floor so just bringing your pubic bone in line with
your hip bones here squeeze your bottom cheeks your glutes and it’ll lift the
hips right up off the floor coming up onto your shoulders keeping your lower
back fairly flat you want to avoid over arching your lower back handle to the
floor that’ll squeeze into your fingers into the heels of the hands into the
triceps breathing out really feeling that squeeze in the gluts what we want
to do here is really strengthen your glute muscles so that which you need for
walking pushing the buggy lifting bending carrying so that you’re not
using the accessory muscles of your lower back
which can lead to lower back pain low that ache alright so the glutes you’ve
got to think of them as all part of your core muscles as well all right it’s a
vital part to helping strengthen the entire core and of course your lower
tummy muscle so here we’re going to brew it in slowly
roll back down towards the floor keeping your low back flat so gradually putting
the tailbone down last and then breathing in breathing out and lifting
back up again right up into that hip bridge try and get your hips lifted as
high as your knees here squeezing into your arms pressing your arms into the
floor and then gradually taking your spine back down to the floor as you
breathe in so breathing out again lifting right up a little fast at this
time and then Brewery they get into lower now we’re going to do about eight
nine more feeling that squeezing your glutes
so really strengthening toning the bottom muscles like no diseases
c-section exercises for your lower tummy but this is really important so bear
with me here because it’s it’s just crucial that you try and strengthen all
the muscles all right.you around your glutes in particular to support your
lower back and to prevent your lower back from kicking in on many of the
exercises all right so you’ll be able to really effectively feel the tummy
exercises alright once you’ve kind of strengthened your glutes and then
protected your lower back alright so stick with me squeezing my
lifting those hips breathing out breathing in to lower this one also
really helps your core and your pelvic floor muscles so so important to
strengthen those muscles after the your baby so important to pay attention to
your pelvic floor so you want to breathe out lift the pelvic floor up up and then
breathing lower two more breathing out lifting up breathing in lower or one
more breathing out lifting up breathing in and lower back down excellent okay so
we’re gonna roll back onto our side just coming up bringing the legs around in
front we’re going to switch sides and doing the line core connection breath
down onto our right side this time so like right down onto your right arm rest
your right ear onto your arm band your knees up right here and place this hand
just on your lower tummy muscles so what we’re doing here it was just breathing
in allowing the tummy to relax forward and then breathing out bringing the
belly button right back in in breathing in allowing the twee’ to come forward
and then breathing out bringing the belly button in and back zipping up the
trousers imaginary pair of trousers breathing in relax it’s just to help you
visualize and really kind of get the feeling of activating the belly button
the surrounding muscles and the lower part of your stomach
breathing in relax two more breathing out bring in and back
the belly button breathing in relaxing forward last one
breathing out and then breathing in relaxing it forward okay so now we’re
rolling back onto our backs again for another set of the glute hip bridges so
arms by your sides knees are bent feet flat to the floor about hip width apart
from here squeeze your glutes make sure our low back is flush into the floor
belly button it comes down scoop it out take a deep breath in and then breathing
out rolling up your tailbone lower back middle part of the back and then right
up onto your shoulders press into those hands spread the fingers fill out
squeezing the glutes fill your inner sighs activate as well bringing down my
belly button feel it through your core and then breathe in to lower back down
to the floor now gradually here so middle part of the back then the lower
part of the back and then so you don’t arch the back breathing in
and then breathing out let’s come back up again right up right up right up
lifting those hips reading the squeeze in the bottom muscles breathing in and
lowering back down to the floor breathing out rolling through the spine
so by that I mean just tell bow lower part at the back middle part of the back
upper part of the back squeezing those glutes and then lowering down to the
floor each part of the spine rolls down bit by bit and then breathing out again
it’s really expelling the air breathing in coming all the way down and again
we’ll do four more three more so just pay attention to your low back make sure
you’re not arching or over arching your lower back as you’re breathing out and
lifting the hips right here you want to feel some activation the lower part of
