Builder Series: The Hidden Muscle Type

Builder Series: The Hidden Muscle Type

Hey guys Janus here Before I begin, I would like to state for the record that this is one of only several controversial videos I will be releasing before I can finally get to the core of stretch based exercise dynamics in this installment of the Builder series I’d like to talk about a hidden fifth type of muscle tissue as most know We have skeletal cardiac and smooth muscle tissue however in the last installment I talked about how we have several more forms of muscle tissue and that Endothelial cells are one such type today I’d like to talk about perhaps one of the most intriguing and specialized muscle types of the entire body connective tissue Yes, you heard that right it’s a growing belief that connective tissue is in fact a mislabeled and highly specialized form a muscle tissue as it has long been known to have rather expressive contractile properties in past discussions I’ve touched based on the idea of phenotypal switching this being smooth muscles Entering a proliferative state and multiplying a number while also undergoing a strange Metamorphosis into a secretory type cell that wraps itself in collagen fibers and then attaches these fibers on to the surrounding tissue masses in This way the vascular tissue is able to address nearly all the aspects of tissue mass building by using its very own cells in A highly plastic manner as to act as both a living scaffold and mechanical dynamo simultaneously for centuries now Acupuncturists have taken note of pulses and pulling being felt through needles placed within layers of dense connective tissues despite the wide held belief that no contractile based cells could be found within these Dennse matrices in Reality, however, this could not be further from the truth the reality is that all connective tissue layers are derived from or contained within them various expressions of phenotypically diversified vascular muscle tissues keeping this fact in mind It literally becomes almost a no-brainer that they would of course possess Muscular based tissue properties such as the ability to relax and contract or for that matter The overwhelming strength of this type of muscle tissue whenever we take into account the properties of smooth muscle smooth muscle tissue is pound-for-pound the absolute strongest muscle tissue type found in any organism Touting numbers anywhere from about three to five times stronger than skeletal muscle depending on phenotypal expression ratios connective tissue or more appropriately called Phenotypically diversified vascular muscle tissues occupy the very highest order of these strength figures this is how and why our Bellies of skeletal muscle are able to be held in place by such a small and seemingly frail insertion point of connective tissue pound-for-pound That insertion point of diversified vascular tissue Completely out classes every inch of that bolstering muscle even at its maximal strength have you ever wondered why veteran power lifters seem to be able to Lift just so much more just because of you know how they’ve trained their bodies a Great example would be how they instinctively pulse their bodies before attempting a heavy lift You see without fully realizing at what they’re doing is activating the still very present Bayliss effect mechanism inherent to vascular tissue based muscle types They’re not lifting that colossal weight with only their skeletal muscle They are in fact making their connected tissue layers contract along with their skeletal muscles to assist in the lift remember guys pound for pound Three to five times stronger than skeletal muscle now you know Why even the smallest power lifters can hoist such incredible weight. It’s the miracle of vascular based muscle tissue types So how can we effectively target stimulate and grow this highly diversified type of muscle tissue? This question could not be any more simple especially when we keep in mind the origins of this muscle tissue type the best way to target stimulate and grow it is through intense capillaric activation and stretch While it is widely believed that dense connective tissue our avascular The reality as I have revealed it is that it is itself an expression of vascular tissue and therefore functions in a manner Near identical to our blood vessels. This means that it responds in a similar manner to vascular base growth factors and cell signaling such as nitric oxide For instance in the presence of heightened blood flow brought about by intense capillary bed Activation and therefore the subsequent influx of growth factors plus nitric oxide Connective tissues have been shown to undergo a radical shift in both structuration and cell phenotype ratios thus entering into a type of transient flux where the connective tissue layers appear to become overrun or Broken down by vascular tissue when in reality the cells a switch to a higher Energetic state almost as if coming out of a trance-like slumber on a physiological level in this way even our most dense and seemingly inert connective tissues can heal grow and adapt to even the most harsh of conditions when given a time and nutrients Well guys, that’s it for this week’s video. Let me know your thoughts in the comment section below if possible. I May try to illustrate this concept in future videos Or seek to graphically represent it through various visual aids as always guys I’ll see you on next Sunday and I’m your host Janus signing off

17 thoughts on “Builder Series: The Hidden Muscle Type

  1. Hey Janus, currently been using Angion 2.0 for the last week for 30 minutes a day and making great eq gains. I was wondering if it would be beneficial to up that to 1 hour a day or even longer? Or is it still possible to overdo it with the angion method?

  2. Hi Janus. After two months with am2 i feel the corpus spongiosum thicker than usual.
    I'm eating a bowl of aurugula two hours before the exercises to bost NO. Good idea?

  3. Hi Janus, currently I'm doing Angion method 0.1, I'm improving EQ gain, is it possible to increase size gain length and girth using Angion method 0.1 ?

  4. Excellent video! Visual aids would be great. Also, a way of relating this to practical world always helps! 😉

  5. Hey Janus I have another question, you made great gains in the first 45 days and I was wondering since it's been many months since then how much more have you gained?
    I'm guessing just like any other form of PE it slows down drastically after the first few months. Are you waiting until you reach a certain size before we get an update?
    I did manual stretching for a couple of months and gained half and inch and am now 8.2 inches but havn't gained anything in the last two months and I really want to reach 9" (possibly even 10" but seems like a bad idea if I ever want to have regular sex with a woman 🤣)

  6. Hey Janus,

    What are your thoughts on the effects of SARMS, test boosts and steroids in general in conduction to the angion method?


  7. Hey again Janus, sorry for asking so many questions but I've been immersing myself deeply into your work.

    You mentioned in your food for blood vessel growth video that we should avoid nightshades, but on the "grow your own blood vessels" thread on thundersplace you said you eat baked potatoes.

    Since baked potatoes were a big part of my diet before I cut them recently because of the angion method I was wondering if potatoes didn't give you problems like other nightshades or if I'm able to eat a couple a day with no ill effects?

    Thanks for all the work you're doing by the way. I've already added 0.5" of flaccid size (probably just from blood flow since it's still early days)

  8. Aren't powerlifters "pulsing" to activate their CNS and thus recruit more fibers? Also, since connective tissues contain a lot of collagen, what do you think about gelatin supplementation in the context of PE? Can strong penile ligaments stunt growth? Thanks

  9. Janus I got a question : are the gains from the Angion Methods permanently? meaning if i stop for some time will I lose my gains?

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