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  1. No, we care about humanity more than cute cuddly animals, it's not about us doing something wrong we want children to grow up strong and healthy what do you think will happen if your Orwellian nightmare happens and you make meat illegal. Children & babies will not grow up to their full potential they need animal fat to be strong and healthy, what do you think mothers milk is "animal fat", 4 billion people would die if meat was made illegal tomorrow within a few years I'm not OK with that, the survivors will be moved into smart cities controlled by 5G feed you a Vegan wheat corn slop to eat every day sounds like paradise.

  2. 95% of all the vegans in the world are too poor to afford animal products. The other 5% are simply delusional. The idea that all humans have been eating the wrong diet since they existed is so insane it's laughable. The SAD is already 70% plant based and Americans are the most unhealthy population in the world, also they are not comparing meat eaters to vegans since most are omnivores.

  3. Even if there were world class vegan athletes that still doesn’t mean that it’s good for the average man or woman. The top athletes in the world are so genetically gifted they could eat either type of diet and be wildly successful.

  4. 💚🌏🌎🌍💚 I really like the whole documentary, I think it was interesting and useful how it showed the plant-based Meats, I personally try and avoid the plant-based Meats but I do eat them from time to time I just go a little more with the Raw. I think the documentary would be really helpful for people transitioning out of a heavy meat diet and people who maybe don't connect quite as much with the animals. but I think that this documentary once people start thinking about their health but eventually they will begin to think about the animals too because it did show a little bit of the factory farming actually now that I think about it.💚🌏🌎🌍💚✌

  5. When Frank Tufano calls the whole Vegan Scientific Research of the last decades, including Vegan Doctors Dr. Michael Klaper Dr. Neil Barnard (his video on Milk and Cheese!!!!) Dr. Michael Greger Dr. Alan Goldhamer Dr. Kim Williams Dr. Joel Kahn Dr. Garth Davis Dr. John McDougall Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Dr. T Colin Campbell Dr. Pamela Popper ….to be LIES…..you know that things just got ridiculous.

  6. your …whatever youre saying there , is unnecessary and pathetic ,in your position ,where there is the whole freakin human history behind animal based diet ,i wouldve just shut up for lets say ,,200 years ..and even then ,
    you are comparing 200 years to the whole human history .

  7. Calling this a documentary is hilarious considering the number of drop-outs that were cut from this "documentary". It's propaganda pure and simple.

  8. So many NBA players keep changing to a Vegan diet it is ridiculous, I heard Javale McGee, dwight Howard just recently changed and there is already quite a few along with Kyrie, Deandre Jordan, Damian Lillard, Eric Gordon etc.

  9. Please don't mention vegan gains. That dude is full of shit and is a schmuck! He isn't valid and gives vegan athletes a bad rep

  10. plant based is not vegan… veganism isnt sustainable long term without supplements … just saying … also john venus does steroids do your research

  11. I am waiting for somebody to challenge Joe Rogan to a Fear Factor moment and give a Vegan a plate full of raw fruits, veggies and leafy greens and then give Joe a plate full of raw beef, chicken and pork and see who can naturally digest what. If our bodies were designed for meat consumption where else in nature does a species need to cook it first?

  12. Absolute bollocks. We're alive today because your ancestors ate the most nutrient dense food on the planet, meat. Fucking globalist pysop to make us all sickly, feeble lettuce munchers.

  13. I was really looking forward to The Game Changers film, I have to say it didn't live up to all the hype. It's not a patch on Forks over Knives.

  14. Jon Venus has really grown and evolved as an individual, he seems to really accept who he is now and not be afraid to call himself vegan. It's so important not to feel ashamed of who you are and what you stand for.

  15. Just curious with all these vegans in here .. is anyone here an athlete and if so can you show me how youre physique looks whilst only eating plants ?

  16. Venus sucks. He's all for veganism when he profits or gets publicity from it, but then when their is vegan drama suddenly he doesn't want to be known as vegan just a supporter that happens to eat vegan. Oh and don't forget he thinks it's ok for meat eaters to keep eating meat and will support their choice to.
    He's a vegan for profit, Zero ethics, posser.

  17. Every "vegan" body builder or athlete got there by eating meat. Show us one of them that's been vegan since, oh, age ten. Bzzzzt. Impossible.

  18. Yeah, no. Jon was on this diet for three years like he claims. He didn't attain his muscle thru this diet. This is a load of shit information. Nice try, but you're gonna mislead millions of people.