the tummy or so in your glutes feeling that squeeze or rather pressing into
your hands and your triceps breathing in lowering down two more
breathing out come right up as far as you can
breathing in lower down one more breathing out lifting up up up up up
breathing in and lower right back down excellent okay so we’re rolling on to
our sides and now we’re gonna focus on the the core tummy muscles again lower
abdominal muscles and also the side of the glutes so relying down onto the
upper part of the arm the tricep and take the hand behind the back of your
head rest your left hand just in front of you here and then bring the knees
closer towards your chest you want to have a 45 degree angle here right of the
hips and then one foot on top of the other this top hip must stack on top of
the bottom hip and then just open and close the top and me keeping the feet
together now breathe out as you open the top me
breathe in as you lower and again me you want to practice as you do this exercise
the lying core connection breath that we’ve just done so you’re breathing out
as you lift the knee breathing in as you lower really pay attention to what’s
going on the hips here you’ve got to keep your hips really still so if you
find that your hips are rotating backwards just shorten the distance
where you’re lifting the knees so just make it smaller
four more you want to fill this in the glute medius right here so as the
outside of the bottom humor one more now we’re gonna open that
top name we just got a pulse okay just very small movement here just
up and down literally just lifting your knee up and down about an inch okay or a
couple of centimeters what form are these three two one and then breathing
in lower than me right back down excellent okay sit from here we’re gonna
cut in a little stretch which you’re going to love so we’re going to just a
lie right down onto our back strain out your left leg and then bring your right
knee towards your chest and then roll so that you’re taking your arms out to the
side and let’s allow your right knee to come down towards the floor now with
this one it’s quite easy to lift your right shoulder see you want to ideally
just keep your right shoulder down into the floor look down your left arm here
okay feel that stretch down through there just the lower back muscles and
down through the side of your waist now you can look to both sides that’s what I
like to do on this stretch just looking down the left arm and down on the right
feeling a little stretch through the inner thigh muscle as well and I’m just
bringing that bottom leg that straight leg bringing the knee up towards a
better position we roll onto your back holding your knees and then again let’s
take it to the other side so feet back onto the floor straighten your right leg
we’re gonna left knee over arms extend it out to the side look down
your right arm feel that stretch in all these lower back accessory muscles so we
we often have really tight muscles around the spine I called the erector
spinae muscles so as mums with all the lifting and carrying and and bending and
changing with nappies and all those kind of jobs that you’re doing in your role
as a mom you want to stretch out all these these little muscles which can
become very tight all right hit it you really feeling the tummy
muscles when you’re doing the exercises effectively so let slip Daniel down the
right arm then down the left arm feeling that stretch it’s all safe for your scar
here just make sure obviously before you do these exercises your scar has healed
one more and you’ve had your six or eight weeks post natal check from your
doctor or your GP and then just bending both knees placing the feet back onto
the floor knees are still bent okay so from here we’re going to roll over onto
our side come up and then take the legs across the other side for the clamshell
on the left hand sides they’re lying down on your left arm your left tricep
taking the hand behind the back of the head bring your knees up towards the mat
placing your right hand onto the hips keep your hips really stacked one on top
of the other seated together and then we’re just opening that top knee and
then closing opening the top knee and closing now as you do this the breath is
so important so you’re gonna breathe out lift the knee breathe in and lower so
breathing out breathing in really key okay so really strengthening the inner
most muscle I talked about this a lot of my other videos transverse abdominis
muscle so bringing the belly button right back shoulders are really relaxed
breathing out breathing in as you lower the knee and you’ll feel this right in
that glute medius muscle so the outside of the bottom really engaging and
connecting to the lower tummy this really helps you tighten and tone in
this area it’s frustrating after a c-section I know that the overhang
doesn’t seem to go away so stick with this tumor
one more engaging bring that backing in alright and let’s lift the knee hold it
