Bodybuilding Supplements for Triathlons & Endurance Sports | Kris Gethin

Bodybuilding Supplements for Triathlons & Endurance Sports | Kris Gethin

(intense music) – What’s up? Check out my kitchen
cabinet that I’ve got here. I’m prepping three days, four days out from the Ironman. I’ve got all my supplements ready here for the half Ironman this weekend. I’ve been putting this to practice, so do not go into an event, don’t go into a bodybuilding show, without practicing. I always would laugh when people backstage at a bodybuilding show
would be drinking wine, they’d eating gummy bears, trying to dry out, trying to fill out. I’m like, have you done
that during your prep? No. It’s like well, you’re wondering
why you’re holding fluid. It’s because your body’s going into shock. It’s not, has no idea. It hasn’t become accustomed to that profile of that food or that liquid or that supplement. So I’ve been practicing these
supplements in the lead-up. Some have been removed, some have been added, and I’ve found a formula
that’s working for me. Now this is a half Ironman. This may change considerably
for my full Ironman. But let’s start off with, obviously before the swim, I’m gonna have the big
carbohydrate-based meal. I’ll have some oats. I’ll have some Re-Kaged in there. Very light protein. So once I’ve got out of the swim, I go straight into the bike. In the bike sessions, I’m gonna have one bottle here that has my Hydra Charge. My glutamine. My branched-chain amino acids. And my citrulline. Now I’ll have in here, about two scoops of Hydra Charge, making sure that I have my electrolytes, my coconut water powder. Staying hydrated. I’ll also have glutamine in there. Glutamine seems to be very well. Work very well with my stomach. Now branched-chain amino acids, I have found, funnily enough, this to be my key supplement. When doing disciplines, I feel that I do not
have the lactic build-up and I do not have the fatigue as I would without it. So I always include
branched-chain amino acids as my number one supplement when I’m doing these three disciplines. So I’ll have a scoop. One scoop. Two scoops. When it comes to citrulline, I will have two scoops. I’ll have four grams. Now this, I have and in this bottle. This is another drinks bottle that I’ll have on my aero bars. This has exactly the same. Identical. Okay? (slurping) Here, I have my nutrition. So in my nutrition I will have my Re-Kaged in here. I’ll also have my BCAA’s and my glutamine and one scoop of Hydra Charge. Two scoops of the citrulline. And I’ll add one scoop of the
Re-Kaged in there, as well. Now I’m testing some carbohydrates. Usually I eat bananas, but I’ve been testing
a carbohydrate profile that I believe works for me. So I’ve been testing that out, and I’m gonna be testing it out on the bike, as well. But mainly, I’m gonna be
eating solid nutrition on the bike as opposed
to liquid nutrition. So the run of these little
bad boy bottles here. Now I’ll need a bit of a pick-me-up. Now you can have pure caffeine by itself, and you can have the same sort of combo shared between both of those bottles. Or you can do what I like
to go for is the In-Kaged. I’ll go for a serving of In-Kaged, because that’s when I’ll want
to have that extra oomph. That extra amp of energy
and have my caffeine, which is my PurCaf Organic
Green Bean caffeine. That’s what I’ll have there. When it comes to my solid nutrition, what can I say? Backcountry bars. Now I’ll have these strapped to the bike. And I’ll have a couple of these. They read completely natural. So all I’ve got in here are rolled oats, dried fruit, natural peanuts, apricots, plums, mangoes, dates, eggs, pumpkin kernels, roasted sunflower seeds, bran flax seeds, roasted almonds, white sesame seeds, honey, and vanilla. And yeah, it’s bloody perfect. And just one more thing here. Okay. Here’s another form of
nutrition I’ll have. And it’s called, The Picky Bar. Alright? So The Picky Bar is real good. And Sam Kristensen, local triathlete, got me on to these and
I absolutely loved them. My stomach was fine with them. And in these, the ingredient profile. Again, dates, agave nectar, brown rice syrup, rice protein, protein from whole grain
sprouted brown rice, walnuts, cinnamon, sunflower whatever. You get the idea. But again, a natural profile. I’ve tested this nutrition and made sure that it works for me. What I’ll probably do
whilst I’m out there, I may have to refill
a few of these bottles depending on how hot it is. It’s supposed to be very hot. So I may refill a couple of these bottles. For the two days before in these containers, I’m gonna be drinking these supplements. Because I wanna make sure
that my body is continuing to be accustomized to the
supplements that I’m taking. I don’t like to take breaks
and get back on them. I like to continue with that process of having the nutrition in there. As I said, it’s gonna be very hot there, so when I go to the aid stations I probably won’t be eating any of the food that they give me. I’ll be taking all the food with me, but I will be taking
bottles or cups of water and pouring them on me. Down my back. Down my chest. Keeping me cool the whole time. This is what I’ve been testing. This is what works for me. So this is what I’m gonna
be putting to the test, and this is what’s going to get me across that Ironman finish line. So I can announced, Kris Gethin, you’re an Ironman. (upbeat music)

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