100 thoughts on “BJJ 1yr White Belt vs BODYBUILDER 42 lbs weight difference! FIGHT w/ Kamil! Friendly challenge!

  1. Jiu Jitsu is designed to defend against a bigger/stronger attacker and to survive. BJJ allowed the skinny weaker guy to give the big strong guy a tough time. Of course he didn't submit the guy but so what. Had he not known any Jiu Jitsu he would have gotten pummeled by Body Builder guy easily.

    Submissions are way tougher to pull off on a highly resistant opponent than people think.

    BB (bodybuilder) Guy was able to get out of them because:

    1. The BB guy is in tremendous shape.
    2. BB guy is much stronger/bigger which adds to his conditioning and difficulty to submit.
    3. BJJ guy is a WHITE BELT.

    White belt's goal at any level (even a four-stripe) is to survive. His submissions where not going to be technically proficient at this stage.

    You don't start learning to be proficient at submissions until well into your Blue Belt/ throughout Purple Belt phases.

    It takes a long time to get good at Jiu Jitsu. And some people learn faster than others. Size, physical conditioning, AGE at the time of beginning training determines a lot…Most of all..Will.

    White Belt guy is on the right track.

    "When I was a white belt I could tap that guy easily."

    I guarantee anyone saying that doesn't train anymore. And it's because they quit. They have that "I should be able to beat you up" mentality. BJJ spits people like that out because you WILL be submitted by people who you think you should be able to beat up. But they are smashing you and your ego can't take it.

    That's what is also great about it. You can tell who trains and who doesn't/who quit
    by their comments.

  2. Good fun. First missed opportunity, lol,  : throw sand in WL – weight lifter's eyes before takedown, then guillotine on takedown. At 1: 43 stand up to avoid potentially dangerous slam,  at 1:48 grind framed forearm into wl's neck while he's holding bjj's neck, mount,  post on both hands, framed forearm to his neck to break neck hold, armbar, more sand to eyes, lol. Credit to the stronger WL who gassed. But good fun. now go have a beer & a latte and go train. Then do it all over again.

  3. honestly this is a good video especially because most people never get past even a blue belt so to show what a year or 2 of training can do for a skinny guy is pretty cool vs a heavier stronger guy who has no skill but all brute .. i like it fuck the haters

  4. Why is it impressive that some guy that is trained in BJJ fights some guy that lifts weights and has Zero combat experience? This never makes sense to me. Shouldn't we see a demonstration of two combat fighters? Why do people think that because you lift weights that you can automatically fight? Haha this seems so stupid to me.

  5. i thought it was very interesting……imagine how badly your bigger mate would of beaten you if you didn't have any training!

  6. I felt like Kamil did surprising well. There is a world of difference between a reasonably athletic white belt and someone with no prior experience in grappling, no matter what the weight disparity may be.

  7. I'm a white belt + year as well. Something that I noticed that the other white belt guy didn't point out (maybe point out). Somewhere at 2:00 when you took his back, you misplaced you're knees. You should of first put you're knees on his hips first so you can get control of his back before you went in for the choke.
    You still did great, keep up on the training!

  8. You have a very nice friend who made your 1yr bjj belt look better..or worse, but that isnt his fault you two were just playing and you left him too many openings period, you released grips just to mess, its cool but this is not a "test of ability" this is a showcase just as legit as pro wrestling(all cool i still enjoy sometimes) but in no way shows your skills nor his strength, i believe if you two were to fight today your skill would get your own teeth knocked out against someone who has a stronger punch even if only one shot. But if you had a steel jaw maybe not that is your only hope besides a friend who wants to help your skinny body pick up chicks.
    Just in the one arm headlock on you, you had nothing absolutely nothing but a back roll. Once again obvious exhibition but if he took his other hand and planted on on your face…done there. Thank your friend for being a friend. His smile says it all, he let you up, he let you hold his hand and act like you were stopping stuff.

    One last thing honestly for fighting train your back, just(well not just but you will need it more with your frame i am similar framed) train your back. Every lock and hold will become stronger and tighter, and it is ALLWAYS easier to pull than push, so next time he pushes your arms off like spaghetti remember if he cant bench more than you can row thats all the strength you need, if you can curl more than he can tri press.. again. Strength is not everything but also work to your strengths

  9. Great guys !! Awesome place for training ! We want another videos about your training from these places ! Good job …. THUMB UP !!

  10. Bjj is the worst martial art for a street fight. the worst thing you can be in a street fight is overly confident. and the worst thing to do is go to the ground.

    Bjj ticks both of these boxes. and thats why they have the lowest success rate. don't believe me? try and search Bjj in a street fight and see what you come up with. remember to ignore all the stuff that not a real street like this video.

  11. when.the kid throws his hooks in he crosses his feet. need to break that habit or someone will figure four his feet.

  12. I love his Arnold accent, good sparring. You are getting your technique but that will come with more time and practice. Keep rolling.

  13. Everyone saying that the guy is not a bodybuilder and is small. The guy is 212 lbs and 5ft 9. People don't have to be on steroids to be bodybuilders. He is certainly big enough to be a natty bodybuilder.

  14. Good fun guys!! I am a gjj 2 stripe white belt and it is fun. I also grappled a much bigger, stronger friend of mine and it went well for me but it is definitely harder when your opponent is much stronger. Enjoyed the video and keep practicing!

  15. The bodybuilder seems to have the right personality for doing Jiu Jitsu! Humble and grounded. Jiu Jitsu training does make you lose weight, it's really hard to find the balance between having a great body vs having great Jiu Jitsu. But if you're naturally big, you'll always be strong and the weight loss is definitely worth gaining grappling abilities.

  16. Any one of us who have trained for a yes knows how to get out of that silly guillotine and shuffle to the other side… maybe even put a good Von Flu choke …

  17. 2:26 he doesn't realize that it just hurts and you're not actually choking him. The second he slips his head out he has your back. It feels like such a powerful position but in reality you're just kinda stalling.

  18. come on dude, when you attempt to mount him you shouldnt keep your head so low, you keep giving him oppertunities to choke you. you need to control his arms more too. i know its hard to think of these things in the heat of the moment .
    by the way don't try pulling guard against an untrained person. no point. just making it harder for yourself.
    plus, when doing an armbar, make sure the thumb is pointing upwards.. how do you expect it to work if his thumb is pointing to the side
    im only 1 month in bjj but ive been doing judo for a couple of years. u and ur friend done great.

  19. Kamil za ten rok udělal neskutečný progress 😀 😀 Tady je nějak hubený oproti dnešku 😀 Nebo tady ta kamera zkresluje ?

  20. Co takhle další video po roce? Udělat něco jako odvetu s Kamilem? Přece jen Michal má už více zkušeností a Kamil zase něco nabral.. Já bych určitě takový video ocenil 🙂

  21. All the cuts were annoying. At places like 3:49 you had an arm bar then suddenly skip to standing again. I want to see why it didnt submit him, what went wrong. Just film the fight and upload it man cant learn anything from this.

  22. This proves strength and size matter and I hate when people say it doesn't. EQUAL SKILL or close to EQUAL SKILL the bigger stronger guy has a huge advantage. Now think had the bigger guy been training BJJ for 6 to 12 months along with his buddy? it wouldnt have been close.

  23. I'm not sure what his background is. He said he's done jiu jitsu for a year but he didn't even put in his seat belt when he had his back and he couldn't chain submissions. He easily could've switched his armbar to a triangle. I supposed it just depends on where he trained. Our gym is very competitive and our white belts can beat most blue and purple belts in our area. Keep training though! There's always something to fix in your game

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