here and just pulse up and down and again just up and down by that two
centimetres that’s all you need to do just pulsing you’re really feeling it’s
gonna be kicking in right here right so keep it going hey more seven former
pulses and lower the knees together and hold it here okay so for me we’re gonna
come up onto our forearm we’re gonna take your knees back cuz you want your
knees to be level with your hips here so from here we’re gonna place our right
hand onto the floor for support and then spread the fingers of the left hand
bring your left shoulder in and then just gradually lift your hips up off the
floor and you want to feel this kind of happening and working right through the
side of the waist now to make a slightly more challenging you’ll lift the arm
right up stretch your fingers up towards the ceiling lift the hips a little
higher Brewin your shoulder in and then as you gradually come down to the floor
breathe in now with the breathing we’re going to breathe out as we live and then
breathe in as we lower breathing out and you can adjust adjust like I just did
you your body position slightly if you wish but you just want to make sure when
you’re doing this exercise following me here that you bring your shoulder in as
you lift and then that takes the pressure off the shoulder okay without
doing that you’ll feel it a lot in your shoulder so lifting the hips up and
lowering breathing out breathing in let’s stick with this its increase the
pace slightly qumar
get one more and lower to the floor bring the legs around in front and we’ll
lie now on to the rightful run doing the same thing so left hand supports you
here bring the knees back in line with your hips bring your shoulder in to take
the pressure off the shoulder and then lift the hips right up off the floor if
you wish you can keep your hand down here or extend the arm up taking the
hands right up the fingers right up towards the ceiling breathing out and
then timing the breath breathing in as you lower to the floor breathing out as
you list so this one focuses on trimming aside all of your waste these muscles
here I call the obliques okay and it’s really important to strengthen those
again because you know you’re doing activities like putting a car seat into
the backseat of the car you’re rotating you’re turning around checking on the
baby you know you want the side of the waist to be not only strong but again
the aesthetic reasons toning and trimming the side of the waist as well
so bringing the shoulder in as you lift now we’ve got four more two more stay with me Oh Emma
now we’re gonna hold this or I’m gonna pulse up and down taking this arm up reaching through the
fingers pushing the hips forward so you haven’t collapsed back at the hips
former pulses keep that shoulder in three two one and then lower to the
floor now we’ve got to do the other side so just bringing the legs around imprint
resting on your left forearm knees back in line with your hips and then lifting
the side of the waist bringing the shoulder in place the hand here on the
hip or here or extend the arm and then just pulse up and down keep your feet
together twisting the heels together and close
together and just pulsing now breathe out on each pulse so that’s it keep it
going eight more seven six five well done for
3G oh and then inhale and come slowly down onto the floor now moving on to the
next exercise which is the heel slide so let’s come down onto our back feed a
flat to the floor back hip width apart knees are bent arms down by your sides
just bring your right toes up off the floor just resting onto your right heel
and then breathe in you can place a hand on the top nestles I like to do that cuz
it really helps me engage and then breathing out belly button comes down
down down down down zip pop a pair of trousers again Maggiore jeans keeping
your ribs down scooping out and then just sliding that heel along the floor
and then breathing in to slide the heel back towards your bottom so breathing
out sliding the heel away extending the leg keeping the foot flexed and then
sliding the heel back in towards your bottom breathing out again so really
important that you’re scooping out that bellybutton your navel and then
breathing in so that your abdominals don’t pop up here the whole point is to
try and create that tension again in the lower part
Tommy to really help you know stretch and tone the muscles breathing in
breathing out so I’ve got to connect the mind to the muscle again that’s so
important because that kind of pathway often switches off after kind of a
traumatic procedure of a c-section all right and the major surgery that I know
that uh that that undertakes so breathing out just imagine you’re
scooping out some ice cream and then breathing in and again so your lower
back is flush into the floor shoulders are relaxed leaving your hand as you put
the heel back to the bottom breathing out this new you want to make sure
they’re still pointing up towards the ceiling
and you want to avoid the knee kind of falling out to the side weighting it now
