My father was an alcoholic. I don’t know what demons he was fighting. But I do know I have my own addiction. I’m addicted to iron. I never understood why he did what he did. maybe it wasn’t for me, to understand. The same way, I guess some people don’t understand, why I do what I do. Now I’m not trying to be funny, comparing alcoholism to being an iron animal. But, to show you the parallel of having an
unhealthy addiction to having a healthy addiction. At the end of the day, you’re not bound by someone else’s mistakes
or even the past mistakes of your own. It’s about moving forward in a positive
direction. See, some people run away from the pain, they try to hide from it, people like me, we run to the pain. We embrace it, we learn to love it, we thrive off of it. Cause we know that, that pain, that struggle is only going to make you stronger, it’s only going to make you better. You’re only going to grow from it. It’s motivation, strictly motivation, to overcome, to have no fear to be better.


  1. I'm an alcoholic and addicted to bodybuilding gonna try and quit drinking around fall though don't have the time to go through withdrawals right now sooo busy at work

  2. Great video Meech. You seem like such a good guy, a guy anyone could hang out with. If you ever come to Ontario Canada look me up. We could hit some iron and eat some good food. Keep up the great quality videos. 

  3. Good Video… It's good to see fitness channels where the people actually can speak and offer more than just being strong/ripped…


  4. YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! BIG MEECH! this looked like a hollywood production waiting to come out in theaters this summer loved the video man i know this will inspire ppl.

  5. Hey what's up. You guys have encourage me to do my own thing as well. I am doing a project to help cut down on childhood obesity. I would like for you to check out the link and pass it along if you don't mind thank you.

  6. This is HULK Motivation HQ 3 channel I gotta use your Motivation speech to make an Awesome Motivation keep up the good work bro 

  7. Really would like to see someone here do a video on gym clothing for men, or even urban clothing for the gym.. Who knows you might get to sell clothing from show different gear on here.. You don't need to buy any, just show us the gear and return them or put them back on the hanger.. But make sure you leave us all the link to buy the clothing online. Some of us on the other side of the planet other looking for cloth online out side other country.

  8. I am glad you didn't follow in your father's foot steps and instead found yourself a much healthier kind of addiction to help you deal with your demons. Keep it up!

  9. I liked you better when you were a normal looking bloke sitting in your appartment training forearms. Now you seem mentally ill, with the whole addiction theme. There are no healthy addictions, get your head straight.

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