Body Deformity to Fitness Model – Pectus Excavatum Transformation

Body Deformity to Fitness Model – Pectus Excavatum Transformation

My name is Riley Byrne I was born with a
body deformity called Pectus Excavatum and this is my story pectus excavatum is a condition
resulting in a hole in the middle of the chest and flared ribs growing up I was completely depressed about my body and had zero confidence as you can see here I was always trying to hide my condition putting my hands over my indented chest
doing everything I could to not let people see my body as I grew older into my teens I became
extremely lanky this combined with my pectus resulted in absolutely no
self-esteem at the age of 16 I decided to join a gym in an attempt to build muscle and improve my body I started to progress my muscles slowly
grew and with it came my confidence two years later I got approached by a
modeling agency and I was now confident enough to do a topless photo shoot as my body developed and my pectus
became less noticeable every aspect of my life began to improve from this point on I became obsessed with the gym on a constant pursuit of bettering my body every single day I moved to the Gold Coast and I became
bigger stronger more successful with modeling and just way more confident in
my own skin I had a realization as to how much
weightlifting transformed my body but more importantly my entire life
so I started filming my workouts and posting YouTube videos to motivate
others to change their bodies and take control of their lives however the journey was not over for me
yet in fact it was just beginning I committed myself fully to training
and proper nutrition and my body continued to progress I documented the entire journey in an
attempt to inspire others to take action and transform their bodies my hard work was now paying off and I started to develop a body and a lifestyle that I
never could have previously imagined after years of training I finally
managed to overcome my condition of pectus through exercise and am finally
happy with my body bodybuilding has changed my life I’ve
gone from a skinny self-conscious boy terrified to take off my shirt too proud
and confident in my own body thank you so much for watching this video I hope my story has inspired you to take action towards your ideal body and life if it
did please give this video a share so I can reach and inspire more people thank
you so much genuinely appreciate it

100 thoughts on “Body Deformity to Fitness Model – Pectus Excavatum Transformation

  1. Dude this is fricking incredible!! Keep it up! I’ve been bodybuilding ever since I saw your first video. I was ashamed of my pectus and in an effort to research and figure out a way to fix it I found your you tube channel. I wouldn’t be where I am now without you. All I ask is that you check out my instagram and support me as I undertake the gymshark 66 challenge

  2. Thank you Riley, at 32 you inspired me to get back in the gym and try to improve my pectus condition. After only 8 months, my condition is still there though less visible and I’ve never been more proud of my body and physical health. Going back to the gym also helped me with a depression I had been going through in the past year. Thank you again and best of luck on your journey !

  3. Congrats bro, nice video and transformation! I hope to do the same. Great story also I'm glade u overcome your obstacle.

  4. Bruh ive been lifting for 8 months … Not kidding but why my physique didnt change dat much … Btw i train hard eat 3k cals every thig but only i see a little bit difference while the scale says the opposite i gained 25 lbs 😔 should in 8 mths i see a great physics or its me and only im hurry ???

  5. What a fucking legend, man! You're my biggest inspiration for sure. Your videos really helps me, you probably don't know how much. Thank you bro and good luck

  6. This video really inspired me bro, im tired of people asking about this hole is my chest and im not confident with my body, this year i will dedicate my self 100% to fix it.

  7. Holy shit I'm 18 years old since 2 weeks and I have Pectus Excavatum too since I'm 13 years old and this story is like exactly me I started training with 15 1/2 and now I like my body and I'm getting many compliments but I'm still not confident enough ^^ Awesome video bro inspires me much.Greetings from Germany =)

  8. 🖤 🖤🖤 😀 😀 🤞 🤙 🤛 This is absolutely beautiful! We are from NYC and we recommend videos daily to help reach more people. It's free and it's our passion to help.
    Please let us know if you wish this video to get recommended. Would love to help!
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  9. our chest are the same you. thank you for making motivation for us! my group

  10. Hey! My name is Santi and I'm from Spain, I found your channel about a year and a half ago when started working out with calicstenics, since then I've improved so much as i've more muscle mass but i still have the whole and rib flare. I've big back muscles and not too bad arms, should i workout more on my chest or that will make it worst? Hope you see this message. Such an isnpiring video, great story and such an example for me. Thank you ☺

  11. Nice vid man! I have a cosmetic p.e. (not affecting breathing) but the rib flare is so bad…like I hate it more than the actual hole… I swimmed for 2 years and the hole got smaller so now I decided to do it again , could you do a full workout video with all posible moves to correct it? I'm 14 so I can't really go to the gym so I would love some exercises that don't imply weight. And also ones for rib flare. Thanks for the inspiration , keep it up!