to make this slightly more challenging we can take our left arm overhead as we
extend the leg sliding the heel along the floor and then breathing in taking
the arm back down by our side so breathing out take your arm overhead
place it into the floor and then bring your arms back down by your side so
really pay attention here be really mindful of what you’re doing with
breaths and just engaging really pulling that belly button down okay and in or
rather in and down two more one more and then rest the arm down by your side
bring the heel up towards your bottom and we’ll change over say left heel
sliding along the floor flexing the foot and then brewing in the heel back
towards your bottom here and again left heel slides along the floor breathing
out scooping down the belly button breathing in bringing it back ready in
doing great so breathing out mine muscle connection being kind to these tummy
muscles stressing the elbows by your side this is a really gentle exercise
just to get you know your muscles sort of engaging again there’s no print kind
of rushing back into exercises if you’re not effectively engaging your tummy
muscles it it won’t do any good at all the exercises won’t be effective one
more get in then let’s raise the opposite arm over the head taking the
right arm down to the floor you extend the leg and then breathing in bringing
the arm back down by your side as you bring your left heel in and then again
breathing out breathing in scooping up the bellybutton for more remember to keep your lower back flush
into the map underneath you Jumma all my time breathing out out out really
engaged relax your lips down breathing in and lower the arm down by your side
so it comes back on to the floor excellent so just quickly over to you
which exercise are you finding you feel in your lower tummy muscles the most
tell me in the comments box below and now we’re coming up to standing for the
next set of exercises so the next exercise you’ll need the smaller Tower
for this one so I’m gonna just double my small towel or flannel over and we’re
going to place it underneath the right foot so we’re going to do here is really
activate the lower tummy muscles whilst we’re standing so we’re just going to
bend slightly the left knee not too much kind of taking it back from the hip and
then lifting your right heel up you’re going to breathe in slide the right foot
away and as you breathe out bring the foot in towards the left foot in into
kind of shoulder-width apart so breathing in and then breathing out
bringing the belly button in and in and in and back as you put the foot in
breathing in relax and then breathing out really engaging those little lower
tummy muscles there breathing in and then breathing out and the foot is just
going straight out to the sides you’re keeping your feet level and you’ll see
that you can just bend slightly your left knee as you slide your leg away but
it’s just so important here that you’re really effectively creating that tension
again in those lower part of the tummy muscles as you’re bringing your foot in
all right towards the other one just keeping the feet there all the time
they’re shoulder-width apart two more one more gets me every time this one as
long as you’re doing it correctly really it’s good and then let’s change over so
just taking the towel underneath the left foot bend the right knee slightly
sitting back at the hip and then breathing in taking the foot off sliding
the foot away and then breathing out bringing the tummy muscles in your ear
okay well the belly button in and back and then breathing in breathing out
timing timing tailing across here we think in and breathing out Shh
your chest is lifted the whole time the shoulders are down and relaxed breathing
out bring your belly button in again breathing out here breathing in as you
say fit away four more three now you can practice this one at any time whether
you could do this even in your pajamas it’s just really you know working on
engaging those deep abdominal muscles but it’s gonna be surf active for the
next couple of exercise it’s okay so one more so stick with me and release
excellent okay so we can just take that away now and we’re just gonna stand on a
few sure to width apart sword moving into the body weight squats take your
hands just in front of the chest here and just kind of cluster hands
comfortably together now sitting back at the hips keeping your feet completely
flat onto the floor take your bottom back and down towards the floor and then
as you come up breathe out so breathe into lower taking the bottom
back and down something back at the hips and then breathe out to come back up
just make sure your feet stay really firm and flat to the floor and focus on
taking your body weight back into the heels of your feet as you lower down and
then pushing into the heels of your feet as you come back up so we’re breathing
in as we go down and then breathing out as you come back up
just keep the hands in front of the chest because that really helps open up
the chest no works on your posture helps you
