Bodybuilding & Fitness Motivation – Do The Work Of Your Life

Bodybuilding & Fitness Motivation – Do The Work Of Your Life

Every morning you wake up there are two doors… There thundering knocks, at each one of them. Behind one lies your destiny, and living… Behind the other… Lies, death. Being alive, having breath! Your hearth pumping blood. You being able to see through your eyes! That’s not living, that’s being alive. Living is engaging your life, with intensity and passion! At some point in time… At least at some point in time even for a little bit of time! Every day… On your choices that you make everyday! Is where the secret lies… Is where the worthiness lies, is where the value in life lies. When you crawl from underneath those covers and you swing your legs over the edge of the bed: Don’t sit there! With your head and your shoulders slumped over and your chest caved in. Stick your chest and your chin straight out! And welcome the first full blow of the day. Say: Bring it f***ing on, because I’m going to kick your ass the rest of the day, so you better make it your best f***ing shot! Once you get through all the pages and all the rules and all the principles and all the formats and all the plans and all templates, it comes down to that: Do the f***ing work… And sometimes the only way to go about doing the work, is get f***ing raw! And get f***ing intense! Get angry and aggressive! And make it f***ing happen! For yourself! Here we go! I don’t care when your life clock started ticking, You can start f***ing right now today… My advice: F***king do it… Do it… F***ing do it dig f***ing deep and get it done!

100 thoughts on “Bodybuilding & Fitness Motivation – Do The Work Of Your Life

  1. Loving the videos! I'm a new subscriber, looking forward to more videos! It would be awesome if you could watch my videos as I am doing a similar thing! Keep up the good work!

  2. Wow very intense video, Loved it!!!
    It gives me the motivation to do what needs to be done. You Rock sir! Thank you… 

  3. Not sure whether this video sends out the right mesaage, sure I understand being motivated but all the people featured in this video are chemically enhanced and the narrator who is ultimate warrior is now dead. From what I understand the ultimate warrior died young and was also a big steroid abuser. I guess perhaps dig deep and just fucking do it ( die young)

  4. Co oni kurwa mają z tymi wielkimi słuchawkami na łbach…przecież tak się ćwiczyć nie da i w ogóle hujowo to wygląda nie wygodne i brzydkie, poza tym nie można się skupić na ćwiczeniach jak dudni muza w ucho…kiedyś wziąłęm dla próby raz jeden jedyny słuchawki na trening ale małe do ucha i nie dało się ćwiczyć mega to głupota jest i hujowa jakaś moda…zreszta mysle ze to tylko na potrzeby reklamy.

  5. Sometimes the music is too loud for the speech to be heard well. But anyways, ignore the thumbs down and take a look at the thumbs up mate! great video!

  6. RIP Ultimate Warrior. His speeches were something special. He really lived for this. Thanks for having him speaking in the background!

  7. I'm by no means trying to be a body builder but your videos still give me motivation to do better in life. Keep it up and keep making videos bro.

  8. I love all your videos, thank you for posting your masterpieces, regards all the way from St. Petersburg, Russia !


  10. so i get motivated, hit the gym hard, leg press 560kg, then the owner calls me over and tells me im banned because i made too much noise,, Jetts Gym, dont want motivated , just want the money,
    pay your money and keep quiet, how can you be quiet when your pushing it hard.

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  12. Por misericórdia Bruno ME AJUDA a ser um bodybuildng por MISERICÓRDIA AQUI NO BRASIL É MUITO MUITO LUTA E NINGUÉM LHE DA ATENÇÃO!!!

  13. Thanks for over 300.000 views!
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  14. i watch your videos on the daily to get the motivation i need so i can get closer to my goals. I relate so much to the videos…Your videos give me that edge to fight my daily psychological battles…Thank you..God bless you(non religious reference)

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  17. When you say the f word two-three times per sentence it makes you sound stupid, as if you don't know any other word.

  18. there is no way all the guys in this video are natural, thatd be an inspirational video but the fact that you all are on steroids makes you guys weak!

  19. INFO: I added English subtitles! I could make few mistakes. If you notice an mistake, please correct me and leave a comment. If you want, you can translate into your native language.

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