Bodybuilder VS Powerlifter – STRENGTH WARS 2k15 #4

Bodybuilder VS Powerlifter – STRENGTH WARS 2k15 #4

100 thoughts on “Bodybuilder VS Powerlifter – STRENGTH WARS 2k15 #4

  1. This is bullshit do u not know what powerlifting is this is a bodybuilding competition…. Straight shit

  2. im a powerlifter but i give it to the bodybuilder here cause honestly thomas didn't hit depth in last 5 reps of back squat.

  3. kann mir mal jemand erklären waren in dem Video alles englsich sprechen obwohl das alle deutsche sind?

  4. Not finished the video yet and I know Thomas won. For fuck sake, he trains with Romano and anybody who does that must be a beast.

  5. I'm glad they changed the format where it's a little more like this, giving the runner up chance to complete the sets for overall tournament standing as additional incentive.

  6. ich find das etwas unfair. von 4 Übungen 3 mal beine. die hätten als letzte übung bankdrücken sollen. dann hätt mischa klar gewonnen. trotzdem tolle leistung von beiden!

  7. That is such a wonderful project it has to be world famous. But the perspectives are toooo crazy really stupid to produce it like a freak music video — clear ankles to see the challenge is completely A MUST HAVE

  8. Maybe next time the weights should be a percentage of bodyweight so they both lift the same percentage of body weight. The way it was done the bigger person always has an advantage.

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