Brutally Honest Gym Shark Review (+ wearing them for a week of workouts)

Brutally Honest Gym Shark Review (+ wearing them for a week of workouts)

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  1. I’ve been searching for a legit review with a girl that has a similar body of mine and you are hands down THE BEST review I’ve seen. I was about to buy 3 sets and realized I would’ve hated it! THANK YOU!!!!!!! ♥️

  2. Great review! Thank you! I have been starting to run but have realized that my leggings around my waist keep falling down now, and are becoming a major issue trying to hold them up while running. Not mention super annoying! This was a great review to come across, in my search to find great fitted leggings 😁

  3. Hi Sierra! Love your energy and attitude. Big fan. Would love to watch if you make a video about 2 for 24$ fabletics workout leggings!

  4. the hoodie and joggers say that they are for everyday loungewear! fair enough to complain if gym wear isn't breathable but in the title it explicitly says that they are for everyday wear but workouts aren't what they were designed for.

  5. Gymshark is overhypes. I’ve spend a couple hundred dollars on them because I just wanted so bad to like them but I ended up donating them to goodwill. So unflattering if you don’t have their typical models body shape.

  6. I went to the website, they only go to XL / size 10-12… I'm a 14/16 so can't shop there. 🙁
    I usually fit in L /XL… but there's no way I'd fit in a 10-12 so it'd be too small from the sound of it. I'm just too fat for workout clothes I guess. 🙁

  7. Thank you for making this video! I couldn’t find any reviews on the asymmetric set! I really wanted to know about the crop top, but if both the top and bottoms are tight then i assume i should size up for the crop top too! I’m glad i found this video! Very helpful!!

  8. I own SO much gymshark and i love your reviews but you should have gone with more classic styles that have been around for a awhile and have been perfected rather than new styles…. tbh i wouldnt have bought anything you bought bc i know about their products. i think you wouldve had a better experience

  9. The matching set you wore was more for colder weather 🙂 sadly that’s why you felt so heated during your workout

  10. The Fleur line is specifically made as winter gym clothes, which is perfect for where I live. And I wonder if gym shark and fabletics are just better for certain types of body shapes cuz I have 4 leggings from fabletics, 2 regular ones and 2 seamless ones and God I hate them. I think Adidas is still the best lol

  11. Okay. I seriously. Seriously. Love you. You have such a wonderful wholesome personality and I’m definitely subscribed and binge watching your videos

  12. Most of the things you tried look like something you wear around like sweats Usually I wear they’re leggings

  13. Gymshark is trash and not flattering on 98% of the general population….Girls only buy it because they're obsessed with the girls plugging it on social media

  14. You should try out activewear from ACTA. They donate a portion of every item sold to your choice between 4 different charities!!

    Love your vids btw!!! 💕💕💕

  15. Sierra would you ever try Yoga Club? Most of the clothes could probably be worn to the gym or spin class. I love watching Yoga Club unboxings but they are mostly smaller women, and I wonder what someone in my size would get in their box.

  16. girl never be embarrassed about sweat marks. it’s showing people you’re actually doing something at the gym!!!!

  17. Yes! It’s so annoying that they don’t have any individuals who promote them that are different sizes! I know you don’t like the grey shorts on you, but I thought you looked super cute in the second outfit 🙂 thanks for the review girl! 💖

  18. Tbh I love the hoodie and sweats. I live in Ohio so those would for sure come in handy up here in the fall. If only gym shark wasn't so expensive 🤧

  19. Love this review! It is nice to see someone that isn't a size XS or S trying their brand on because that's a big chunk of what I could find. Thank you for sharing. ❤

  20. I Think im just like youre boby Typ. Except im online 160 cm . I donkt know how much this is in inch. Habe the same Problems with my legs!/thize?

  21. Nope won’t buy. Not inclusive. I could fit Xl on bottom but not top. Don’t like shopping at stores that are not inclusive.
    Luv your videos

  22. How can you do a gymshark haul and not get the most popular collections? The energy+seamless, flex, camo, flawless knit so on and so forth. Those are some of the best in terms of the quality

  23. A new brand called "aoxor" gives better supports and stays on the body along with every move.
    You can try it!

  24. theri sizes r confusing bc ima size 10-12 but i can fit a small -medium in their flex leggings.. their tight lol but they fit …so idk abou getting a size 10 leggings …but thats me jus sayin for me

  25. I think the shorts that you ordered in a L instead of XL are super cute and I think they'd be really perfect in the XL at the same length as the black ones 🙂

  26. love love love that you actually wore them to the gym! I feel like reviews that just try them on aren't accurate enough because I never know if dislike clothes until I wear them for a whole day

  27. Love your video! Some of the most flattering leggings out there are Cute Booty leggings. You should go check them out!

  28. Girl, even if you don't wear that gray workout set to the gym, you should keep it as a fashion/ lounge outfit because you look AMAZING in it

  29. I got a couple pairs of leggings and tight spandex shorts (I'm L/XL like you too) and I actually love them. I got energy seamless which actually fit really really well and the waist band is about 4 inches wide so much more tummy support! Super cute too. I dont think the sports bras are great though.. I got the energy seamless one to match my leggings and there is literally like no support. Haha. I wore it once to teach boxing and it was the worst. I had to had my chest during the warm up 😂

  30. What do you do with all the clothes you don’t like? Like if you wear it to the gym you can’t really return it….

  31. Love your review. Makes me want to finally try gym shark. Love the first outfit but I agree with lighter legging colors being risky. I always feel like I look like I’ve peed myself after a hard workout….I saw you did a review of Soul Cycle….can you do a review of Orange Theory?

  32. Gymshark captured the market at the right time. Got a lot of influencers to back them cough cough paid them. Plus they make pretty good stuff from what it seems like,tho $50 is a bit high.

  33. Have you or anyone else reviewed the joggers or slounge Leggings ? I need something I can go to the gym in/ be cozy lounging on the couch eating junk food in. This may sound like a joke but it’s just my life 🤣. Thanks in advance.

  34. Gym shark is trash all around. from their fake sponsored models all the way to the quality of their clothes. both mens and womans.

  35. I loved this! Could you do H&M next? I heard their stuff is quite good. This vid made me motivated to go for my second workout tomorrow!

  36. oh MY golly. I was trying to figure out how I originally found your channel and this is it! 1 year later and here I am, haha

  37. 2:53 Sierra be careful with your neck when you're doing deadlift or kettlebell squat movements like that. You should focus on a point on the floor in front of you, not on a mirror or a wall – you need to keep your spine aligned or it can really do some damage <3

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