Bharatanatyam Conditioning Exercises | How to build Strength | 2020 | 10 Effective Exercises

Bharatanatyam Conditioning Exercises | How to build Strength | 2020 | 10 Effective Exercises

Namaste ! Welcome back to my channel Do you get bored doing the same warm up exercises ? Is your warm up getting monotonous ? Do you also want to get strong while you warm up ? Well ! Then this video is definitely for you I have already made a video on some simple warm up exercises for all Bharatanatyam dancers as prescribed in Bharatanatyam text and digest If you haven’t watched it yet. Click on the link above. Today I have handpicked 10 compound exercises keeping in mind all the major parts used for dancing. These are a little more complex than those which we practiced earlier So, lets get started, also at the end of the video I am going to share a very useful tip So do watch till the very end The first exercise, begin with your feet apart and then, stretch your arms forward as far as you can then place your elbows at the centre on the floor and stretch as far as you can behind So it goes like this 1 . . 2 . . 3 . . Up Make sure you breathe out when you stretch and you breathe in when you come up. Again 1 . . 2 . . 3 . . Up . . 1 . . 2 . . 3 . . Up This exercise majorly works on the back, the hips and the inner thighs The second exercise is Inchworm Stand with your knees locked, bend forward and start walking on your hands till you come to a plank position and walk back on your hands till you stand upright If you cannot reach the floor without bending your knees feel free to keep your feet apart It goes like this Again Make sure you do not bend your knees at any point of time This works on the whole body, especially on the shoulders and the hamstrings The third exercise is Child’s pose to half cobra We begin in Child’s pose or Shashankasana And scoop down to half cobra When you do a half cobra, make sure you bend your elbows and keep them close to your body Do not lock your elbows or raise your shoulders or hyper-extend your back it might hurt your body Make sure you breathe in when you scoop down and breathe out when you go back to Child’s pose This works on the hips, chest, ankles, thighs and the entire body The next exercise is World’s Greatest Stretch Come into a plank position and make sure your palms are underneath your shoulders once you are in a plank, get your right foot in the front outside of your palm Bring your right elbow down on the floor and inline with your right foot and take the same hand up to the sky And breathe out We repeat same to the other side This works on butt, hamstrings, quadriceps and lateral calves Next exercise is quad stretch Stand upright, fold your knees and hold your toes with your right hand and try to touch the floor with your left palm Do not bend the left knee when you go down we repeat it on the left Breathe out as you go down. This works on the quads Next exercise is hamstring swipes Keep your right foot on your right heel and bend forward as you swipe up Make sure you keep your spine straight Repeat on the left Feel the stretch on your hamstrings This works on the hamstrings The next exercise is the Runner’s Stretch Come into a lunge position, breathe in and place your hand on the floor And as you exhale straighten your right leg and point your toes up come back to the lunge position You must feel the stretch on your hamstrings Lets repeat it on the left This works on the entire leg, especially your hamstrings The next exercise is Squat twist Get into a deep squat stance or maalasana and push your knees outside with your elbows. Keep your back straight. Do not round your back. Keeping your spine straight, twist to the left reaching your left arm to the sky We repeat to the left This helps to open up your groin hips, and back The next exercise is side-to-side squat Take a wider stance. Squat to the right so that the left heel does not come of the ground Keep your spine straight Feel free to turn your foot outside This works on quads, inner thighs, and glutes The next exercise is Scorpion twist Lie down on your mat and keep your hands apart Twist and touch your left leg to your right hand and take your left hand up Hold the stretch Repeat on the left Make sure the other leg is straight This works majorly on back, abs and hips I cannot emphasize enough the importance of cardio in your warm up To bring your heart rate up you could perform jumping squats, burpees, mountain climbers or any high intensity exercises I recommend that you repeat 10 repetetions of each exercise demonstrated above 2 to 3 times to warm up better Time for the Tip !! How do you get better at what you are doing ? Or how do you learn new skills or improvise ? Today, I might not be telling you something you do not know But hey, we need those little reminders from time to time to stick to our routine for our progress. So, here it is determine the area you want to focus on where you want to be, and set a date you want to acheive it by I found it very helpful to have a journal or a notebook or a google sheet kinda thing to log your progress Goals might be different for different people But ways to acheive any goal is similar Once you have your goal in mind Find out what in particular is hindering you from acheiveing it, then consistently work towards your goal. Say, for example my aim is to perform one full varnam with good energy till the very end Whats hindering me ? I lack stamina What should I so to overcome it ? I plan to run twice a week Note it down in your journal and track your progress You might be able to run 2 kms the first day in 15 mins. Then increase your mileage to 5 kms after a week or so Maybe split varnams into halves and practice piece by piece and try dancing a little more everyday or every other day as per your plan Thats how I prepared for my Rangapravesham and I really hope you will find it useful too Thats it for today If you liked this video and found it helpful make sure you HIT that like button Do not forget to comment #MYGOALS in the comment section below if you are all set to SMASH your goals Shoot your questions, queries and suggestions I am all ears Also, share this video with your friends and be sure to subscribe to my channel Because I post some super useful content, every single week Thank you so much for watching and I will see you next week.

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  2. Its such a pleasure to film you and inspiring to see what you do day in day out !! Keep the good stuff coming 😃

  3. Hi Pratibha Akka
    Thanks for sharing many challenging warm up exercise with its benefits to our body which helps us in increasing stamina and strengthen body not only for dancer but for every individual who are non dancers as well.
    And thank you very much for todays tip which made me understand how can I increase my stamina…..☺☺

  4. Very useful tips akka👌👌👍💪💪 I will surely follow these to make myself like u💪💪 and also expecting some more videos like this!!! Lots love akka♥️♥️

  5. Hi Prath!!!
    Now this was what I've been waiting for!!!
    Perfectly put together with apt how-not-to-do-it-wrong advices!
    God! U make these excercises seem so smooth…
    The cherry on the cake moment was about maintaining a journal to fix and achieve goals!
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  6. A very helpful video indeed! Would try my best to work on these exercises to strengthen my Nritta, Thankyou 🙂

  7. I just need to follow these instructions early morning to keep fit✌️Thanks for all the videos, it’s very well explained.
    Tips on ways to achieve the goal and what’s hindering you – likes these words💪

  8. #mygoals Hmm… getting slightly tougher. I tried doing these. I had to support myself from falling down with almost each of them. I am comfortable with the exercises you showed in your video of 22nd February. Keep it going.

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