  12. 02:16 / 02:18 min … Really nice … Thats my purpose in a few month. Great pictures Riley and thank you so much for all your motivation. Greetings from Germany

  13. Huge respect man! I also have my transformation video from 48kg(105lbs) to 70kg(154lbs). Let’s go to my channel and watch it!)

  14. Hi, I also have the same problem as you, you can give me your phone number to contact me. I need help please. Greetings, good friend. My numbrer is +34615385071

  15. Osm brother…. I also have pecuts i'm 18 years old… I'll start working out. Thanks for motivation.. 😍😍
    Love from INDIA… 😘😘😘

  16. I am Rusell and I have this pechuga excavarum… i like the workout in the gym. like Men physique…i have video on my channel

  17. Wow, the kid looks like Heath Ledger a little bit. I subbed this because I have this longer than Riley has been alive lol. It fucking sucks!

  18. I’ve always been overweight and I finally skimmed down to feel better about myself only to discover I have had pectins this whole time. At first o though it was just my ribs slightly but there is a small divet right under my chest plate. I freaked out a little but this video shows me I have nothing to worry about. I just have to start lifting.

  19. I’m 13 and have this condition, kids at school call me ugly in the first place but when I started running track, they saw me shirtless, they saw the hole in My chest and made fun of me even more but This video really gives me hope thanks bro 🙏🏾

  20. Guys, if you have pectus excavatum, training will not help unless it is extremely minor and you are around the age of 12 or 13. Its the age of puberty and when your bones are soft and flexible. If you are in your twenties or older, you're screwed. I assure you.

  21. The last thing you want to do is train chest. Train back and stretch your chest. Traps traps traps rhomboids delts

  22. Whats up I respect your progress so much this is so inspiring.
    I myself have pectus excavatum too. I just started working out and covering my progress since last week.
    I really hope I can get the same results as you brother.

  23. Hello! I want to be like you too I have the same condition I feel frustrated I do not know what to do to feel like the others I need. please help. You understand me, please, I'm from Venezuela and I'm 16 … If you can read this, I'm really proud of you. Greetings and you are very well

  24. You are my new idol. I felt alone with this problem and i thought that it was something just about my body and of other few people….from one Week new mentality, training and positivity. Thank you so much Riley. You are an ispiration!!!

  25. I have the same condition, luckily it is mild like yours. but i can totally relate to covering my chest if I was topless. I started exercising and like you, its hardly noticeable anymore.

  26. did you pull your sternum out even if for a little bit or did you only build muscle to hide your case, because I think my case is either more minor than your case or at the same level and I am thinking of training to fix/improve it?
    I am 16 just in case that changing the deformity is related to age.

  27. Thank you for making these videos they are really helpful and I have been praying to get better with Pectus and barely see while I see the change I have with my shirt off

  28. Man come on , this is the best inspiration for me, i depressed every single day what to do if got and do a surgery or keep workout, this helped me a lot, i go thru some strories but i didnt had a experience like this thank you so much brother this means lot to me. I never do the surgery & i will build up my pec in this freaking way thank you so much brother .. Love from sri lanka ♥️

  29. This video is so emotional to me I don't go to swim somewhere where are many people because Im shameful for my chest.. I will go to the gym next time to try out if it helps for my mindset

  30. You inspire me man. I have pectus excavatum and I wish to change it without surgery. You helped me to find a way 😀

  31. The editing on the workout montage was epic, well done and I have Pectus too and am starting to workout to reduce it, this vid is a big inspiration

  32. Hey, I have a rib flare and you can tell how one chest is smaller than the other. I'm 19 right and recently join the gym 3 months ago. Is it still possible to fix it? I really want it fixed.

  33. Wish I had that mild of a case of PE. I get the feeling, your PE isnt even noticeable without all the hard work youve been putting in. Anyway its great you are helping a lot of people with this and encouraging them.

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