support your posture so with these bodyweight squats a shoe from the side
you really importantly you sit back at the hips and then squeeze those glutes
to come back up alright and that just really helps protect your knee joints
which can be susceptible after pregnancy and after birth, from the hormonal
changes that occurred so you’re just breathing in here we want to you know
really engage the core muscles and the tummy muscles as well because that’s what
this video is all about so you are just breathing zipping up that lower abdominal
muscle that deep muscle connecting back again. Those muscles which have been through the surgery procedure of
the c-section we’re waking those muscles back up. In these squats alright and
also engaging the pelvic floor muscle as well so if we think out lifting up the
pelvic floor bringing back the belly button
just a reminder to keep your shoulders really relaxed one more sitting back
back that squeezing the glutes to come up now what we’re gonna do is we’re
gonna take it down alright make this slightly more
challenging and we’re going to just pulse down and up
down and up so what you need to do here is just make sure your tailbone is soft
and kind of pointing down towards the floor and that really helps then you
engage that lower tummy muscle okay if your back is arched too much then
you’ll struggle to really engage or struggle to switch on that lower
those lower abs so just sit down and down and then up. I know you’ll feel it
through the front of the thighs, eight, three. strengthening the glutes. This
is really important because it helps you with your everyday activities of
squatting down to pick the baby up or you know, changing the nappy so from here
3, 2, 1 chest is lifted look straight ahead. One more and then slowly come up
breathing out. Excellent Now I’m moving on to the band
pull apart so you’ll need your resistance band for this one all right
or you can use the pair of tights or the pair of nylons, something
stretchy I’m going to take the resistance band so just bring the
resistance band in front of your chest extend your arms out wrists are flat
from here alright we’re just gonna pull the band apart so bringing the hands out
to the side feel that stretch and you want to feel that squeeze in the
shoulder blades ok all that squeeze so you want to breathe out as you bring the
hands apart stretching the band and then breathing in to bring the hands closer
together breathing out fitting a squeeze in the shoulder blades but also yes
activating the deep lower tummy muscles breathing
and relax the hands closer together without fitting the squeeze in between
the shoulder blades breathing in and again breathing out
breathing in you can also just step back with your right foot here which I like, you know it feels comfortable. Breathing in or you can
just keep both feet flat onto the floor now you’re pulling your arms
but it’s really that lower tummy muscle so make sure you’re breathing out breathing in so breathing out right here
as you bring those hands apart breathing in I already have one foot in
front just take the other foot behind you otherwise feet hip-width apart, relax the shoulders we’ll take a quick pause there and then we’re going
to breathe out belly button back, back in. Bring the arms into the
chest you want to keep you know really
stretching the band you can bring the band closer towards your chest as you
stretch it out the band comes in towards you. Breathing out think about what you’re
doing here with the breath and engaging the tummy muscles so belly button comes
in and back always constantly reminding you of that.
Okay two more good one more squeeze squeeze, squeeze and just bring the hands
back together excellent okay we’re gonna do the same thing but with the rotation
just so we’re working through the sides of the waist so bring the band back in
front of you extend your arms out so from here we’re going to just breathe in
breathe out and then pull the right hand and slowly turn towards the right side
not all the way around but just slightly and then breathe in bring them arms back
to the center and then breathe out pull around towards the left
breathe in back to the center and again as you turn really good full breath out zip up that pair jeans and again so pull through the arms adjust to relax
the shoulders to avoid them aching a little back to the center so this is
just all about getting that mind-muscle connection again so important to do. I
see so many people just rush straight back into general fitness classes in the
gym but the important thing is that you’ve got to switch those muscles
back on again. Recover, heal, strengthen, tone in
that order. Turning to the side pulling
the left hand turning to the side putting the right hand one more to the
left go go go breathing out breathing in.
Well done! Then that’s it so if you want to flatten, tone and tighten your tummy
muscles after c-section and have my personal attention then book your free
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