  19. Good vid but Jon Venus is a fraud. He tried to not have the "vegan" label anymore but still be vegan at the same time like 8 months back. He deleted the video about it. He wanted to join the band wagon of all those people that were dropping out of veganism and cash in with "no label." Schemer, keep your friends close and your enemies closer

  20. Why try and pretend.. Cameron has an obvious win/conflict of interest with this doc? They both know its true but downplay it for some reason as a conspiracy lol. Would have more respect for pbn if you just admit it and say yeah ofcourse her stands to profit but he believes it or whatever bla bla bla

  21. My vegan friends fart a lot, and poop like three times a day due to the volume of the food.. Someone please hit me up with some advice for my bloated vegan friends to end our suffering. Obviously eating primarily meat would solve it, but how do vegans deal with bloating, gas build ups etc? I’m not kidding, all my vegan friends have gut issues.

  22. Vegan-ism is nothing more than a "fasting mimicking diet"… you will eventually become an "ex-vegan" and consume some animal foods/nutrients, so just do it, yes one does not need a lot, yet even some ie; eggs, milk and beef is most likely enough… just then focus on the fruit etc


  23. I tried going vegan for a year, but I ate way too much rice/potatoes and would crash my insulin all the time because of it

  24. ugghh john penus. the fake vegan, steroid, closed meat eater;). he admitted sneaking in meat but yet has to come out of the closed. gamechangers debunkt, debunkt by the credibility and the decline of those once great atlethes and sneaky meat eaters. the movie is faker then "protein" powders.

  25. for the blood, you also can't have any oils. other wise you'll get the same results just not as bad but will be cloudy. 😀

  26. Holy cringe-worthy. LOL Jon Venus, I haven't seen any gains in 5 years. What's the deal? Oh and Arnold isn't vegan, guys. He was eating eggs in his most recent video.

  27. Vegan for L.I.F.E 🌿..And thank the stars for Alfredo dr Sebi Bowman..The Original Game Changer!!…Haters gonna hate.

  28. I fully support veganism and plant based eating, but a good number of these vegan athletes are also on steroids. It’s fine to promote plant based but be honest about the difficulties you’ll face without steroids

  29. If you don’t want to but into the vegan diet then don’t. But don’t criticize those who want to. Everyone’s choice

  30. 💉💊Professional Bodybuilders💉💊
    Vegan diet!? I wonder if the special juice has anything to do with it🤔 …. Oh yes I see why they need to be vegan.

  31. I'm a powerlifter and newly turned vegan 2 months ago and its insane how my strength gains have gone through the roof with this switch.

  32. I watched the Game Changers and also What the Health on Netflix. Both this shows made me think really hard. I have been meat free for the last 3 days. Can't say much as it's 3 days but I just feel happy that the meat isn't going in my body. I would love for some vegan friends to help show me what kinds of foods can I buy from the shops so I can get my calories and protein. Thanks

  33. Jon and Richard should be on Rogan's podcast together. Jon is nice and friendly and Richard can rebut any of Joe's BS claims with a bit of angst.

    Not sure if Jon and Richard can get along though. 🤔

  34. James Cameron has a vested interest in vegan protein products. That is not a conspiracy theory, its a fact.
    It also greatly diminishes the credibility of this “documentary” (for me, at least).

    That aside, is it possible to be a meat eater and perform at your optimal level ? Yes.
    Is it possible to be a strict vegan and still feel like crap even after an adaptation period ? Yes.
    I think there are too many variables (including non dietary variables) to make a clear cut judgement either way.

    Love the body you’re in.
    Listen to your body.
    Find your own balance.

  35. “Vegan agenda”? Nothing wrong with having an agenda, especially if that agenda is to tell the truth 😎
    Loved the Game Changers

  36. Vegans are so ignorant…..i saw a comment from a vegan" saving the planet by becoming a vegan" REALLY!!!! DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH DIESEL IS USED TO MOVE PRODUCE????DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH PESTICIDES HAVE TO BE USED FOR ALL CROPS????DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH FERTILIZER HAS TO BE USED?????Saving the world my ass,saving cute little animals,i agree with that.

  37. Ketones for the brain! i eat meat and veggies, we have canines and molars, medium sized intestines for both. its in our genes to eat both.

