Building MY Legacy | The Sergio Oliva Jr. Story

Building MY Legacy | The Sergio Oliva Jr. Story

I’m not just like getting into
bodybuilding to like do a couple shows build my resume up so I can you know do
some online preps or start coaching like I literally am getting into this to
change the whole sport to change the complete like future of it and make
history what I have in my hand it is nine lbs 14 oz a baby boy no matter
what I will be forever the myth Sergio Oliva jr. that’s right folks you
know the name I think growing up with my dad being big you know like I knew what
big was I knew what the best was I just wasn’t gonna do bodybuilding unless I
could be the best one day I mean it’s too bad that your father
passed away way way too early but if he would see this picture he will be
laughing and he would be smiling and he’ll be the happiest guy in the world
so I just want you to know on his behalf I can tell you I know on my behalf
how proud we are of you once I realized I was really into bodybuilding and I
wanted to pursue it to be a pro I studied everything I read every book I
could every encyclopedia of bodybuilding that’s out there all without really
training I just knew that was something I wanted to get into and then once I
started trying to join gyms so my dad was really going above and beyond to try
and stop me from joining gyms and stuff like that so I would try and sneak to
gyms that I didn’t think he knew about and he found out about them why do you
think he was so resilient he did get you know screwed big-time by
the sport you know times were different back in the 60s and 70s and him being
the only colored person to win an Olympia let alone probably any shows
besides Robbie Robinson it was just rare and I’m and I think
there’s a lot that he dealt with and I tried to explain to him that was 40-plus
years ago and times have changed but then I started to realize now that I’m
older I think it was just more that he grew up in Cuba he only went to third
grade you know he’s been working on farms you know when he was a little kid
escaped from Cuba where he was supposed to go to the Olympics and he has this
whole crazy elaborate story of his life to get to America to become a Chicago
cop be a three-time mr. Olympia to have a kid the last thing you want your son
to do is now do something not through school so now me being older and me
being more mature I can understand that he went through all that I think he
really just wanted me to be it he would say it all the time doctor lawyer
architect he would just name those things and he was just so crazy about
school but I don’t think that he ever realized that I was him
and if he would have realized that I am just like him with a lot of things he
would have known that just school wasn’t my thing and it wasn’t my dad’s either so I really didn’t even pursue
bodybuilding until 2006 I started so late and it literally took me nine or
ten years to figure it out this one lightweight novice second
place so that was a hundred and seventy pounds so that was a hundred pounds from
what I was last year so I’m hoping I gained about eight to ten pounds in the
last two years so I would have then gained a hundred and ten pounds since I
started bodybuilding so this is one of my dad’s trophies and
this one and this one’s so heavy I can’t even pick it up and I swear to God like
I can’t do it on video or you can’t tell but this trophy is so heavy I’ll get I should film you holding it because it makes no sense but it shows the quality of the
trophies back in the day compared to my Nationals trophy and with the stand with
my Tampa and Olympia medals on it is not even as heavy as this this thing is so
heavy but I don’t know what it’s made out of friggin marble yeah it’s got like
the Colosseum on the top like they used to go all out it’s just a completely
different game I’m in a race where I’m being judged by people’s opinions and
people’s opinions can change and depending on what era you’re in the
criteria can change and that’s the biggest thing is that in my dad’s era
they would have they’d be under one single light a shadow a spotlight it
created shadows underneath and casted these like monumental statue figures
and then as bodybuilding grew we started tearing down the body individually this
needs to be this kind of condition this needs to be this kind of big this is the
shape that we’re looking for and then as we’ve evolved and going through the
eras now they want all of it they want where yeah you have to be proportionally
symmetrical but at the same time you have to be so dry and so peeled in some
areas that actually unless you were a professional bodybuilder you wouldn’t
know that to have shredded glutes and hams you’re gonna have to lose something
else it’s just how science works some of
these guys are pushing under 3% body fat so no matter what once you’re pushing
that threshold of dying on stage you’re that close to death something’s gonna
give and take and that’s the hard part of bodybuilding is you have to figure
out how shredded do I get without losing this or vice versa you know how big can
I get without losing condition and that’s just not something they had to
deal with back in the day my goal in my career is I want to win
the Arnold like that’s something I definitely want to win but I also
understand that that’s something it takes time you’re not gonna go into the
Arnold and beat passed Arnold champions like they’re not all of
a sudden gonna now not know how to do their job this is like this is
unbelievable let me tell you do in Columbus 50 years ago I was posing here
with your dad in Columbus Ohio me and my friends over there we’ve been we’ve been
driving to this show for a long time every year I’ve driven here every year
on my own from Chicago in Florida from North Carolina just to come watch the
show and and and it’s really for the real fans and I wanted to say
everyone here tonight is a true fan of bodybuilding with everything that happened this
weekend and the catastrophes it really showed us the difference between
the fitness industry and the bodybuilding industry and we are we are
one and we are strong and we will always take care of each other I don’t even
think about the Olympia I think about me going to it this year and being in the
top you know six I want to go from last place to first call and go from last
call to first call out but once you start saying like I want to win the
Superbowl like there’s so you gotta win a
playoff game there’s so many stages before that and I think that’s a big
tell when someone’s not all there in their head when they’re already thinking
about the Olympia and you haven’t even one tough pro shows or the AFC
Championship which is the Arnold you got to win that first and I’m just trying to
do those in stages so my five-year plan would be to be an Arnold Classic
champion I’ve got my own supplement line and clothes are doing well and now I’m
battling for that top three spot at the Olympia

36 thoughts on “Building MY Legacy | The Sergio Oliva Jr. Story

  1. ๐Ÿค”If I was to change the whole sport, Iโ€™d probably start with prohibiting the wearing of โ€œman pantiesโ€ on stage.

  2. Definitely one of your best projects Muscle & Strength. I've always respected and admired Sergio and his father. I would like to think that Sergio Jr. didn't choose Bodybuilding, but Bodybuilding chose him.

  3. Felt bad for sergio when arnold started talking about his dad. From what jr said his dad was a dickhead i feel for him my dad is a piece of work. Dumped me at age 3. Has 7 dui's. Went and had another family when i was 13. And so on jr looked fucking awesome at the arnold and crushed that clown that was talking shit to him. Patrick moore

  4. That heavy trophy is made by Italians, they value quality in art way more than americans so It makes sense, sick trophy!

  5. Sergio jr is one of my favorite bodybuilders especially after he survived being trained by the quad father Tom Platz who literally tries to kill him while Sergio was on the ground rolling in agony Toms yelling cmon give me more

  6. Thx for sharing muscle and strength. Sergio Olivia Jr is a phenomenal bodybuilder and a awesome athlete. Sure he will get his Arnold Classic win in the next 2 years. He has made constant improvement s. Incredible story

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