Body Beast Review and Tips Day 68 #bodybeast

Body Beast Review and Tips Day 68 #bodybeast

Good morning friends and workout buddies!
Today is #Bodybeast Review and tips day 68. Only three days left! Today we’re doing beast
cardio again. That’s the secret name for leg day. For me, it really does a number on my
legs for some of the other coaches I talk to on a daily basis, it seems to affect their
upper body more. You know, it’s different for each person. Listen, I was asked once about why do we need
a total Beachbody workout program when we can just surf you tube and pick and choose
different exercises to do. Well sometimes it’s not how hard you’re trying, it’s what
you’re trying. Believe me when I tell you, to just surf you tube and try to pick an exercise
here, and pick an exercise there and try to put together and have this perfect program;
it just doesn’t work. You’re working way too hard. That’s why I say contact me, let me help guide
you on your health and fitness journey. We have over 150 workout programs. I know that
I can get you on the right one so you can get the absolute best results. As for right
now it’s time to work some more on my results. So let’s get going. Hold on a second! Cardio, whew! I gotta tell
you, I think, I mean I love weightlifting, but I love cardio and it’s kind of a toss
up I just can’t decide which I love more. But remember what I said quit trying so hard
on doing whats not going to work. Instead do what is going to work. Contact me. Ask
Joe B. You’ll see him comment in here. He found my channel, he saw some of the things
I was doing, he contacted me and he is continually losing weight, getting healthier more toned.
It can be done so contact me. Leave me some comments. Please subscribe for
future exercises, modifications, tips, #Beachbody coaching information, you all have a super
fantastic day. See you tomorrow.

20 thoughts on “Body Beast Review and Tips Day 68 #bodybeast

  1. Those exercises look like ones you have done before. Do you repeat some of them or get entirely different exercises all the time?

  2. Wow James what a shout out it was so easy making you my coach it was basically a no brainer.  I was searching Youtube for modifications to some exercises in P90x and stumbled upon James channel and started emailing him. After talking to James by email and here on Youtube I decided to pick him to be my beach body coach.  With his amazing help along with his group of people on his Facebook page I was very motivated to get in my workouts and push very hard.  I constantly joke with him that I wanted a "hot babe" to be my coach but got stuck with him.  I ended talking to him and he suggested that I do Insanity Max 30 after I finish P90x.  I think he is getting back at me for making jokes on his Insanity Max 30 journey that he chronicled here on Youtube.  I was thinking no way it is that bad boy was I wrong it was WORSE j/k in a great way thank goodness it is only 30 minutes.  At the end I have sweated in places I didn't know I could sweat from and end up in a heap on the floor for a few minutes okay a lot of minutes lol.

    With his support/encouragement I sent in my pictures (really scary because I do of course have a ways to go yet) and my stats after I finished p90x, my starting weight was 315 pounds and my ending weight was 280 pounds.  Looking so forward to getting my p90x shirt.  I am now on my 3rd day of Insanity Max 30 and am going to do my best

  3. Do What's Gonna Work!  Words to live by James!  Don't fish around, use what will make you lose the weight and build the muscle.

  4. I can tell you are a super amazing coach James and YES it is important to do exercises that work for you instead of randomly choosing things on YT.

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