  38. Another perspective on the matter below. I think it is important to adhere to science instead of opinions of eating plant based compared to eating a Standard American Diet (full of refined carbs, vegetable oils, processed foods). Any diet is better than Standard American Diet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pJvCuXEjQeA&feature=youtu.be

  39. If this documentary really made you change to becoming Vegan. You're 100% part of what's wrong with this world. You're the type of person to not do their own, independent, research and instead just eat up everything that sounds logical without ever questioning it's legitimacy. Most of the scientific research they used in the documentary left out A LOT of information to add to the context.
    – Meat causes inflammation? It most likely will if you haven't eaten meat in 3 days. Also that study was about avocado's (also funded by some avocado brand). And showed you can decrease that inflammation by adding an avocado to your burger.
    – The documentary never even mentioned 'sugar' a single time. Sugar is known to be the biggest contributor to heart diseases.
    – The blood test and the burrito's were very biased as well. The meat burrito also had cheeses on it. While the bean burrito had avocado on it (remember point 1?). Also it was never revealed why a more cloudy bloodplasma is even bad. People automatically think more clear = smoother flow of blood, thus better performance. That is not even the case. Even cows can have cloudy plasma.
    – Gorilla's eat plants because they have a way longer digestive system (digesting plants is harder and takes longer to digest than meat). The instant assumption is: Humans are closest to apes. Gorilla is an ape. Gorilla is RIPPED as fuck. Gorilla eats primarily (not only) plants. So conclusion: If we eat plants, we can be as strong as gorilla's. WRONG. Gorilla's have different genetics, different bone structures, different muscle structure… It's a fallacious argument in and on itself.
    – Protein intake from Vegan food is also wrong. Yes you can get more protein with vegan food. NO you won't digest more (previous point where plant food is harder to digest). You actually need roughly 3x the amount to actually TAKE IN the same amount of protein. Protein has many "forms" you can absorb in your body. Do some research about it, it's a very wide topic.
    – Those firefighters and their lowered cholesterol? They probably just ate more healthy in general. I bet my life on it that if they still ate meat in those meals they would STILL have lowered cholesterol.
    – Question yourself why there's still 99% meat-eater athletes on top levels. Either competing or out-performing these vegans. Also question how they never talked about the supplements these vegan athletes have to take on a daily base just to compensate for their lack of meat.
    – This whole documentary they tackled an issue that had 6 potential causes, but instantly started pointing at meat as the main villain.
    There's a few more things that were taken HEAVILY out of context.

    Conclusion: You're all a bunch of absolute gullible dumbfucks that don't do their own research. The researches they used can be found online. Read it for yourself. Some even left out the fact that participants also stopped smoking, resulting in a healthier body. But instead the documentary assumed skipping meat would be the indicator.
    Conclusion 2: Eat varied. Not just one type. That's the best way to go. And skip as much sugar as you can.

  40. Yaaar major agenda; Health, integrity, compassion, respecting Sentient Beings & environmental protection!! Such an honourable & worthy agenda; GoVegan 🌱💚🌱

  41. Great film, excellent information. It's real and it's not going away regardless what people and industry say. It's real and the smarter some of us get the healthier we will live. For those that want to deny and enjoy their strak or burger, feel free. At the end of the day, eventually they'll pay with their health. It is what is is.

  42. Regarding blood clarity experiment. I will never combine burrito ( high GI carbs) 🌯 with some unknown beef. Be active and eat veggies daily with 1-2 portion of grass fed beef weekly. Balanced diet.

  43. The film has been debunked by so many people. It’s a fad. You need both meat and plants. Pushing one above the other is stupid. We will never see a Mr O that’s a vegan. And this guys arms aren’t that big! Keep doing biceps poses as it makes me 😂. There’s dozens of guys at the local gym with arms the same size. Proves nothing.
    Anyway steak on and I’m hungry.

  44. A documantry on netflix does not mean shit, joe rogans openion does not mean shit, veganism does not mean shit, carnivour diet does not MEAN SHIT, stop the bullshit and get along with other people. The world is not for you alone to live in, all people has the right of choice.

  45. Noble but its very difficult/ impossible to get proper nutrition .
    Such weak science , in years to come we will see a lot of negative consequences . Many atheletes have retired or suffered injuries , you guys look sick , your faces slightly off colour , but the vast majority of vegans are easy to spot they look ill as fuck .
    This film is a joke .
    We need to create lab grown meat . But hey enjoy your dizzy living .

  46. So true about how the people closest to you don't support you. Someone really close to me is always teasing me about my vegan diet. I have been vegan going on five years now. I have been between 155 and 165 most of my life. This person always teases my vegan lifestyle but she is always complaining about having aches and pains and has put on almost 50 pounds in 7 years. Just blind and in denial.

  47. Vegans now do what corporations do, get someone famous to promote a product and in this case a way of life. The dumb population will follow because celebrities are doing it, they must be right. Glad i dont have a tv

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