Bodybuilding Motivation Vicsnatural

Bodybuilding Motivation Vicsnatural

hi friends it’s Victor Costa here peace
love and muscles hope you’re doing well hope you’re having an outstanding day
this video is about bodybuilding motivation now a lot of motivational
videos really just have a video of someone exercising with some really
strong music paired with it so I could go down the basement lift weights have
some cool music to it flex a little bit and then call that a bodybuilding
motivation video or I can actually give you some tips on how to motivate you or
how to offer some true bodybuilding motivation motivation it doesn’t really
come from watching somebody else to do what they’re good at it because that’s
really just kind of a show off video rather than helping you in any way shape
or form now maybe some people are helped by
watching other people train and workout but I’d rather be told how do I get to
where I want to be how do I bridge the gap from where I currently am to where I
want to go and I think that that’s really important it’s and I want to
share that with you I want to share with you today
an idea of how do you get from where you are to where you want to be when that
gap seems really really wide and I think to me that’s the most important part of
motivation people who are looking for bodybuilding motivation videos want
motivation they’re currently either unmotivated need a little boost and most
of the time they need that boost because they really don’t see how they’re gonna
get from where they are to where they want to be the gap is too wide the chasm
is too wide and hopefully today’s video will be about bodybuilding motivation
and how can you actually start to bridge that gap so let me tell you what I did
so when I was younger I used to watch bodybuilding it was actually on
television I think it was even on Wide World of Sports when I was a kid and
actually I’d probably I remember watching an entire afternoons worth just
to catch a glimpse of even the commercial about the bodybuilding that
was going to be shown you know later on in the future it was
either than Mr Universe contest or the mr. Olympia contest they can’t recall
because I was quite young at the time but I was fascinated by it it was really
really quite cool it was something that I had never seen before and I remember
even as a young teenager and growing up feeling like wow there’s a big
difference between where my body is and what I’d like it to look like and of
course I was enlightened that a lot of people are using drugs and enhancements
and everything to get to where they want to be but that wasn’t what I wanted I
wanted to figure out how was I gonna carve this out naturally for myself how
was I going to get from where I am doing the normal stuff to where I wanted to be
so I had to get a focus and I would I’ll admit
looking at physiques in totality are very very intimidating right you say to
yourself how can I ever look like that and you start looking at everything in
its totality but what I’d like you to do or like you to think about is to forget
about looking and being overwhelmed by the physique in its entirety of what
you’d like to have zoom in or hone in just on one area of the body that you
see could be sort of you know similar to yours in some way like your best body
part sort of draw that parallel between the bodybuilder that you’d like to look
like or the physique that you’d like to have with what you’ve already got and
instead of thinking about the entire building just look at one brick or just
one part of the building and that helped me a great deal and I said well maybe I
can’t have that physique but what if I break it and compartmentalize it a body
part by body part what if I really focus on this area of my body what if I really
focus on my arms maybe I can get my arms to be better and look better so I’ll
make that my focus they seem to be responding to my training I’ve got a
little momentum there you know it’s not too different from what I’m looking at
in the magazines and by the way guys you know we don’t always want what we see in
the magazines we want better for ourselves and we’re just trying to draw
some kind of inspiration or parallel but I think it’ll help a lot instead of
getting intimidated by this how am I going to accomplish all of this
to kind of zoom in or narrow down or hone in on just something that could be
relatable between you and the physique that you’d like to have and then work
that way little by little by little start focusing on other things other
body parts and try to do it so brick by brick so focus building brick by brick
rather than oh my god how am I going to accomplish this overwhelming you know
big building and start that way and just focus zoom in on something that you can
kind of connect to that you can relate to because the most important thing
really isn’t that you accomplished looking like that
magazine it’s that you achieve progress it’s and we feel good when we’re
progressing or moving toward a goal or when our bodies are responding that’s
the most important part of all of this people hate to feel stuck they hate to
feel like there’s just something that they can’t have but movement toward it
at least a movement in the right direction of propulsion in the right
direction really does help and that helps me and I I was able to kind of say
okay Wow my arms are progressing well maybe I’ll focus a little bit on my
chest oh maybe my now my chest has started to respond maybe I’ll focus on
my calves a little bit and I’ll start working that way oh now that that’s in
place you know maybe I’ll focus on my abs a little bit and yeah there’s a big
difference between me and the guy in the magazine but maybe I can get a little
bit better maybe I could just zoom in on that area of my body and make that a
focus so guys that’s how things are built excuse me that’s how things are
built brick by brick they’re not all built in one day or one afternoon so
peace love and muscles I hope this was a good bodybuilding motivation video for
you I hope it was a helpful tip in some way shape or form I love you guys thanks
so much for liking sharing and subscribing follow me and fix natural
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description alright peace loving muscles take care of yourself guys love you bye

11 thoughts on “Bodybuilding Motivation Vicsnatural

  1. I agree about progress = success

    Personally, seeing others come back from an injury or show their natural transformation gives me an idea of what I can do for myself.

    That's what I find motivational, the potential we find

  2. The more I watch the better you get! I had no idea that bodybuilding and wisdom could coexist before I found your channel!
    Thank you for your work!
    Peace from 🇸🇪

  3. It would be great to see pictures of your biceps progress from the beginning of your training up to present day. I'm sure you took a lot of progress pictures. It would be great info and motivation for us.

  4. These Bodybuilding “motivations“ basically showing some dudes lift combined with some random heavy music are ridiculous 😅

  5. I can’t really agree on this one with you vic. When i watch these motivational videos. They give me motivation to do the stuff I should do. Just do the work i have to do. I learned from them that bodybuilding is not what you do in the gym, but outside of it.

  6. But you do have good insight. I always watch your videos. Your videos are usually making my unconscious things i do notice. Like looking at one part of the body at the time. Thanks for helping us naturals

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